USSR and USA.. (1974)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Makhnach L.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Pumpyanskiy A.


On the 40th Anniversary of USSR and USA diplomatic relations.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the history of Soviet-American relations. The film was filming, including: the American newsreel 30-ies, the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, stay the People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs, M. Litvinov in the United States, the arrival of an American diplomat Bullitt to Moscow as U.S. ambassador. Construction of industrial enterprises in the USSR, the delivery of U.S. technology in the USSR, the work of American specialists in Soviet enterprises industry. Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War, U.S. aid to the Soviet Union during the war: the delivery of food, ammunition. The signing in Washington of documents on the establishment of the United Nations, Andrei Gromyko speech at a rally in Madison Square Garden in Washington (synchronously). Meeting in Vienna, the commanders of the Allied armies. Tour of Soviet artists in the U.S., the American performance artists in the USSR. Exhibition of paintings by artist R. Kent. Staying with the official visit of U.S. President Nixon in Moscow, meeting with Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin reception in the Kremlin D. Rockefeller, stay Leonid Brezhnev in the United States. Visiting American journalists construction KAMAZ. Leonid Brezhnev's meetings with U.S. senators, visiting American astronaut Neil Armstrong USSR, Soviet cosmonauts familiarity with the U.S. Center for Space Studies in Houston.

Reel №1

Washington, DC - A panorama.

June 18, 1973

Check-LI Brezhnev in Washington, LI Brezhnev gets out, U.S. President Richard Nixon greets him, the people welcomed; shoot cameramen, LI Brezhnev and Richard Nixon held the podium - a common, average plans.

Conversation LI Brezhnev and Richard Nixon in the White House - big plans.

American newsreel 30s.

Poor neighborhood of New York - general plans.

Sit unemployed - medium, large plans.

Money factory, plant, where printed bills - total, average plans.

The worker said sheets of uncut banknotes - close-up.

A man signs a bill, a man gets a stack of bills, his hands holding the money, count money - medium, large plans.

Stopped the plant - the overall plan.

Queues at the Labour Exchange, the people at the window of the Exchange - a common, average plans.

White House - a common, average plans

Pre-election demonstrations in the United States, the people bear portraits of presidential candidate Franklin Roosevelt - the general plan.

Roosevelt speaks to voters (synchronous) - the average plan.

Presidential elections - the general plan.

Roosevelt rides in the car - medium, large plans.

May Day demonstration in U.S. cities, he spoke, calling for the establishment of relations with the Soviet Union - a common, average plans.

Roosevelt sitting at his desk - the average plan.

Animation: the newspaper.

Appeal to the President Roosevelt of the USSR Central MI Kalinin with a proposal on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the USSR and the USA, a reply message to MI Kalinin in the newspaper - close-ups.

Planes flying over New York, the ship into the sea - the general plan.

By plane descends Commissar for Foreign Affairs, MM Litvinov, who arrived in the United States for the establishment of diplomatic relations, is MM Litvinov, the people welcomed him - medium, close-up

Litvinov President travels by car with an escort of motorcyclists - the overall plan.

Portraits in the American newspaper Litvinov and Roosevelt, the portrait of the first Soviet ambassador to the U.S. Troyanovsky - big plans.

Troyanovsky a speech at the reception (synchronously in Russian) - close-up.

Moscow - the overall plan.

Arrival in the Kremlin Ambassador to the USSR Bullitt, Bullitt on reception at MI Kalinin - medium, large plans.

Construction of the first five - blast furnace Kuznetsk first heat; excavator digs a pit, the workers at the assembly of the first Soviet car, tractor, working at the bench, smiling faces of the workers - medium, large plans.

One of the ports of the USSR - panorama.

Unloading ships from America, company names on the boxes, "Ford", "General Motors", "Caterpillar" - the average, the overall plan.

Dnieper dam - panorama.

A meeting on the construction of dams, the rally appears MI Kalinin, distinguished name names in the construction and award-winning government workers and engineering personnel: Winter, Mikhailov, Crewe Hugh Cooper (American engineer), (synchronous) - an outline.

Applaud workers - total, average plans.

Reel №2

On the Dnieper says American engineer Hugh Crewe Cooper (simultaneously in English) - close-up.

Dnieper dam - general view.

The parade of athletes and a demonstration on Red Square during the prewar year - the overall plan.

New York - the overall plan.

Mock alarm in New York, people run down the street, passing cars, police directed people to the shelter, a crowd of people on the street, empty street - the general plan.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Moscow in the winter of 1941, the Kremlin - the overall plan.

Planes over Moscow, hours on the roof with anti-aircraft guns - general plans.

People out of the trolley and sent to shelters and subway, the people on the escalator in the metro.

In the subway sleeping children and adults - the average, common, big plans.

Anti-aircraft fire on the aircraft, the plane over Moscow, the roof falling incendiary bomb, lit house, are wounded on a stretcher, a woman crying - a common, medium, large plans.

Says the American writer Erskine Caldwell, who is in Moscow in the winter of 1941 (synchronous) - close-up.

On the streets of the city are troops, tanks, horse carts - a common, average plans.

New York, the Capitol - the general plan.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt address the House June 24, 1941 with an application for assistance to the USSR - the average, the overall plan.

Correspondents in the hall - the overall plan.

Ships in American ports, loading planes, cars, boxes of ammunition and food to the Soviet Union - the general plan.

Caravan American ships in the ocean, the plane of the caravan escort, Soviet ships escorted by a caravan, Soviet sailors are fighting with enemy aircraft, the plane falls into the water, sailors on the deck of the Soviet ship - a common, average plans.

The American flag on the mast of the ship - large, medium plans.

Unloading of U.S. courts Soviet port - a common, medium, large plans.

Passing platform with guns and missiles - the general plan.

Military action in the front - a soldier charging gun sounds command "Fire", shoot guns - big plans.

Are carrying wounded soldiers, the soldiers fleeing the attack, fighting in the streets of Stalingrad, exploding buildings, burning houses, tanks drive through the city, soldiers waving from the balcony of a red flag - the general plan.

The meeting of the two fronts of soldiers in Stalingrad, hugging soldiers - general panorama.

The American Newsreel, 1944:

At the airport the plane lands, the ramp down the new Soviet Ambassador to the U.S. A. Gromyko - general panorama.

Meeting at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC, is AA Gromyko and others - total, average plans.

Sit at the table of the meeting representatives of the USSR, USA, Britain, France and China, to negotiate the establishment of the United Nations - a common, average plans.

Rally at Madison Square Garden in New York - general plans.

AA acts Gromyko (simultaneously in English) - the overall plan.

Acts Deputy U.S. Secretary of State Edward Stetinnius - the general plan.

Those present at the meeting applauded - the overall plan.

E. Stetinnius shakes hands with AA Gromyko - the overall plan.

A meeting of Soviet and American troops on the Elbe - the average plan.

Joint military parade in Vienna, held by Soviet and American military leaders - panorama.

Meeting IS Konev with American captain Bradley - the average plan.

KG Beetles welcomes D. Eisenhower, is with him for the plane - panorama.

Joint dinner for Soviet and American military commanders - panorama, medium, close-up.

Awarding of U.S. soldiers Soviet orders - panorama.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin wall - close-up.

The people at the grave, women and children lay flowers, war veterans at the grave - medium, large panorama.

Reel №3

Newsreel May 1972

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin wall - general view.

U.S. President Richard Nixon lays a wreath at the grave - a common, medium, large plans.

New York - the overall plan.

Newsreel 1958-1959.: Photographers at the building in New York, out of the bus and go to the building of Soviet actors and E. N. Cherkasov Bystritskaya - panorama.

Posters of the film "The Cranes Are Flying" at the theater in New York - big plans.

Americans welcome the artists ensemble of Moses, for his autograph, the artists of the ensemble in the bus, the ensemble on stage, bowing artists and Moiseev - total, average plans.

The audience applauded - the overall plan.

The queue for tickets to the Bolshoi Ballet - the average plan.

Bows dancers - the general plan.

Portraits of the artists on the stage, the panorama of sitting at the desk of the American impresario Sol Hurok, Sol Hurok give interviews to the window, considering various avenues, lying on the windowsill - medium, large plans.

Artists "Everyman Opera" in Moscow, on the station platform surrounded Muscovites - medium, large plans.

Artist troupe "Everyman Opera" at the microphone, "Hello," "Thank you", laughter, jokes (synchronous) - medium, large plans.

Performance in Moscow Orchestra conducted by Leopold Stokowski (synchronous) - the average plan.

American artist Rockwell Kent cuts the ribbon at the opening of the exhibition of his works in Moscow, R. Kent in the exhibition hall, surrounded by visitors, paintings R. Kent - average, common, big plans.

The Moscow Conservatory serves American pianist Van Cliburn (synchronous) - medium, large plans.

Applauding audience, give V. Cliburn flowers - a common, big plans.

New Yorkers greeted V. Cliburn, Cliburn rides in an open car through the streets of New York - a common, average plans.

Flags of the USSR and the USA on a building in New York - the general plan.

Soviet exhibition hall, visitors at the exhibition Soviet aircraft on display, operate different machines, the Americans at their machines - a common, average plans.

Newsreel May 1972

Flags of the USSR and the USA at the Vnukovo airport - the general plan.

Meeting at the airport U.S. President Richard Nixon - different plans.

Kremlin - the overall plan.

The meeting and conversation LI Nixon and Brezhnev in the Kremlin; AN Kosygin and NV Podgorny present at the meeting - the average plan.

LI Brezhnev and Richard Nixon signed the agreement on ABM and an interim agreement between the USSR and the USA on some measures in the limitation of strategic offensive arms, and - a common, average plans.

LI Brezhnev and Richard Nixon signed the document "Principles of Relations between the USSR and the United States" - the average plan.

Meeting of the joint Soviet-American commission on trade - the average, the overall plan.

Minister of Foreign Trade, NS Patolichev the commission - the average plan.

NS Patolichev and the U.S. representative to sign a trade agreement between the USSR and the United States - the average, close-up.

Reel №4

CEO "Oksidentel Petroleum" Armand Hammer in his office looking business documents, employees at work - close-up.

The logo of the company A. Hammer - close-up.

A. Hammer provides synchronous interview for an agreement on the participation of "Oksidentel Petroleum" in the construction of a large industrial complex in Kuibyshev (simultaneously in English) - the average plan.

Moscow - the overall plan.

The Kremlin AN Kosygin, Chairman of the Board receives the largest U.S. bank, "Chase Manhattan Bank" David Rockefeller, talking with him - the average, panorama.

Various largest building of the USSR - the construction of dams, the river floor, high-voltage transmission line, the words "Zheleznogorsk" explosions in mines, where the ore is mined by open method, operate excavators and other construction and industrial plants - a large pan, different plans.

Construction of industrial plants, oil derrick and lights the gas flare on the field, laying of the gas pipeline, blast furnace, coal-cutting forage in the mine, construction of the plant, the wheel of a machine - a common, average plans.

Washington residence LI Brezhnev - panorama.

During his visit to the U.S. in July 1973 LI Brezhnev takes in his residence of business and leads a conversation with them - the average, the overall plan.

Construction of KAMAZ - General, A panorama.

American newspaper correspondents at the construction of KAMAZ talk with the workers - panorama, close-ups.

American and Soviet engineers, jointly designing a linear complex Kama Automobile Plant, discuss the project, review the drawings - the average, the overall panorama of plans.

LI Brezhnev at the Washington residence receives U.S. senators, talking with them - total, average panorama.

April 1974

LI Brezhnev in the Kremlin takes Senator Edward Kennedy and his family, gives a picture of the younger Kennedy - a common, average plans.

Kennedy and his wife at the "Electric power", talking to workers - a common, panorama of.

E.Kennedi shares his impressions of a trip to the Soviet Union with the members of the Senate - the average view.

Washington DC, Capitol Building - the general plan.

Representatives of the U.S. Congress to adopt the Soviet parliamentary delegation led by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Council of Nationalities of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, a candidate member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, secretary of the Central Committee of BN Ponomariov - panorama.

Member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, weaver ZP Pukhov in the delegation of the Soviet Union - the average plan.

Congressional representatives and government MPs exchanged congratulatory speeches - medium, large plans.

Reel №5

Aircraft in the air - the general plan.

Wing aircraft - the average plan.

Waitress goes round and gives passengers newspapers and magazines - the overall plan.

Map with route aircraft Moscow and New York - the average plan.

Pilots in the cockpit - the average plan.

Landing at the airport in New York, passengers leave the plane - a common, average plans.

Newsreel 1937:

Airfield - the overall plan.

Single-engine aircraft taxiways at the airport - the overall plan.

Soviet pilots Chkalov, G. Baidukov, A, Belyakov, ready to fly to the United States via the North Pole - the average plan.

RD plane in the air - the average plan.

RD plane landed at the airport in New York, the Americans met the Soviet pilots, salute cannons Chkalov Baidukov, Belyakov, are accompanied by the Americans; Chkalov says (synchronously) on another flight to the United States, which carried Soviet pilots Gromov , S. Yumashev A. Danilin - medium, large plans.

ANT-25 number one in the air, the earth from the aircraft - the general plan.

Americans welcome Gromov, Yumashev and Danilin, rides in the car on the streets of New York - average, the overall plan.

Newsreel 1962:

Americans greeted the Soviet cosmonaut GS Titov - medium, large plans.

Titov at a reception at the U.S. President JF Kennedy - panorama.

Titov speaks to Americans (synchronous) - close-up.

Sunrise - the overall plan.

Cosmonauts Nikolayev and VI Sevastyanov climb into a rocket, rocket launch, Nikolaev and Sevast'yanov in the cockpit during launch 18-day flight - medium, close-up

The building of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR car rides, out of the car the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, is in the building, greeting the MV Keldysh - a common, medium, large plans.

A meeting of Soviet cosmonaut Feoktistov and Beregovo in Houston with American scientists and astronauts, inspect equipment of American astronauts, D, Shore tries helmet - medium, large plans.

Photographers shoot - close-up.



Air show at La Bourget - a common, average plans.

Alexei Leonov and American astronaut Stafford talk about the upcoming joint flight (simultaneously in Russian and English) - close-ups.

Kremlin - panorama.

U.S. President Richard Nixon and his wife at the Kremlin during a visit in 1972 - panorama.

Building of the White House - the overall plan.

LI Brezhnev and Richard Nixon signed an agreement on the prevention of nuclear war - medium, large plans.

Red Square during the festive demonstration - a common, average plans.

LI Brezhnev Mausoleum speaks of the peaceful policy of the Soviet Union (synchronous) - close-up.

Applaud the demonstrators - the average, the overall plan.

Kremlin stars - close-up.