My Country, Mongolia. (1971)

Documentary №7076, 7 parts, duration: 1:10:40
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Kiselev F.


The film is telling about the glorious path, which the MPR (Mongolian People's Republic) went through during 50 years of the People's Rule.

Historical background:

The film is dedicated to the 50 th anniversary of the Mongolian People's Revolution. The film used Photomaterials State Archive of the MPR and the Central State Archive of Cinema-documentary photographs of the USSR.

Temporary description:

The film is dedicated to the 50 th anniversary of the Mongolian People's Revolution. Covers the history of Mongolia's development and success in industry, agriculture, culture, education, construction; the political, social, cultural figures of Mongolia, the military parade to mark the 50 anniversary of the Mongolian People's Revolution.

Reel №1

Spring scenery of Mongolia (some - snow) - LS., MS.

Summer, autumn and winter landscapes - LS., CU.

Flying aircraft - LS.

-Pilot in the cockpit of a Mongol - CU.

Land the plane - the field, the river, a train, villages, cities, industrial landscapes - LS.

Terminal building Ulan Bator - MS.

Out of the plane, guests arriving in Mongolia - LS., MS.

Ulaanbaatar - the capital of Mongolia - LS., With the top point (departure).

Streets with new high-rise buildings, drive buses, cars - MS., LS.

People are on the streets, buy kiosk and read newspapers and magazines, drink sparkling water - different.

Machine watering lawns - LS.

Fountain - CU.

A woman with a child - MS.

Passing riders on horseback - LS., MS.

Passing motorcyclists - LS.

Sukhbaatar square - LS.

Monument of Sukhbaatar - LS., (With collisions).

Old Newsreel B / W (virirovannye frames): The former capital of Mongolia, backwater, old Urga, the old tent, hut - LS.

Photo: "Shop LA Borodavkin" - the inscription on the sign.

Chinese merchant counts the money - MS.

The representative of the foreign company receives from the public furs - MS., CU.

Color vpechatka Palace Bogd Gegen - head of the spiritual and temporal power - external., CU., PNRM. and inside.

Buddha Sculpture - CU.

Praying people - LS., CU.

Multrab: col.

Pictures: Bogd Gegen, and his wife - CU.

B / w.

Torn tent.

Child beggars.

Plyaschet shaman - LS.

Lying sick.

Manchu Emperor Kang Xi - picture.

Conduct of men with pads on the neck - CU.

Burning houses.

Halls of the "Aurora".

The capture of the Winter Palace.

Revolution in Hungary and Germany.

Old Ugra - passing on the muddy street riding.

Wooden houses.

Photos Sukhbaatar Choibalsan - LS., CU.; In revolutionary circles reading political literature; revolutionaries Kucherenko Gembarzhevskii, Tsibektarov.

Photo: City of

Irkutsk., The group of people - Sukhbaatar and Comintern representative Shumyatsky.

Mongolian newspaper - CU. - "Mongolyn Unen" ("Mongolian truth").

LS., PNRM. Border town Kyakhta where 1 March 1921 revolutionaries vozglavlyaemy Sukhbaatar gathered for its first congress.

The house-museum with a plaque - LS.

The inscription on the board in Russian - CU.

Putting the museum - LS.

Print and party program - CU.

A candle - CU.

Pictures: Sukhbaatar of revolutionaries on horseback.

Photo: Choibalsan - Deputy Sukhbaatar - Commander of the People's Army - CU.

Pass Saikhan - LS., MS.

Selenga River Valley - LS., CU.

Animation: against the background of the battle - the face of the first four regimental commanders of the People's Army - Puntsaga, Tserendorzha, Khas Bator Bazarsada.

Boy - double exposure.

Reel №2


Animation: the red flag of the Mongolian Revolution - CU., (Hitting).

Monument gun "Maxim" on a pedestal, the inscription on the pedestal: «1921.3.18» - CU., MS.

Former fighters of the People's regular army, members of the assault.

Kyakhtinsky Maymachina Gombozhava Endonzhami the monument and told a group of Soviet writers of the battles in 1921 - MS.

Animation: vpechatka a banner - the entrance Suha Bator in Urga.

B / w.

LS. view Urga - pagodas and houses.

Picture: Bogd Gegen, detached from the government, reports the symbol of power - printing.

The epitome of the state seal - CU.

Picture: Suha Bator office - MS.

Performance of VI Lenin on the II-th Congress of the Communist International (July 1920).

Photo: V. Lenin wrote to the table - MS.

Animation: Lenin issued a letter of the President of People's Commissars of the small contract with the Mongolian government delegation - CU.

Mansion on the Sofia Embankment - CU.

Soviet-Mongolian talks in autumn 1921





The first Soviet-Mongolian treaty - CU., PNRM.

Travel to the signature of Sukhbaatar - CU.

Painting: "VI Lenin talks with Mongolian delegation »- CU., MS.

Winter landscape - is a train - LS.

Animation: Sukhbaatar on the train - CU.

Train wheels, rails - CU., (With motion).

Picture: Sukhbaatar office - CU., (Left).

Portrait of Lenin on the wall in the office - CU.

Animation: the texts of laws, signed Sukhe Bator - CU., (Shot through the influx).

Children are engaged in one of the first schools (in the street outside the yurt) - LS., CU.

Educational program - zaniamayutsya old, working - MS.

The first co-operative store.

Arata in the store make a purchase, consider the soap, toothbrushes, out of the store with their purchases.

The first hospital - the little house - LS.

Photo: Pavel Shastin, the first Russian doctor, who came from the Soviet Union - CU., MS.


Bust PN Shastina a modern hospital building its name - Ulan Bator - CU.

B / w.: Cabinet Sukhbaatar - LS.

Writing set on the table - CU.

Mongolian flag waving - CU.

Animation: First Mongolian constitution - CU.

Miners extract coal by hand - MS.

Coal into the recycle bin - LS., CU.

Hand crafted belts.

Nomad's yurt - LS.

In the winter storm is a flock of sheep - MS.

Is a caravan of camels - LS. - Summer.

Sheep with lamb - CU.

Tea Tea - CU.

Endowment silk Hodak - CU.

Foreign currency - CU.

Silver bars - CU.

Currency - Tugrik - CU.

Arata pass furs, get money for it.

The members of the cooperative curry skins - MS.; Yurts made frames, wheels, drums - MS., LS.

Field equipment installed outdoors - MS.

"Dish" loudspeaker - CU.

Arata listen to radio - LS.

New farming equipment.

Plowing with a plow horse - MS.

Mower works - LS.

The first tractor - LS.

Tractor plowing - MS., PNRM.

The first furrow - LS.

Haymaking with camels - MS.

Stacking hay - CU.

Shepherds with flocks of sheep - LS.

Westpunt - LS.

Veterinarians examining cows, sheep.

Medical students at the lecture - LS., MS.

Hospital ward.

A woman with a sick child - CU.

Pediatrician is receiving - LS.

Nurses render babies - MS.

Infants in cribs - CU.

Children in the nursery and kindergarten - LS., CU.

Pupils come to school on camels - LS.

Caretaker gives call for class - MS.

The children in the class during the lesson - CU.

Adults in the classroom during classes at night school - MS.

Reel №3

B / W: Brick making artisanal - MS., CU.

Power station - ext.

Working in the shop mechanical plant - MS., CU.

Workers sew leather garment enterprises in the shop - different.

Combine the look of industrial-born Mongolian industry - LS.

Smoke smokestacks - CU.

Leather tanning - MS., CU.

Work in the weaving workshop - LS., CU.

X-th Congress of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party.

The delegates in the hall - MS. (Spring 1940).

The Bureau - MS.

The presidium Choibalsan, Tsedenbal.

Marshal Choibalsan performs with the Central Committee Report - MS., CU.

Yu serves TsedenbalD elected at the congress General Secretary of the MPRP - MS.

The congress delegates vote - MS.

Animation: MPR II constitution, adopted 8th Great People's Khural, turn pages - CU.

Border post - CU.

On horseback passing guards - LS.

Soviet-Mongolian Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance - CU. (In Mongolian).

Pass the Japanese troops - LS.

Fighting in Khalkhin Gol, where the summer of 1939, the Japanese military had violated borders of Mongolia, in the battles with the Japanese part, Soviet tanks, planes - MS., CU.

Prostrate Japanese flag - CU.

Stacks of Japanese Kask - CU.

Soviet and Japanese military leaders - MS.

Choibalsan, Zhukov - CU.

Poster of the Great Patriotic War - "The Motherland Calls!» - CU.

The Soviet tanks and planes, volleys "Katyusha» - LS.

Statement by the Government of Mongolia on the willingness to possible assistance to the Soviet people - CU.

Women prepare gifts for the soldiers of the Soviet Army - MS.

Prominent politician and public figure, a widow Sukhbaatar Yanzhima who led the women's movement to collect gifts for the soldiers of the Soviet Army, among women.

Hunters sit furs - MS.

Hold the horses for the army - MS.

Pass camels laden boots - MS., CU.

In wagons loaded gifts for Soviet soldiers.

Carcasses of pigs for the front - CU., (Winter).

Transfer Soviet tank tank column "Revolutionary Mongolia", and - Soviet pilots - air squadron "Mongolian Arat» - MS.

Present gifts to veterans - MS.

Mongolian and Soviet soldiers are changing hats - CU.

Mongols write on the projectile, "the death of Hitler ...» - CU., Passed round the soldiers - MS.

Reichstag building in Berlin - CU.

CU. - Animation: The Soviet and foreign newspapers reported on the Soviet Union declared war on Japan - CU.

The fighting on the Soviet-Japanese front.

Soviet troops of the Mongolian People's Army overcome strengthen Greater Khingan Range.

Soviet and Mongolian troops enter Zhehe city in North China, liberated from the Japanese invaders.

The population welcomed liberators.

Representatives of Japan and the Soviet Union signed the capitulation of Japan - LS., MS.

Salutes the victory in Moscow and Ulan Bator (fireworks) - CU.

On the streets of Ulaanbaatar plant trees - MS., LS.

According to the new railway way from Ulaanbaatar to the Soviet border, built by the Soviet Union, the train passes a portrait of Stalin on the train - MS.


Undergo and pass a camel demonstrators - LS., MS.

Lecture for herdsmen in rural areas - MS., CU.

Work on a cooperative dairy farm - MS.

One of the first production units - association "Partizan".

Building a house.

Union organizer guerrillas Togtokh - CU.

Unload desks for schools - CU.

Cows, sheep - MS.

The first meeting of the Republican members of producers' associations.



Animation: The Third Constitution, turning the pages - CU.

Waving Soviet and Mongolian national flags - CU.

B / w.: Flags at the UN building - LS., PNRM., CU.

Tsedenbal included in the UN building, greets UN Secretary General U. Thant (1961 - receiving the MPR to the UN), in the Conference Room - MS., LS.

Tsedenbal, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the MPR, speaks at a session of the UN General Assembly - CU.

Workers' demonstration in support of the MPR Vietnam against American aggression.



Arrival in Mongolia Ho, KE Voroshilov.

Tsedenbal visit to India.

J. held

Nehru Tsedenbal.

Reel №4

B / w.: Building the MPRP Central Committee - LS.

XV Congress of the MPRP - 1966: delegates in the hall, the bureau - LS., MS.

Acts Tsedenbal - MS.

Listening delegates - MS., CU.


Delegates applaud vote - LS., MS.


Arat - CU.

Herds of sheep and cows in the pastures - LS., MS.

Livestock Cooperative Farm: electric milking cows, sheep elektrostrizhka - different.

Chairman of the livestock associations Tserendorzh talking to a milkmaid - CU.

Goats in the pasture - LS., PNRM.

Mongolian scientists working on improving the breed of cattle in the pasture measure the length of wool of goats and sheep - consider goat down - MS., CU.

Laboratory analysis to take milk - MS.

Alpine meadow with flowers - LS.

In the meadow mowing work - different.

Pressed out of the mowing hay - MS.

Haystacks hay - LS.

Machines and tractors with trailers driven pressed hay (summer and winter).

Sheep in heated rooms - hoshanah - LS., MS.

Lay in the manger hay.

Gobi desert, cracked from the heat the earth, a lone tree without leaves - MS.

Desert camel go 2 - LS., PNRM.

The construction of a well in the desert: the work on the drilling rig, well installations concrete rings - MS.

Mountain River - LS., (Summer).

The dam on the river and the canal in the Gobi Desert - LS.

A herd of camels at the river - LS.

Hero of Labor of the MPR, livestock Man with camels - MS., CU.

Sheep in the Valley - LS.

Geese swimming on the river - LS.

Chickens drink water from the river - MS.

Members of a cooperative sort red tomatoes, hang to dry red pepper - LS., MS.

A man holding a watermelon - CU.

Water pipe on the field.

Irrigation sprinkler irrigated fields, cabbage field - MS., CU.

State farm outbuildings Darkhan them.

Mongolian-Soviet Friendship - LS.

Animal Farm, the cows in the paddock - LS.

Building repair shop - LS.

Store building - MS.

Children play in the playground - MS., CU.

Students go - LS., MS.

People outside the club reads a poster - MS., CU.

Tractor that takes the first layer of virgin land on the podium - MS.

The plaque on the pedestal - MS.

B / w.

Youth rally driving away the virgin lands - LS.

Seeing the virgin soil.

The steppe are machines with virgin soil - LS.

Plowing of virgin land - MS., PNRM.


Wheat field - LS., PNRM.

On the way are Harvesters - LS.

Harvesters working in the field - LS., MS.

At the helm of the combine harvester noble, Hero of Labor of the MPR-Tsagin shuhurt, the champion of the harvest of 1970 Komsomolets Galt.

From the hopper into the car coming down the combine grain - CU.

Work on the current - to help workers and students - are different.

Elevator - LS.

Approaching cars with grain - LS.

Car driven on scales, pour grain - MS.

Mechanical bakery, workers have testomeshalok - LS.

Raw and baked biscuits and a loaf of bread - MS.

On dairy machines poured milk into bottles - MS., CU.

Slaughterhouse products: hams, sausages - MS.

Refrigeration systems slaughterhouse, control, control devices - different.

Work in shops Ulaanbaatar Kombinat: worker at the machine handles skin - MS., Seamstresses sew leather and fabrics - garments.

Leather products: coats, handbags, briefcases, gloves - CU., PNRM.

Out of the car fabric for blankets - MS., LS.

Workers at the ironing equipment for men's suits - MS.

Ulaanbaatar Kombinat workers go to work - LS., MS., (Summer).

Go miners in overalls - MS., LS.

In the mine-Nalayha Capital miner - CU., MS.

Coal on the conveyor rolls in - CU., PNRM.

Noble miner Labour Hero Davazhav passes on the street with his friends - MS.

The shop Ulaanbaatar Repair Plant at a machine running one of the youngest Heroes of Labour - Sharh - CU., MS.

Working in the shop - LS., MS.

Reel №5

Classes at a vocational school in Ulaanbaatar - in special workshops and classes - different.

Students in turning, milling and other machines - CU.

CU. - Welder.

Ulaanbaatar house-building - wall panels stacked in piles, driven by machines - MS., LS.

Building a house of finished parts.

Wood - (the plane) and LS., PNRM.

Lumberjacks chopping down a forest - MS., CU.

Skidder luck trunks - MS.

A worker measures the length of the logs - CU., LS.

Mechanized laying boards in stacks on Tosontsengelskom woodworking plant - LS.


Comfortable working village - LS., (The top point).

Train goes to the forest - LS.

Along the river is a cargo ship with wood - LS.

Steamer "Sukhbaatar" with cargo on Lake Hovsgol - MS.

Captain "Sukhbaatar" - Bath - CU.

Unloading at the pier - MS.

Tsaganur lake is rich in fish - LS., (With motion).

Fishermen in boats - LS.

Fishermen on the network pulled the fish - CU., MS.

Fish are placed in barrels, salted - CU., MS.

Pond, water lilies - MS.

In the pond swimming muskrat - MS., CU.

Muskrat clean - CU.

Muskrat gets into the cage-trap - MS.

Hunters harvested trap muskrats - MS.

Winter Forest - LS.

Sitting on a snowy meadow hunters killed their fur-bearing small animals - MS.

Hunters sit furs - MS.

Workers fur database check and sort furs - MS., CU., PNRM.

The mountain river, rocks - LS.

Geologists in the field consider the rock samples - CU., MS.

Geological drilling rig.

Hero of Labor driller Shirchin Dorji, a seeker of underground treasures on the rig - MS., CU.

Extracted from the subsurface rock samples - CU.

Mine Berhe-Chentij aimag, which produces fluorspar.

Fluorspar - CU.

Fluorspar loaded into cars passing laden cars - LS., CU.

The development of coal mining techniques in Selengiyskom aimag - excavator loads coal trucks - CU., LS., MS.

Go machine with coal - LS.

Is a train with coal - MS., PNRM.

Hero of Labor of the cab driver Oydovnyam electric - MS.


Choibalsan - LS., (With motion).

Building slaughterhouse - LS., (With motion).

Go to work - LS.

Mechanized loading wool into briquettes sherstomoynoy factory - MS.

CHP building - LS.

Building a house - LS.

New buildings - MS., LS.


Cobden - LS., MS.

Cars, motorcyclists, cyclists on the street - MS.

In the streets are living in this town, people of different nationalities - Kazakhs Uryankhay Derbets, dzahachiny and others.

The girl on a balcony embroider carpet - MS., CU.

People at the bookstall - MS., CU.

Books - CU.

The people coming out of the theater - MS., LS.

Freight train passes - LS., MS.

The industrial city of Darkhan - LS.

The streets of the residential area - LS., PNRM.

Steppe by Steppe rolls "Rolling Stone» - LS.

Start of construction of Darkhan - dig in future columns named objects - different.

Working in the shop Valve Plant - MS., CU.

On the construction near the Mongols are Russian - MS., CU.

Computer room Darkhan CHP, built with Soviet assistance - LS., (The top point).

Dispatchers at the instruments and the controls - different.

Building CHP. High-voltage power line - MS., LS.

Cement plant, a cement kiln are Mongolian and Czech - CU.

(Using the Czechoslovak specialists expanding cement factory).

Ride the machine with cement - LS.

Lime brick factory building, built with the assistance of ______ - PNRM., LS.

Brick production.

Factory Director and Polish experts have measurements of bricks - MS., CU.

Taken out of the shop a brick.

Stacks of bricks in the yard - LS.

Construction sheepskin skin coat factory in cooperation with Bulgaria - Bulgarian specialist Andreev.

Factory Director Natsagdorzh Dunde and chief engineer at a construction site - CU.

Mongolian working excavator and Bulgarian builder - MS., CU.

Reel №6

The meeting with the chairman of the executive management of the city of Darkhan friend Suren, there are Mongolians, Russian, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Czechs, Poles, and discuss the future of the city - MS., CU., LS.

Suren views of sheepskin coat - CU., PNRM.

Layout building Darkhan - MS., CU., PNRM., LS.

Moscow - Kalinin bridge building CMEA - LS., (The top point).

Flags of the countries of the CMEA (indoors on the wall) - MS.

Meeting of representatives of the Member States CMEA - LS., (The top point).

Sit representatives of the MPR - LS., MS., CU.


Mongolian flag - CU.

Soviet flag - CU.

A visit to the MPR Soviet party and government delegation headed by LI Brezhnev - LI Brezhnev Tsedenbal rides in the car, greet people in the streets sign a new treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance - LS., CU.

October 1970

Moscow, The Grand Kremlin Palace - LS.

The talks in the Kremlin between party and government delegations of the USSR and the MPR. Sitting at a table A. Kosygin, MA Suslov, DS Polanski, Tsedenbal and others.

Protocol for the further expansion of the national economy by Mongolia sign AN Kosygin Tsedenbal.

In signing the present MA Suslov, LI Brezhnev, DS Polanski, KF Katushev and other members of the Mongolian delegation.

Tsedenbal kissing AN Kosygin, L. Brezhnev.

Indoor Mongolian News Agency MONTSAME in Ulaanbaatar work TTY, employees at the device - LS., MS., CU.

Ulaanbaatar from a helicopter.

Work in the printing - printed newspaper.

Newspapers out of the car, the printer reads the newspaper - LS., CU.

Announcers on radio transmit messages on the air - MS., CU., (In Mongolian - simultaneously).

Transfer concert Mongolian singer from TV studio.

Cameraman at the camera - CU.

Singer sings - LS., CU., (Synchronous).

Repeater towers - CU., PNRM.

The audience in the Hall of Columns in Moscow at the fourth International Competition.

Tchaikovsky - LS.

Mongolian singer performs Baadayzhav (sings "My fire in the fog shine ...") - simultaneously, in Russian - LS., MS.

Listening audience - CU.

Station "Orbit", the host broadcasts from Moscow via satellites - CU.

Multrabota - vpechatka at the TV screen: singing Baadayzhav - CU., LS.

Mongolian family in the tent and in a modern apartment watching a TV show from Moscow - a female singer in the contest Baadayzhav - LS.

Residents - adults and children through the streets - LS., CU.

Pupils go to school - MS., LS.

Pupils at Russian lessons in a specially designed cabinet, sitting with headphones - LS., MS.

The teacher leads the lesson (synchronously) - CU.

Pupils read in Russian fairy tale "Master Ali» - CU., (Synchronous).

Works tape - CU.

The railway station in Ulan Bator - LS., PNRM.

Seeing the child goes on a holiday to an international summer camp "Artek" - different.

B / w. k / hr. - Crying children - MS.

Woman in fur clothes with a baby, a woman smokes, smoking baby - MS., CU.

Women gather Argal - LS., MS.


Female doctor Badamzhav and a male doctor in the House near the patient in one of the largest hospitals in Ulaanbaatar - CU., MS., LS.

Academician Shagdarsuren surgeon doing heart surgery, preparing for an operation, operates on the heart - CU., LS.

Works "apparatus" artificial heart - CU.

Academician Toyvgo working in the field of animal husbandry in the laboratory of the Institute and his colleagues - CU., MS.

A group of scientists working on breeding new varieties of grain in the fields Dzun-Khorinsk Experiment Station and Institute of Plant Agriculture - MS., CU.

Bundles of different wheat varieties - CU., LS.

Field of sunflowers - LS.

Scientists make measurements of stem height and diameter of inflorescence - CU.

Apple picking in the garden - LS., MS.

Mongolian Shagdar known horticulturist with his students - CU.

Astronomer Basanzhav monitors the heavenly bodies with a telescope - different.

Telescope - CU.

Reel №7

The work at the Institute of Physics and Nuclear Research of the Academy of Sciences of the MPR, The veil young scientist working on the study of elementary particles, the microscope - LS., CU., MS.

English city of Leeds, passing double-decker buses - LS.

Award ceremony in the British University in

Leeds honorary degree of Doctor of Historical Sciences, President of the Academy of Sciences of the MPR Shirendybu - LS., MS., (Summer 1970).

2nd International Congress of Mongolian in Ulaanbaatar, which involved scientists from thirty countries.

The logo of the Congress - CU.

President of the Academy of Sciences of the MPR makes a welcome to the guests of the Congress - LS.

Members of Congress in the room - LS., MS.

Speakers from the Soviet Union in the Mongolia (Okladnikov), Canada, Japan, USA (Latymor), Hungary - MS., CU.

Decorated with flags of the participating countries of the Congress building of the Academy of Sciences - MS., LS.

Exhibits of the Museum of Fine Arts: baths, masks, national footwear and jewelry - CU.

The workshops run bone carvers, engravers metal - CU., MS.

Cups and bowls of silver, figurines of wood - CU.

Acts of the State Folk Song and Dance - Various. (Synchronously).

People's Artist Purevdorj performs Mephistopheles in Gounod's "Faust" (synchronously, in Mongolian) - MS., CU., LS.

Orchestra conducting Chulun - Honored Artist of the Republic - CU.

Posters and photos of performances Purevdorj Cast - CU.

Damdinsuren composer who wrote an opera about the national hero Hasbatore at home at the piano, next - Chimid poet, who wrote the libretto - LS., CU., MS.

Damdinsuren sings (in Mongolian) - synchronously.

In the room, talking a group of writers, discuss the new novel writer Udval about the national hero - Maksarzhave.

Udval the table in chairs writers Rinchen, Oyuun, Tsevegmid, Yavuuhulan, Tudev, Dashdendev - CU.

Artist, Master paintings on historical subjects Senge Tsohio in studio at work - CU., LS.

Art Gallery - LS.

Paintings - CU.

Construction of buildings in Ulan Bator - LS., PNRM.

New residential district of Ulan Bator - LS., PNRM.

Ulaanbaatar with travel - modern house-towers - LS., And the top point.

The girl behind the wheel of a taxi - (the car "Volga").

Building plot - LS.

Bogd Gegen temple, now a museum, surrounded by construction cranes.

Drama Theatre building - LS.

Opera House - LS.

Cinema "Ard» - LS.

University building - LS.

Area Suha Bator - LS., PNRM.

The building of the Central Committee of the MPRP. MPRP Politburo holds first secretary of the Central Committee, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Mongolian People's Republic Yumzhagiin Tsedenbal.

Politburo members Mayder, Luwan.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Great People's Khural of Samba, Gombodzhav, Rahcha, Lhamo, Suren, Zhigvaral, Luvsach-Ravdan and others.

11/VII. Victory Day Celebration of the revolution: a military parade and a rally on the square it.

Sukhbaatar - LS.

Military parade - LS.

The demonstrators are carrying portraits of Lenin, Sukhbaatar, Brezhnev - LS.

Pass children archers girls - CU.

Monument of Sukhbaatar - LS., Hitting, MS.

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