The Freedom Step.. (1968)

Film-document №6609 3 parts, Duration: 0:26:50, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Egorov YU.

Script writers: Ignatev O.

Operators: Babadzhan A.

Composers: Meerovich M.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Kriger E.


A film about the nationalist struggle of the Portugal Guinea people.

Temporary description

Guinea-Bissau. Pass soldiers. Head of the Eastern Front Oswald talks with the head of the Southern Front Nino. Negros work on plantations, have a white man on a stretcher. Arriving on the ship President of Portugal Amerio Thomas. Presentation of the President of the symbolic keys to the country. Another summary of the radio station "Liberation" of the war in Guinea-Bissau. Headquarters in Conakry. Printing of the newspaper Libertason. General secretary of Amilcar Cabral, an interview with Soviet journalists (synchronously). Soldiers of the People's Militia. K. Lucette teaches girls shooting. Military Council of the Northern Front, headed by Luis Cabral. Prisoners Portuguese soldiers. Interviews Portuguese soldier Velodo battle, have sided with the Patriots (synchronously). Tabanka - village Guineans. Residents of the village for work, at home. Political Commissar of the work among the civilian population Carmen Pereira in tabanke. Partkom stern. Council of Elders. Children in the classroom. Training soldiers to read. Exhibition dedicated to the 50 th anniversary of the Soviet Army. Exposition. The rally in honor of friendship with the Soviet Union. Speakers. Execution of the "Internationale". Boarding school for children. Children involved in gymnastics lessons. Perevoznaya shop. People exchange goods. Work in the field. Children and women screened and threshed grain. Portuguese is loaded into aircraft flyers and threw them in the camp of the patriots. Discounted huts. Bomb crater. Fragment of napalm bombs. Hospital in the jungle. The doctor gives interviews (synchronously). Wounded in the wards. Soldiers go through the jungle, are ferried by boat. Groups cover led Kémo Irene and Man. Soldiers are masked, set the gun. Shooting for the garrison Binta. Lights airfield. Bissau.

Reel №1

On his release from the Portuguese in Guinea-Bissau are armed fighters of the Liberation Army - MS., LS.

Greet members of a political party PAIGC Oswald - one of the leaders of the Eastern Front and Nino - Southern Front - MS., PNRM.

The road in the woods - LS.

Palma - CU.

Portuguese punitive traveling in cars are on the road with guns, shoot - LS., MS.

Negros (Guineans) work on the plantations are on stretchers Mr.

White - LS., MS.

Portuguese President Américo Tomás, who arrived in Guinea.

Coming off the ship, he was greeted, handed the symbolic keys of the country - MS.

NATO officials - MS.

Airfield with a military aircraft that arrived from Portugal - LS., PNRM.

Planes in the air - LS.

Portuguese Navy ships - the aircraft.

Landscape - trees, palm trees - LS., PNRM.

Radio station "Release» - LS.

Announcers make messages - MS., Collisions, simultaneously.

Secretariat of the ruling party liberated country - work in the secretariat, guide and military affairs and peaceful, economic affairs of the country - MS., CU.

On the table - photo - VI Lenin reads "Truth» - LS.

Topographical machinist, printing paper party - "Libertason" bearing the word freedom - MS., CU.

Newspaper - MS.

General Secretary of the party comrade.

Amilcar Kbral talks with Soviet journalist A. Ignatiev, talks about the liberation struggle - MS., Synchronously.

Person listening to the soldiers - CU.

A group of armed men is a forest, field - LS., MS.

In the forest, cut down trees - LS., MS.

Comrades Lyuset responsible for supplying the militia groups, teaches the girls with their rifles - MS., CU.

Woman teaches soldiers shooting - CU.

The Military Council of the Northern Front, led by Luis Kobralom sit and discuss the next operation - MS., CU.

The soldiers of the regular army in the ranks of the liberation - CU., LS.

Go soldiers - Patriots - LS., MS.

Portuguese troops parade on the promenade - LS.

Portuguese soldiers climb aboard - MS.; Bear killed - MS.

Coffin with a hat on the cover - CU.

Guinean soldiers are captured Portuguese soldiers - LS.

Portuguese - prisoners, one of them reading a newspaper - MS., CU.

Captured trophies - weapons, ammunition, equipment - MS.

Interview Portuguese soldier Veloso Branca, voluntarily passed to the patriots - MS., Synchronously.

Reel №2

Political commissar for work among the civilian population of the South Carmen Pereira (young woman) comes to tabanku (Guinean village) greets residents - MS., CU.

Women engaged in farming: corn pounded in a mortar, spin - LS., MS.

Man weaves a mat - MS.

Women comb each other - MS.

Carmen Pereira with a baby - CU.

The boy reads the book - MS.

The Council of Elders - sitting, talking.

Said K. Pereira (she in uniform with epaulets) - CU.

Children go to school - MS.

Before the beginning of the school children sing a new song - MS., Synchronously.

Raising the flag with the NDP «Raige» the flagpole - CU., MS.

Teacher Vareto Anduva - Commander of the militia - is a lesson - MS., LS.

The boy at the board solves the problem - MS.

Girls write in their notebooks - CU.

Children read, listen to - MS.

The first book of this country, in which children learn - CU.

After many kilometers transition soldiers rest, give himself up, sitting under a tree, reading, writing - MS.

The guy wrote in the margin of his hat - MS., PNRM.

Slogan in Russian about the friendship with the Soviet Union (excerpt) - MS.

Stand photo exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army.

Guineans inspect the country's first exhibition.

Photos: Lenin speaking to the people, photos, Chapaev Schersa etc.

Poster: «Non kolonizator» - CU.

Squatter meeting in honor of friendship with the Soviet Union - the speakers, listening, applauding - MS., LS., Evening, on location.

Bonfire, children sing the "Internationale» - MS., Synchronously.

Surf - LS.

In Conakry, the capital of Guinea-friendly, children enrolled in school - boarding school, do physical exercises in the morning - LS.

Children at a lesson in class - MS., CU.

Teacher Louis, graduated Moscow State University, teaches classes - CU.

Children of fallen soldiers, comrades who have become new parents for these children, put their backpacks and go with the soldiers to the new location - MS., LS.

Unusual, in our view trade: people tabanok exchange necessary for the army rice and other food to clothing, shoes, household goods needed by themselves (at night).

Small fields - LS.

Rice fields - LS.

Peasants uprooted peanuts, which imposed colonizers treated fields with new crops - cassava, sweet potatoes (instruments and methods of work - primitive) - MS., LS.

A woman sifts the flour through a sieve - MS.

Boys threshed by hand - MS.

The old man - the farmer with a gun under a tree, watching the air - MS.

The hand on the machine - CU.

Portuguese loaded into aircraft boxes Salazar leaflets - MS.

Pilots dropped leaflets from the air - MS.

Leaflets in the air - LS.

Flyer - MS., CU., PNRM.

Portuguese dictator Salazar sits - LS., MS., CU.

Guineans corpses on the road - LS.

Burning earth - LS.

Burning villages - LS.

Planes bombed the area - LS.

The field runs a frightened child - MS., PNRM.

Bomb craters - MS.

Shards of napalm bombs - MS., CU.

Children sit by the fire in the devastated tabanke - LS., MS.

At dawn tabanok residents fled to the forests, because Portuguese planes bombed the day only - LS.

Empty tabanka - MS., LS.

Forgotten by dying fire pot - MS.

Flying aircraft - LS.

Reel №3


Guerra Mendez in the jungle - LS.

A doctor and nurse are on the territory of the hospital and in the hospital.

About his work at the hospital, about the bombing of his Portuguese fascists tells the nurse - CU., Synchronously.

Chamber of another hospital - are injured, burned by napalm.


Domingos da Silva talks about his patients, children, burned by napalm (simultaneously in broken Russian) - MS.

Baby face, burned by napalm (in tears) - CU.

Flyer Salazar - MS.

Legs Guinean soldiers are on the left to the road leaflets - MS.

Liberation Army soldiers with guns are in the jungle, crossing by boat - canoe - LS., MS.

Soldiers rowing - CU.

Irene is a cover band - Reserve Command commander on this front - MS.

Fighters out of boats on the shore, wade through the thicket of Lala - MS., LS.

The second group, led by Kemo Mans with weapons - machine guns and bazookas - disguising, sneaking through the jungle, set guns, shoot the Portuguese garrison Binta - different.

Binta garrison in the smoke and explosions.

Run away, hide lightning as it came, the soldiers patriots - MS.

Radio station "Release» - MS.

Announcer - woman passes on the radio about the liberation army shelling of the capital airport Bissau - CU.

The explosions at the airport.

Lit airfield - MS., LS.

Go soldiers - officers and patriots - MS., LS.