Science and technology № 3 (1959)

Newsreel №75518, 1 part, duration: 0:10:12
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:P. Petrova, N. Stepanov, F. Novikov
Camera operators:L. Chumakov, V. Ocup, I. Taluev


1. Martin controlled machines. Installation of automatic devices for the control of open hearth furnaces and the process of melting metal. 2. New materials. Leningrad factory of artificial leather No. 1. The creation of artificial suede and ways of preparation. 3. USP (Universal trade fixtures). Rationalization of production as a consequence of the invention of USP devices of a modular design that allows you to rebuild one machine for different types of production processes. 4. Stalingrad tankers. The construction of tankers at Stalingrad shipyard. The device of tankers for transportation of oil and oil.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"The open-hearth is controlled by automatic machines."

Zaporizhstal Plant, Ukraine, Zaporozhye.

Factory-address plan.

Open-hearth shop.

The machine feeds the metal into the furnace.

Melting furnaces.

Oven-inside view.

Animation - the work of the new furnace.

Fire in the oven.

Automatic control system.


Electronic and mathematical devices of the automaton.

The levers of the automatic machine move.

Metal boils.

Metal is poured into vats.

"New materials".

Leningrad Factory of artificial leather No. 1, Leningrad.

Shop floor.

A roll of artificial suede in the machine.

A worker at the machine.

Viscose fiber.

Drying the fiber.

The material is pouring out.

Adhesive base.

The blades of the suede production hopper rotate.


Fabric made of corduroy, velour.

The engraving shaft of the machine.

The fabric is wrapped in a roll on the machine.

Fabric patterns.


Workers at the machines.


Compressor parts.

Accessories for the manufacture of parts.

Workers in the parts file.

Shop of universal prefabricated devices (USP).

Hands collect the device.

The connecting rod machine works.

Milling of the part.

Drilling holes with the device.

A lathe.

Grinding machine.

"Stalingrad tankers".

A river tanker is sailing.

Engine compartment.

The tanker's footprint on the water.

The hand turns the handle of the device.

The sailor at the echo sounder device.

The device is a radar.

Shop of the Stalingrad Shipbuilding Plant.

Assembly of the tanker hull.

Animation-assembly of a tanker for oil.

Tanker feed.

Pumping fuel oil from the tanker.

Key words

light industry, open hearth furnace, production automation, new technologies, invention, innovation,

Seasons: Winter [823] Day [828] Summer [824]

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