Politburo 12/11/1992 (1992)

Telecast №73215, 1 part, duration: 0:28:22
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Politkovskij

Reel №1

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Progress Report:

Rumors about a camp of prisoners of war in the village of Musser on the territory of Abkhazia have not been confirmed.

Collect humanitarian aid for the civilian population of Abkhazia and Georgia.

The trial in the case of the former deputy commander of the Riga OMON Sergey Parfenov is over, the film crew is leaving for Riga for the final hearing.

A journalist investigation of the activities of the commercial firm Alen in the part of extorting money from foreign journalists, the prosecutor's office begins to check the facts set forth in the press.

Politburo news, cartoon.

The plot of the long-term buying up of Russian diamonds by the De Beers syndicate at low prices.

Comments of the co-chairs of the parliamentary commission on the reorganization of the diamond-diamond complex of the Russian Federation Leonid Gurevich and Valery Skripchenko.

Disruption of partnership with Kaszirer diamonds and JV Intertrade.

The activity of the joint-stock company "Diamonds of Russia - Sakha".

Contracts of the Russian diamond industry with De Beers are commented on by the guest of the program - the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Nikolay Fedorov.

Discussion of the next meeting of the Seventh Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation.

"It's me, Eddie": the Moscow Lost and Found Bureau.

The president of the association "Business Center" Valery Bogdanovsky with the help of the program refers to the driver who stole the diplomat with the documents.

A.Politkovsky answers the phone calls of spectators.

The plot-announcement about the help of the family of the Klimovitsky fire victims, grandfather and grandson.

The final song of Vadim Dabuzhsky.


Gurevich LB - state and political figure, chairman of the subcommittee on foreign economic relations of the Committee of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR for international Affairs and foreign economic relations, co-chairman of the parliamentary commission for the reorganization of the diamond-diamond complex of the Russian Federation. Skripchenko V.V. - State and political figure, head of the scientific and technical department of the Committee on Precious Stones and Metals of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the parliamentary commission for the reorganization of the diamond and diamond complex of the Russian Federation. Fedorov N.V. - Candidate of Sciences (Law), Doctor of Economics, Professor, State and Political Leader, President of the Chuvash Republic (1993-2010). Markelov M.Yu. - journalist, TV presenter, politician. Dabuzhsky V.A. - Variety artist, parodist, writer-satirist.

Locations: Moscow [820] The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [750] Georgia [83]

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