wait me 09/01/2003 (2003)

Telecast №75125, 1 part, duration: 0:44:02
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Completion of the story of Alexander Ryzhov, who left the house on March 26, 2000 and did not return.

In October 2001, the boy was in the children's center "Rainbow" in Mordovia.

A fragment of the program from 09.06.2003, a video about the search and the boy's return home.

Inclusion from Donetsk:

Reserve officer Vladimir Fedorovich Volodin is looking for a former regiment commander: a fighter pilot, General Vladimir Pavlovich Timchenko, born in 1944, in 1990 commanded a division in Riga.

Polina Vasilievna Sukhanova (Petelina) is looking for her brother: Nikolai Krivosheev, born in 1928-1929, a pupil of an orphanage in Novocherkassk, disappeared at a railway station in Rostov-on-Don in August 1940.

Evgenia Gershevna Liechtenstein is looking for a brother: Lev Gershevich Liechtenstein, born in 1935, lived in Riga, Katrina Dambis street, 24 / 15-7 until 1992, then left for permanent residence in Israel, the city of Haifa.

Maria Ivanovna Bezverkhova is looking for her father: Ivan Semshovich Glushko, born in 1940, met Mary's mother in 1972 in Druzhkovka, lived for two years with his family, then went home to Western Ukraine, sent child support up to the age of 18, then broke off.

On behalf of Valentina Grigorievna Sorokina, her family is looking for: Sisters Vera (1930) and Praskovya (1924), brothers Vasily (1926) and Andrei (1927);  since 1933, children were brought up in an orphanage after the death of their mother, were lost during the war.


Tatiana Alexandrovna Karetnikova asked to help find a dog, an elderly single woman no one else.

A Kerry-Blue Terrier dog, the nickname Yulka, age 9, was stolen on July 12, 2001 on Anikinskaya Street (Maryina Roshcha).

The history of Regina Polynova from Uzbekistan.

Videography from America: grandfather sends greetings to her granddaughter and invites to visit, but since he can not come himself, he sends his son for her.

Father's video-writing: Ilya Borisovich Iskhakov talks about the reasons for emigration.

Father meets his daughter in the studio.

In addition to Regina, two more grandfather's children were found, brother and sister IB Ishakova, Igor Kvasha transmitting the letter.

Galina Andreevna Vorobyova is looking for her son: Andrei Y. Vorobiev, born in 1973, graduate student of MIIT, disappeared on April 10, 1997, did not return to his wife Natalia in Chekhov, nor to his parents in Moscow.

Said Yorov (Eorov) from Dushanbe is looking for his brother: Rakhim Shodievich Davletshoyev, born in 1980, went to work in the Moscow area in 2000, last time he called in 2002 with the message that he works at the plant, they are kept in the cellar and do not let them out.

Letter from Ivan Yegorovich Prikhodko: he is looking for the children of his uncle Fedot, brother of his father, all lived in the Andreevka village of the Selidovo district of the Donetsk region (formerly Possoshevsky district of the Stalin region).

Tatiana Chirkova is looking for her husband: Sergei Veniaminovich Chirkov, born in 1965, a native of Izhevsk, September 22, 2001 went out of town with friends, called from there and promised to return early, because his son had a birthday, since that day there is no information.

The plot of labor slavery.

Crane-driver Nina Petrovna Miroshnichenko talks about the fate of Olga's daughter, who disappeared during her trip to work in Moscow.

Olga got a job, she immediately took the documents and settled in the basement with other women; there were ten of them, mostly from Moldova and Ukraine.

Documents were not returned to people, they were not allowed to report anything to their relatives, they released goods for protection under guard.

For one and a half year Olga only twice could call home.

Once, when the guard was distracted, Olga and a few more girls managed to escape.

At the time of the release of the program, Olga is at home; the names in the history are changed.


Relatives are looking for Nadezhda Strizhko, born in 1976, lived in the village of Zerenda, Akmola region, allegedly abducted in January 2000.

In 2001, a letter came from Hope, in which she reported that she was in slavery; first it was taken to Kokchetav, then forwarded to Omsk, at the time the transfer of the letter was in a brothel in Krasnoyarsk or Krasnodar, the exact location is unknown; The letter was transmitted through two girls who managed to escape.

The treatment from the plant, where Nina Petrovna Miroshnichenko works: a man is looking for a daughter.

Irina Nazarova, born 1975, died in Novomoskovsk on the night of April 22, 1998, was traveling with her friend in the white "five" (VAZ-2105), her friend was soon dropped off, nothing is known about Irina.

Igor Vladimirovich Rodionov is looking for a daughter Elena, whom she has not seen for 12 years.

The family lived in Georgia; Igor's family life with his wife did not work out, but despite this, he often visited the children and helped them.

With the onset of hostilities on April 9, 1989 the surname "Rodionov" became associated with the war (the troops were commanded by General Igor Rodionov), Igor had to leave.

He wanted to take the children, too, but his wife would not let me.

Later Elena's godfather reported that the mother and the children had left Tbilisi in an unknown direction.

It turned out that Elena Igorevna is also looking for her father through the program "Wait for me".

Father meets his daughter in the studio.

Aleksandar Saranyuk is looking for aunt: Olga Grigoryevna Volgin (Korchmenyuk), born in 1920, was hijacked to Germany in 1942, then came to Austria, Yugoslavia, Italy.

In Italy, she married a Russian emigre, Igor Volgin, with whom she left for Argentina; the family has four children.

The last letter came in the late 60's, in which it was reported that the family plans to move to Brazil.

The story of Anastasia Chaplygina.

Nastya was brought up in an orphanage in the city of Kiliya (Odessa region), then she was transferred to Voroshilovgrad.

In the 7th grade the girl tried to find her parents through the newspaper, and Sister Galina unexpectedly responded, saying that their mother had left them, they live with Brother Savely and the disabled father.

Nastya wrote a letter reproaching my mother, the answer did not come, then the address was lost, there were no other letters.

A video from the village of Talmazy in Moldova: the life of the relatives of the Nasty gypsy clan of Falos.

In total, a woman has 4 brothers, 9 sisters and a lot of nephews.

Meeting with his mother and brother Alexei in the studio.

Calendar: 06.2003

Locations: Republic of Mordovia [749] USA [851] Ukraine [229] Tula region [808] Moldova [145]

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