wait me 12/01/2003 (2003)

Telecast №75269, 1 part, duration: 0:44:05
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Video from Saransk:

In the summer of 2002, a girl of about 16-18 years old was taken to one of the hospitals.

As a result of the trauma, her speech is severely hampered.

The girl calls herself Anya, draws a lot and well.

Drawings Ani are mirror, that is, she turns a sheet of paper and draws upside down.

In all the drawings there are people with Asian features, there are gypsies, there is also Ani's mom, dad, Anya herself, Lera and Natasha with a small child.

Perhaps, drawings can help in the search for relatives.

Video from Germany:

1. Franz Zalewski from Aachen is looking for a Russian prisoner of war, who was like his elder brother, his name was Evgeni Yenkin, he lived in Franz's house in Naydenburg at the end of the war.

It is known that before the war Eugene lived in St.

Petersburg, studied at the Institute at the Faculty of Chemistry.

From the family Zalevsky Eugene transferred to another city, the more they did not see.

2. Andrei Kroll lived in Oldenburg for more than 60 years, he came from Pereyaslavl, during the war was captured in the area of ​​White Stok (Bialystok), after the war worked with the Americans in Koblintz, they were afraid to return to their homeland, many relatives remained in Ukraine.

3. Tamara Vasilyeva was born and lives in Germany, is looking for relatives in Russia, her father had 5 brothers and sisters, the mother has only one brother; especially wants to find a cousin of Alexander Orlov.

Tamara Vasilieva flew to the shooting program from Frankfurt.

Tamara's father was born in Smolensk between 1920 and 1922, but she believes that it is necessary to start a search in Moscow, since his sister and brother and son lived there.

Valentina Vasilievna Potemkin from St.

Petersburg sent photos, among which were the same pictures - copies of those sent by Tamara from Germany.

It turned out that V.Potyomkin was the sister of Roman Vasilyevich, Tamara's father.

Videotape from Valentina for Tamara: the woman tells that during the war, Roman was hijacked to work in West Germany, and stayed there, as he was afraid to return to his homeland;  later wrote to his mother that he married a German woman and they have two children - Tamara and Andreis.

Itself Valentine Vasilievna could not come, but sent the grandson of Denis; Tamara's meeting with her nephew in the studio.


Natalia Gennadyevna Melkonyan (Popova) is looking for a father and half-family: Gennady Ivanovich Baronin, born in 1935, native of Bykovo, his children Nikolai and Olga;  relatives of mother Lydia Vladimirovna Popova, date of birth 04.05.1997, grandmother's name Natalia Yakovlevna Smetannikova (or Smetannikovskaya) are also wanted.

At the request of friends from Western Ukraine, Vasily Mikhailovich Tangyshlak (Mangyshlak) is wanted, he lived in Aktau, Kazakhstan, there has been no news since 1971; Igor Nikolaevich Kazarik, lived in the village of Glubokoe in the Rostov region.

Incredible story of Vadim Koryako from Zhitomir.

Vadim was born in the family of the director of the philharmonic society, graduated from school, served in the army.

In 2000, I lost both parents and then, analyzing things and documents, I found a package with unique papers.

From them it followed that Vadim was not his own son, but a receptionist, that he was not born in Zhitomir, but in London, that the adoptive father Mikhail Romanovich Koryako was in fact his uncle and former British citizen, the real name of Kipling, and their entire family is related to the British royal house.

Photos of the missing:

Igor Suvorov, 26 years old, on October 31, 1999, left the house in Kirov on a new car and disappeared.

Artem Akhatov, born in 1981, served under the contract in Transbaikalia at the station Dauria-1, on May 22, 2002 after the dismissal he took a ticket for the train "Sverdlovsk-Sarapul", but did not reach the house.

The 32nd story of a man with a memory loss.

In September 2003, the man found himself walking on the highway "Rostov - Moscow".

He did not remember anything about himself, nor about where and why he was going.

The nearest village was 10 kilometers, walked around houses, but nobody recognized him there, and then he decided to move on, then on foot, then on the road, from one village to another, until one truck driver advised him to go to Moscow.

He remembers and writes many poems, perhaps, is their author.

Continuation of the history of the Karapetyan family.

Filming in the village of Davidbek: Hamlet Karapetyan (born in 1951), is looking for his brother Yuri (born 1953-1954), a native of Armenia.

When Hamlet was one year old, his parents divorced, he stayed with his father, his mother was pregnant at that time and after giving birth he gave it up for adoption.

The boy was adopted by a Russian family who was in Armenia on a business trip.

Filming in Armavir: Yuri V. Karapetyan tells how relatives told him about the television program, and on their tip he learned the details of this story on the Internet.

At first he decided that there had been some mistake, because his parents had told him all his life that he was his own and only son, but the brothers' similarity and documents confirmed Hamlet's story.

Meeting brothers at the Kursk railway station in Moscow.

History from Abkhazia.

Inga Kadzhaya is looking for a close friend of the family and her fiance: Kakhabir Davydovich Rakhiashvili, born in 1974, lived in Abkhazia until 1993, did a lot for the family Inga and for other families, where there were young children, thanks to his help, they were all able to survive the winter of 1993, when the winter was unusually cold for this region.

Videography for Inga from Sukhumi: Kakha tells how during the night when troops entered the city, he was seriously wounded and evacuated on a ship to Georgia; he also did not know anything about Inga's fate, but never believed that she was dead.

Meeting in the studio, Kaha gives Inga a ring.

Calendar: 1941-1945 1993

Locations: Republic of Mordovia [749] Germany [84] St. Petersburg [814] London [870] Ukraine [229] Armenia [12] Krasnodar region [761] Georgia [83]

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