wait me (2003) 30.06.2003

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Videography from Cologne.

Victor Hansel is looking for his mother's brother: Svyatoslav Vasilievich Polyakov, born 25.08.1918, presumably native of Kamenets-Podolsky, Ukraine, before the beginning of the war, he studied in Kharkov at the Faculty of Architecture.

The family was forced to leave because Yulia Polyakova (Svyatoslav's mother) married the German Adolf Hensel, the doctor of the city hospital in Donetsk, he took the family to Germany in 1943.

Svyatoslav remained in Russia; It is known that he moved to Moscow, was married, two children were born.

Victor was looking for his brother through the Red Cross, but the search yielded no results.

A photo of an unknown man was found by police officers of the city of Samara on March 3, 2002 on the territory of a tram-trolley depot, they can not say anything about themselves,  can only utter the name Sasha; on the left hand, on the outside of the brush in the area of ​​the thumb is a tattoo: a capital letter A.


Svetlana Tikhonovna Ananieva is looking for her son: Ruslan Sergeevich Stepchikhin, born in 1979, disappeared on December 18, 2002 at Shuiskaya station, Karelia.

Islam Ismailov is looking for a daughter: Sakina Islam-kizi Ismailova, born in 1976, was disappeared in 2001 in the village of Beyimsarov, Azerbaijan.

Larisa Ivanova (Karaeva) is looking for the mother's mate: Galina Vladimirovna Kekina (Vyuganov), born in 1954, lived in Noginsk.

A friend of the Pskov Medical School is also looking for: Natalya Nikolaeva, born in 1975, after graduation she left for Chisinau, the connection was interrupted in May 1997.

Videoprimo from Natalia Nikolaeva, who works as a nurse in a women's prison.

Meeting with Natalia in the studio.

Alevtina Alexandrovna Gubina is looking for a cousin Svetlana.

In 1976, in the hands of Alevtina her aunt died, before her death she asked Alevtina to look after her daughter.

Alevtina and her husband wanted to take Sveta to themselves, but the father did not give the girl, and after a while Alevtina learned that Sveta was sent to an orphanage.

Further searches for the girl did not work, as she was adopted.

Meeting with Svetlana in the studio.

Inclusion from Vladikavkaz.

Sophia Maisuradze from Nalchik is looking for a grandson, the child of his son Valery Georgievich Maisuradze; Valery died in 2001, before he admitted that he has a son in Kaliningrad.

Maya Baranova (Hestanova) is looking for a sister: Zhanna Taymurazovna Hestanova, born in 1967, left for Gagarin, Moscow region in 1986, the connection was interrupted in 1993.

Maretka Gueva is looking for her son: Taimuraz Khadzhimuratovich Ramonov, born in 1954, was enlisted in Vladivostok in 1981, the last known address was Primorsky Krai, Nadezhdinsky District, Kiparisovo-2, Tsentralnaya Street 26, Okrugina Svetlana Nikolaevna.

Ravil Esenov is looking for a cousin and a sister: Herman Khambievich and Zhanna Khabbievna Esenov lived in Beslan, in 1963 they left in an unknown direction.


Natalia Agalakova is looking for her son: Denis Aleksandrovich Agalakov, born in 1984, student of the 2nd Medical University of Moscow, January 25, 2003, left Voskresensk for Moscow and disappeared; It is known that at the end of February he visited the computer club "Medic".

Maria Vasilievna Kolokolova is looking for her son's half-sister: Olga Nikolaevna Kolokolova, born in 1952-1953, previously lived in Astrakhan.

Alexey Sokolov is looking for his beloved girl Tatiana, with whom she parted, when she went home to the Rostov region to change her passport, corresponded for six months, then the connection was cut off; meeting in the studio.

Jamila Jivani from Ulyanovsk is looking for brothers: Yusuf and Shozod Djivani, the connection was interrupted in 1997, previously lived in Moscow.

Vladimir Petrovich Malevich is looking for a son: Denis Vladimirovich Malevich, born in 1972, disappeared on May 11, 2001 in the Nagatinskaya embankment area, was going to go to Nizhny Novgorod;  On April 7, 2003 Denis was seen at the metro station Novye Cheryomushki, perhaps he lost his memory or for some reason is afraid to return home.

Vitaly Benia is looking for cousins: Alexander Apollonovich Zhilovsky (1944-1946) and Stanislav Apollonovich Zhilovsky (1946-1948), after the death of parents from tuberculosis, relatives came for the children,  but did not find them; Perhaps the boys were taken by their uncle Octavian Dominikanovich Zhilovsky or their nanny.

Ekaterina Lapina is looking for a twin brother: Sergei Bucharsky, born in 1964, the children were brought up by grandmothers, last time they saw each other in 1983, in March 2002 a letter came from Moldova, but the brother did not receive a letter from Catherine; meeting in the studio.

Nadezhda Petrulkina is looking for a close person of Alexander, who replaced her father; after marriage, Nadezhda moved to Krasnoyarsk and for the last 13 years she did not know anything about his fate; meeting in the studio.

A video with photos of the missing:

Olga (Olesya) Stanislavovna Groth, born 1983, 8 June 2002 returned from Minsk to Radoshkovichi by a passing car of white color, did not reach home.

Denis Alekseevich Sigarev, born 1977, Novy Oskol, on May 20, 1996 he went to the military enlistment office and did not return.

Alina E. Evmenenko sold an apartment in Valdai and left in an unknown direction with the groom, a native of the city of Shali, there is no news from the couple.

Nadezhda Yushchenko and Antonina Kulchitskaya, born in 1990, died on June 10, 2002 in Kiev.

Alexander Maslov, born in 1978, went to work in the town of Kalach-on-Don in Moscow and disappeared.

Vladimir Anatolyevich Kovalev, born in 1958, Rostov Region, worked as a welder in Moscow, in March 2001 he stayed with his relatives, then returned to Moscow and did not go on communication anymore.

Natalia Alekseevna Peredery, born in 1971, disappeared on the night of 26 to 27 April 2003 in the town of Shakhty.

Sergei Yuryevich Sysoev, born in 1980, left the Sverdlovsk Region in Kazakhstan on December 19, 2000, a month later he received a letter written in someone else's handwriting, there is no other information.

Alexander Sergeevich Lukyanov, born in 1956 in Gorno-Altaisk, disappeared on February 21, 2001 in the vicinity of a tourist camp, located 50 km from the village of Onguday.

Elena Frolova is looking for parents.

Elena was raised from the age of three in the orphanage in Novokuznetsk, her parents Galina Stepanovna and Nikolai Alekseyevich Frolov visited her only once.

It turned out that Helen is being looked for by her aunt - Tamara Leonidovna Adiatullina.

Meeting in the studio.



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