Hello, the Nile River! (1969)

Documentary №6688, 5 parts, duration: 0:49:34
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Danilov L.
Screenwriters:Figurovskiy N.
Camera operators:Zemcov G., Medynskiy S.
Composers:Denisov E.


The film is taken under participation of Salakh Tohami, a director. The film is about construction of the Aswan Dam and hydroelectric power station, about aid of the USSR to the Arab People.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Nile river, palm trees on the beach, mountains.

Places particular, where is the line of the equator.

Index "Equator".

Large and general plans of animals - deer, buffalo, lion, hippopotamus, giraffes, elephants.

Crocodile with beach jumping into the water, take off a flock of birds, floating crocodile.

Tropical birds on the beach, in the water, in the air.

Tropical downpour.

Stormy foaming waters of the Nile.

Village on the banks of the Nile, the fishermen unload the boat catch.

The bridge across the Nile River spill, green shoots in the fields, stony banks of the Nile.

Running wheel irrigation.

Peasant (fellah) field hoe, fellahs on oxen plowing a field.

Palm grove.

Rapzvaliny tombs

sculptures of pharaohs.

Nye carved on stones pictures of people and written symbols.

The figure of the ancient Sphinx at the pyramids.

Modern Sphinx - a symbol of the revival of Egypt.

Cairo - the square and the streets.


Newsreel (B / W) 1956-57. - Waving the national flag of Egypt.

Ships on the Suez Canal.

Landing in Port Said Anglo-French landing, due to the nationalization of the Suez Canal by the Egyptian government.

Destruction in the city, the soldiers in the streets of Port Said.

Poster "Hands off Egypt."

Muscovites protest demonstration at the embassy against aggression in the Middle East.

Barbed wire and sandbags in the streets of Port Said.

Portrait of Mr.

Husni - Egyptian patriot who was executed occupiers.

Departure of foreign troops from Egypt.

Epigpyat person cheering.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The basic content - Newsreel: triumphant Egyptians in the streets of Port Said, tanks of Resistance warriors are in the streets.

Bricklayers are working, rebuilt buildings in Port Said.

The tablet with the street name: “Stalingrad”.

The obelisk in the honor of the fallen heroes in one of the squares of Port Said.

People are laying flowers to the monument.

Pupils are going to school.

The monument to the Stalingrad Battle heroes near the city of Volgograd [modern name of Stalingrad], pupils are standing in the guard of honor at the Eternal Flame, separate fragments of the monument.

Egypt, Cairo – Students are in the streets of Cairo, a city square.

The new cooperative farm El-Tahrir: artificial irrigation of the fields, chicken and cattle farming (gooses are in the pond, turkeys, chickens and roosters are at the farm, bull calves are at the farm-yard, cows are on the pasture).

Cooperative farm members are feeding poultry and bull calves.

The desert, sands.

The Nile River rifts.

The city of Moscow.

The Gidroproekt [Hydroproject] building.

The engineer-hydro builder N.Malyshev is telling about the project of the Aswan High Dam construction. N.Malyshev with a group of engineers is working on the Dam project.

The Aswan construction model is on the Hydroproject experimental base.

A rehearsal of damming the Nile on the model.

Soviet and Arabic specialists are present.

The dam and the Hydroelectric Power Station on the Nile, which are to be constructed by Soviet specialists.

The book “Vysotnaya Asuanskaya Plotina” [ “Aswan High Dam “], drafts in the book.

Dump trucks with stones are unloading, the river-bed is being filled.

A mechanization lesson at the training centre, which trains builders of various types.

A Soviet worker is teaching an Arabic one to operate an excavator; excavators are in operation.

The construction of the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station in the USSR. The Hydroelectric Power Station turbine hall.

An engineer is at the control panel.

A car with builders is entering the Aswan construction site tunnel.

A worker is placing explosives; the explosion.

The excavator scoop is ladling the rock, loading dump trucks with ground, the motor vehicles with ground are going by the tunnel.

Steel fixers are working.

The engineer A.Amer is telling about the construction.

Fixing of the metal armature inside the tunnel, a builder is tapping the walls after the explosion, crashing the remaining stones.

Loaded cars are going out of the tunnel; welding works inside the tunnel.

A Nubian temple, situated in the place of Aby Simbel near the Sudanese border, which is threatened to be flooded by the waters of the artificial sea, made by the Aswan dam.

The sculpture of Pharaoh Ramses II. The temple sculptures are being transported to the new place piece by piece.

The statue of the Pharaoh on the new place.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The basic content - Newsreel of 1964. A panorama on the dam construction.

The Dam Affairs Minister S.Soliman, Deputy Minister Z.Kenaui, the Chief Engineering Expert Radchenko, photo and video reporters are present at the process of preparations for exploding the new Nile river-bed bulkhead.

The tunnel entrance “MAZ” [“Moscow Automobile Plant”] dump-trucks are standing.

The bulkhead explosion, water streams are moving along the new river-bed, cut in the rock.

The people who have gathered at the construction site are applauding.

Dump-trucks are dropping stones and granite blocks into the old Nile river-bed, bulldozers are operating.

Builders-fellahs are digging the bed of a channel for the irrigation of the droughty grounds; water streams are flooding.

Dump-trucks are dropping stones into the closure channel.

Excavators are digging a channel in sands; a Russian and an Arabic builder are talking, the channel bed.

The tractors designed for sending to Egypt, are standing on the bays in the Volgograd Tractor Factory Yard.

Soviet tractors with seeders are operating in the Egypt fields.

Irrigated fields of the El-Tahira Farm, dwelling houses, facilities, citrus plantations, oranges on the trees.

An excavator is operating; a dump-truck is going by.

Russian and Egyptian engineers are looking at the channel draft.

Pyramids; the pyramid entrance.

Filling up of the Aswan Dam.

Soviet documentalists - the film creators are interviewing the chief construction expert K.I.Smirnov. K.I.Smirnov is speaking.

The flooded Nile River, submerged fields, houses on “islets”.

Fellahs are gathering cotton.

Palms and other plants are in water, people with their belongings are walking through the water.


A panorama of the dam.

The ground, cracked because of the heat and lack of water.

A reservoir –Nasser Lake The Minister of Irrigation of Egypt I.Z Kenaui is being interviewed in his office.

The high-voltage power line on the Nile River coast, armature electric welding. K.I. Smirnov and I.Z. Kenaui are among the builders.

The water pump station tubes; the channel.

Women are gathering rice in the fields.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The basic content - A field of Guinea corn, manual harvesting of Guinea corn.

A village, new houses, the hospital buildings.

A doctor is examining patients.

Children are playing the drum, dancing, singing.

The Aswan rifts, a sailing boat on the river.

The city of Aswan – new blocks, a bus is going along the street.

The Aswan High Dam.

A Hydroelectric Power Station construction site.

Soviet and Arabic specialists are working.

Soviet and Arabic children are on the


Construction of the dam. S.Soliman is among builders at the object.

The USSR – the Siemens-Martin plant of the Novolipetsk Factory.

The fusion; steel makers are at the furnace, the melted metal is pouring.

Workers of the transformer workshop of the Leningrad Plant “Electrosila” [“Electric Power”] are making rotors for the Aswan Dam generators.

Workers of the Leningrad Metal Plant, where the wheels of the Aswan Dam turbines have been made, are testing the unit.

The Neva River, a motor boat on the river, a sphinx on the embankment.

Work at the Metal Plant workshop.

Soviet and Arabic specialists are in the workshop and by the drafts.

Assembling of insulators for the Aswan Dam electric power lines at

the Zaporozhye Transformer Plant.

Egypt – High-voltage line mounting, installing of the insulators.

Metal armature mounting at the Aswan Hydroelectric Power Station construction site, welders are working.

The President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser is visiting the Aswan Dam construction site – greeting the builders, inspecting construction objects accompanied by Z.Kenaui.

The Hydroelectric Power Station turbine room.

A rigger is working.

Russian and Arabic workers are in the construction site.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The turbine room of the Aswan Hydroelectric Power Station. K.I.Smirnov, Soviet and Arabic engineers and specialists are in the turbine room at the time of launching the first unit of the Hydroelectric Power Station.

Engineers are by the devices. K.I.Smirnov and N.Malishev are watching.

The turbine hall, the dam, an Arabic controlling engineer is speaking on the phone at the main control panel.

Arabic and Russian engineers are by the control panel.

A high-voltage power transmission line in the desert.

The chemical industrial complex building.

The city of Cairo – a bridge over the Nile River, old and modern houses.

Lessons at school – a teacher is telling the pupils about the Soviet Union.

Children are answering the questions.

Moscow – a bridge over the Moscow River, the Historical Museum building, Gorky Street, the Kalinin Avenue, the monument to Alexander Pushkin, flowers by the monument.

Pedestrians in the streets, a young couple with a baby carriage.

A geography lesson at a Moscow school.

A teacher is telling the pupils about Egypt.

Pupils are listening.

Egypt – the Helwan Metallurgical Works.

Rolling and processing of full hot bars.

The construction of the new Helwan Industrial Complex.

Arabic and Soviet engineers are in the construction site.

The metal structures of a new workshop.

The ready-made workshop.

Work at the workshop and at the building berths of the shipbuilding plant in the city of Alexandria.

Ship components production.

The Alexandria port, ships are in the harbor.

A high-voltage power transmission line in the desert.

The Aswan Dam.

An operating turbine.

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