The War is Over, the Struggle is On. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Script writers: Osotov I., Yurev K.

Operators: Bgancev I., Lebedev O.

Composers: Denisov E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Sosin O.


A film about the early days of the victory of the people of South Vietnam overthrew the regime of dictator Thieu.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV). Part I. Vietnam. The city of Saigon. Democratic Republic of Vietnam soldiers occupy the residence of dictator Thieu. Shoot the tank. The movement of machines with the soldiers. Flags. Military parade. The prison on the island of Pulo Condor. The area of the building, the premises of the prison. Landscape of the island. Former prisoners of Pulo Condor give interviews (synchronously). The building of the former military tribunal in Saigon. Personnel news: U.S. military airfield, the planes in the air, American paratroopers, soldiers and Vietnamese refugees. Part II. Personnel Chronicles: Vietnam. The punitive operation of American troops, the soldiers beat up women, questioning the partisan, crying women and children killed, the location of the guerrilla unit, divided the American fort. "Strategic hamlets" in the area Kuti. Children behind barbed wire. The former guerrilla Myn huy with pioneers, sing songs. Farmers cultivate rice field. Gen. peasants. Cemetery. River Mikonga. Part III. Mayor of the former Saigon army, were released by the Government of Vietnam in the home with his family. The officers of the former Saigon army at a lecture on rehabilitation, sing a song (in sync on vetnamskom language). Cabinet dictator Thieu, Thieu bust, the palace. The people destroying the monument. The workers collect scrap metal. Manufacturing processes at a metal factory. The peasants tilled the land and mow the grass. Part IV. Landscapes. Boats on the water. A woman with children in the boat. Says district committee secretary of the underground Le Schack Tang. Distribution of rice to the unemployed. The manufacturing processes at a textile mill. Classes in school literacy. Loading and unloading operations in Saigon Port. The streets of Saigon. Street trading. Traffic, pedestrians. Part V. The city of Saigon. Poor and rich neighborhoods of the city. Slums in the water. Luxury Cholon district. Market. Beggars. Addicts. Traders, speculators. Prostitutes. Demonstration against the speculators. Part VI. The city of Saigon. Teenagers sell, smoke and fight on the street. Re-education camp for teenagers. It takes a detachment of pioneers. Rice fields. North of rice. Fishermen in a boat. Landscapes.

Reel №1

April 1975:

Soldiers of the Liberation Forces occupied residence dictator Thieu in Saigon: fleeing soldiers with banners, street riding tanks - different.

American airfield, airplane, aircraft guns, parachutists jumping from the plane, a woman carries a child), and rice field goes tank - different.

Military parade and demonstration in Saigon - different. (September 2, 1975 - the 30th anniversary of the ABS).

The island of Pulo Condor - LS., Above.

Stones, trees to the island; "tiger cages" - prison cells slatted ceiling, graffiti camera - different., PNRM.

Photo: Women in prison, the prison corridor, girl Vo Thi Thanh - different.

Abandoned building Saigon Military Tribunal, scattered belongings on the street - are different.

Vo Thi Thanh is among girls - LS., MS.

The exhibition of torture instruments and executions in prisons of South Vietnam, the people at the guillotine - different.

Says a former prison inmate on the island of Pulo Condor Lam Wong Vyng (synchronously in Vietnamese) - MS., CU.

The girl says Nguyen Thi Mann (synchronously in Vietnamese) - CU.

Pass Vo Thi Thang, Lam Wong and Nguyen Thi Vyng Mann - MS.

Reel №2


Vietnam War: On the house in the village; punitive beating partisan refugees are - different.

Mekong River - MS.

Company Commander Van Hoa Minh guerrillas washes at the well in the yard, talking about himself (simultaneously in Vietnamese) - MS., CU.

Guerrillas down and out of the underground tunnels - LS., MS.

Broken base Saigon army, guerrillas dismantle bombs, guerrilla gunsmiths in the studio, are on the table made them grenade launchers - are different.

Congress guerrillas in the province of Ty Ku: are people of different ages with arms behind - MS., CU.

The former "strategic hamlets": children and adults around the huts behind barbed wire - are different.

The former guerrilla, now - children's teacher with children; pioneers sing the song (synchronously in Vietnamese) - MS., CU., PNRM.

An elderly farmer, a member of the revolutionary struggle Nguyen Dyok processing paddy, farmers are plowing on bulls in a rice field - different.

Le Van Zhyng building in a village house for his family, says (synchronously in Vietnamese) - MS., CU., PNRM.

Mother in the yard watered tea son, they talk - Various.

Mekong River - CU.

Former major Saigon army goes to his house - MS., CU.

Reel №3

The family of the former major Saigon army, Major feeding chickens in the yard - MS., CU.

Photo: Major while serving in the army - CU.

Camp, where re-educated former employees Saigon army, said Col. (synchronously in Vietnamese), prisoners in a lecture; yard camp sing (synchronously in Vietnamese) - Various.

Puppet army colonel says (synchronously in Vietnamese) - MS., CU.

Palace - the residence of the dictator Thieu: cabinet Thieu, lying on the floor of his bust - different.

Newsreel 1970-1974 gg.:

The people of the former regime destroys the monument - different.

In the fields of Vietnam shattered military equipment - Various.

Report on the streets of Saigon, there are tanks on the streets, workers collect scrap metal, scrap metal - different.

Metal works shop, working at the bench, the shop is a master Qing Nhan - different.

Nhan says Quinn (synchronously in Vietnamese) - CU.

Pass the young factory workers - MS.

Farmers working in the field: a man opens the box, the rice fields are working girls, farmers mow grass - different.

Reel №4

Landscape: the Mekong River, the banks of the river with the boat - MS., CU.

In the boat, the woman, a former guerrilla, now - the chairman of the district People's Revolutionary Council, gives interviews (synchronously in Vietnamese) - MS.

On coconut tree climbing man, throwing to the ground nut, women bear the fruit of the coconut palm, man drinks juice from a coconut; peasants speak - different.

Passes Secretary of the Communist Workers Party of Vietnam Le Tan Shack with their children; Tan Le Shack is meeting in the DPC (synchronous) - Various.

Distribution of rice hungry (in the yard sprinkled rice in bags, people spread their bags) - Various.

Out of the factory people - LS., MS.

Women working in a textile factory shop, factory director in the shop talking with working women, Nguyen F Chung (Director of Works) presents the work of the enterprise

(Synchronously in Vietnamese) - Various.

School literacy: A teacher explains the board, listening to women - MS., CU.

Paper Mill shop: girls packed notebook; worker says Le Thi Han (synchronously in Vietnamese) - Various.

Saigon Port, the people on the ship and the city from above, reporting on the streets (Vietnamese pass on scooters and bikes), the men and women doing gymnastics on the street - are different., PNRM.

Reel №5

House of the poor: the huts on stilts, standing in the water, children and adults in the areas near the houses, and the men standing in the water, replace the rotten pile - different., With movement, PNRM.

Loggia modern high-rise apartment building, with views of the Saigon loggia Street area Cholon: modern buildings (with us), PNRM. home - different.

Cholon market: the altar of Chinese temple merchants - different.

Is an old beggar woman, a narrow street, the children in the courtyard of streets, dirty alleys - are different., PNRM.

Girls and young people go into the building - evening plans.

Addicts smoke in the room, a young man, a drug addict, sitting in the street, she raises, she smokes in the yard - different.

Hands holding money - CU.

Camels are scared locomotive whistles.

Is the engine - LS. - Different.

Speculators on the street - are different.

Woman selling gasoline in bottles - MS., CU.

Men loaded bottles and cans in the car - MS.

In the city of Bin Che people demonstrate against speculators: people pass over the area around the portrait of Ho Chi Minh, on the street - are different.

Reel №6

Report on the streets of Saigon, and children trafficked, fight - different.

The camp for teenagers kids to clean up, the guy says (synchronously in Vietnamese), stand near his wife and younger brother - are different.

Women wash clothes, sitting on a jetty on the river, one of them says (synchronously in Vietnamese) - MS., CU.

In establishing the parents of the deceased child (one of the planes that the Americans took out Vietnamese children exploded), visiting a children's clothing and children's photos on the wall - different.

Through the streets of Ho Kant takes a column Pioneers; coverage of the city, the building, which is a portrait of Ho Chi Minh City - different.

Rice fields from the helicopter; farmer sows rice, boys go on the field with oxen, fishermen in a boat, landscape: sunset - different.