Dream winged (1986)

Documentary №80277, 1 part, duration: 0:09:45
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:Nonna Oreshina, Avis Privin
Camera operators:Avis Privin
Text authors:Vladimir Gerasimov
Sound mixer:Zaki Gabduljyanov
Other authors:Robert Koposov


The film tells about the enthusiasts flight business in Tatarstan.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Glider takes off, towed by a plane.

The type of forest (top).

The glider pilot in the cockpit of a glider.

Flying the glider.

Members of the youth section of the aeroclub DOSAAF in the cockpit of a glider at the airport.

Activity in the model aircraft section at the station of young technicians.

Head of section of the Aero club V. Kundin building with the children the plane.

Face Kundin.

Flies a glider towed by aircraft.

Starting gliders.

Glider youth club "Fakel" on the ground.

The face of the glider.

Members of the club watch the flight of the glider.

The glider on the airfield.

The glider pilot in the cockpit.

The start of the glider and landing.

Repair of the airframe.

One of the members plays the guitar.

Those members of the club.

Students under the guidance of R. Tagirov kostki sew the fabric for covering the wings of the trikes.

The guys assemble the frame of a trike.

A motor output at the start.

The trike takeoff without takeoff.

Young enthusiasts from Zelenodolsk build their flying machine.

Transportation aircraft passenger trailer.

Assembly of the aircraft at the airport.

Cows on the field.

The plane takes off on flying a few meters above the ground, the pilot Robert Kharisov is selected from the cockpit.

Shabaev and V. V. Gurevich loaded his plane into a truck for transportation to the airfield DOSAAF for testing.

To transport dismantled aircraft.

Assembled plane output at the start.

Check engine and control units before takeoff.

The pilot wears a helmet.

Start the engine.

The faces of the creators of the aircraft.

The plane in flight, types of terrain (top).

Four-engine plane in the square of Kazan aviation Institute.

The announcement of the admission to the first year of the Institute.

Students make calculations to drawing.

Manufacturer of aircraft components in workshops of the Institute.

Cheny aviation technical sports squad, make a glider, test the strength of the trapezium.

Flying the hang glider.

The face of the Dean of the faculty of aircraft, V. A. Pavlov, Pavlov says about the possibilities of production of light aircraft, developed by students of the Institute (synchronously).

Motor boats and boats, released by aviation plant.

A motor output at the start.

PE-2 bomber on a pedestal.

Interior views of the shop basic vocational schools.

Students interviewed about the possibility of a mass flight training (synchronous).

Vocational school students work on the machines.

Director of vocational A. Fauhutdinov talks about the possibility to give learners the skills of airplane control and the lack of this subject in the curriculum (synchronously).

The final examination at a vocational school.

Enthusiasts of flight business at the airport at machines and in workshops.

Sergey Borzenkov builds a hang glider with his mother.

Flying the hang glider.

Soaring glider.

The types of airfield (top), glider pilots in the cockpit of a glider.

The gliders fly over the fields a light aircraft in flight.

Rainbow over the airfield.

View of the airfield tower.

View of the airfield at sunset.

The glider on the airfield.

Calendar: 1986

Locations: The Republic of Tatarstan [752]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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