Megalopolis (2013)

Documentary №68370, 1 film, duration: 0:25:59
Production: MASTER
Director:Voronov N.
Screenwriters:Voronov N.
Camera operators:Timohin E.
Anouncers:Yaroslavcev A.
Sound producer:Brus V.


Megapolis - an unprecedented achievement of civilization. This is the focus of intelligence, professionalism, high culture and, most importantly, - cash flow, which defines all the achievements of the mega-city. One problem - dwelling in the metropolitan environment changes a person ... To the extent that the biological survival becomes less important to him than financial success.

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The cover of the Oxford dictionary, the meaning of the word "metropolis".

Animated insert - stockade, wooden city.

The clouds.

Top view of the skyscrapers of the modern metropolis.

In the frame there are skyscrapers, highways, interchanges, traffic.

Skyscrapers of New York.

In the frame of streets, cars, skytrain, etc.

Top view of road junctions in a major city.

In the frame of New York, skyscrapers, Hudson.

Heavy traffic on the highway.

Passage in the tunnel, then along the overpass (accelerated shooting).

The bridge in New York.

View of New York City, with skyscrapers and a park (timelapse).

Accelerated shooting - movement through skyscrapers.

An emergency service employee repairs a traffic light.

Advertising on big screens in the city.

Different types of advertising - a spinning cube, flyers on the wall.

People on the streets of the city, in the frame there are different faces, types, etc.

People are getting off the subway.

In the frame is a high-rise glass office building.

Reflection in the mirrored walls.

A skyscraper, clouds.

In the frame is a modern office building, a panorama of the facade.

Various modern buildings with mirrored walls, large windows, etc.

Modern office buildings in the center of Moscow.

A man in the window of an office building.

Business center on Lesnaya Street (m.

Belarusian), skyscrapers in the frame, the white church.

Clouds are reflected in the mirrored walls of a modern building.

Cutting with signs of different banks on buildings in Moscow.

The counting machine counts bills. (rubles and dollars).

The numbers on the display of the calculating machine.

Urban outdoor advertising is in the frame.

Traffic light.

Night, the plane takes off.

Day, the plane is landing.

Large - the wheels of the train on the rails.

A reserved carriage filled with people.

A clothing market, in the frame of merchants with bales on carts.

People in the market.

Moscow, people on the streets, people's faces.

A bridge in Tokyo, a train is passing.

Accelerated shooting - trains on the bridge, leaving the tunnel, etc.

Accelerated shooting - trains of different trains are passing.

People in a Moscow metro carriage, in the frame of faces, types, etc.

Accelerated shooting - the doors of the subway car open, people get out and enter, the train departs from the station.

Accelerated shooting - people on platforms and subway stations.

Bust of Lenin, panorama on the surveillance camera on the wall.

Accelerated shooting - people in the subway, on the station platform.

An employee of the subway looks at the monitor, in the frame there are people on the escalator.

Different plans with people on escalators in the subway, advertising on the walls in the frame.

The shopping center "European" on Kievskaya, in the frame of elevators, neon lights, escalators, shops, storefronts, buyers are considering goods.

There are various products in the frame - tableware, watches, mobile phones, computers, toys, etc.

People in stores are watching, choosing, evaluating.

Shop windows.

The shopping center "European" in the frame elevators, tiers, shops, a large clock fountain below (taken from a passing elevator).

A city street, an emergency service employee repairs a traffic light.

Accelerated shooting - cars are leaving the tunnel.

The cars are at the traffic lights, then they start driving.

Traffic on the streets and highways of Moscow.

Cars are reflected in the mirrored walls of a modern building.

Accident, 2 drivers are fighting on the road.

People in cars, standing in traffic jams.

Cars are stuck in traffic.

There is a traffic jam, cars are standing, then they start moving slowly.

Traffic jams in Moscow, different plans.

Top view of the highway, traffic is moving slowly.

Modern office building, circular panorama (shot from bottom to top).

Accelerated shooting - a business center, people pass through revolving glass doors.

People on the stairs in the business center.

Sports club, a woman lying down lifts a barbell.

Panorama of the mirrored wall of an office building.

The face of an elderly woman.

The subway, a crowd of people.

People on the streets of the city - chatting, smoking, talking on the phone, etc.

There are different faces, types, and characters in the frame.

The city, the night, the silhouettes of skyscrapers, lightning flashes in the sky.

Various post-apocalyptic fantasies - destroyed megacities, ruins of big cities, abandoned metro stations, trains, etc.

The clouds.

The animated insert is a stockade, mansions and villas are visible behind it.

Autumn, a tree with yellow foliage, a leaf is slowly falling.

The sun is setting, the sky is yellow, the sun is slowly sinking below the horizon.

The sunset is reflected in the windows of the building.

Skyscrapers are in the frame.

Megapolis, night, skyscrapers, traffic on the highways of the city (accelerated shooting).

Night, traffic in Moscow, in the frame of Novy Arbat, Tverskaya, etc. (accelerated shooting).

Super-accelerated shooting - motion in the frame, colored lines.

A big screen, a game, a woman touches the screen, pops balloons, people walk by.

Panorama of the girl's face in the portrait.

Shop windows, mannequins in the frame.

A panorama of a shop window, city advertising is reflected in the glass.

A woman in a tableware store.

Mobile phone shop, the seller is talking to the buyer.

People in the shops.

In the frame there is a display with the exchange rate, a panorama of the cafe windows.

A saleswoman in a jewelry store.

Cafe, the waiter is in the frame.

Night, a panorama of the mirrored wall of the building.

Reflections in the glass.

The big screen, the game, the woman touches the screen, pops the balls, finishes the game, leaves.

At night, the glowing skyscrapers of Moscow City are in the frame.

There is a red lantern in the air.

A round red lantern ball soars into the sky, a view of Moscow at night.

In the frame of night Moscow, the center, Tverskaya, traffic.

The Stalin high-rise is in the frame.

Panorama of Moscow at night (taken from Vorobyovy Gory).

An elderly woman walks down the street with a bouquet of flowers.

Travel around Moscow.

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Bridge on Kievskaya.

The Moscow River, ripples on the water.

Key words

Megapolis, skyscrapers, business center, traffic, advertising, Russian banks, trains, metro, escalator, shopping center, traffic jam

Locations: Moscow [820] New York [856] Tokyo [866]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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