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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mihail Efremov, Mariya Shukshina

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Repeat the program on 10/14/2011.

Igor Kvasha read out a letter with a request to help find the relatives of the tankmen killed in December 1941 near Moscow, the crew of the 5th Panzer Brigade of the 1st Guards Motorized Rifle Division.

The junior lieutenant Semen Akimovich Kudry from the Dnepropetrovsk region, the political instructor Leonid Ignatievich Lysak from Moscow, the radiotelephoneist Petr Vladimirovich Yanushkovsky from the Vitebsk region (on the monument mistakenly Yashukovsky), driver-mechanic Fedor Filippovich Rybak from Vinnytsia region.

The letter came from near Naro-Fominsk, where there is a monument to these tankmen and other soldiers who died in the battles of 1941-1942.

Filming in the village of Stasevo, Vitebsk region: the niece of P.Yanushkovsky was found.

One more niece - Tatyana Anatolyevna (a surname is not named) is found.

A meeting in the studio with Love, which began searches.

Filming in Alexandria, Ukraine: the descendants of SA Kudry were found.

Meeting with her granddaughter Irina.

Video about the search for people in different parts of the country and abroad.

Galina Igorevna Alekseeva from Mirgorod is looking for a father: Igor Nikolaevich Alekseev, born in 1961, previously lived in Lithuania.

Pavel Alekseevich Storozhenko from Murmansk is looking for a childhood friend: Elena Nestulia, a native of the Odessa region, met in the village of Dudniki, where they rested on vacations with relatives.

Anastasia Toure looking grandfather: Souleymane Toure, a citizen of Ivory Coast, in the mid-1970s he studied at the University of Friendship of Peoples in the agricultural department.

In Ivanovo, Julia Polozova, 15, is wanted, disappeared in June 2012, shortly after she met the young man on the Internet, she could go to him.

A woman from the Drochia district of Moldova is looking for a daughter: Lyubov Andriesh went to work in Italy and for 12 years does not make herself felt.

A resident of the same village, Evgenia Stepanovna Hilescu is looking for cousins ​​in Romania, did not see her for 12 years.

Tatyana Nikolaevna Chebotaru is looking for a husband: Sergei Konstantinovich Chebotaru, born in 1966, left for work in St.

Petersburg in 2007, there is no connection.

Journalist Furat Alani from Paris is looking for a cousin of Akram and his Russian mother Lydia in Krasnodar.

Georgiy Matveyevich Efimov is looking for an army friend of Ivan Tishin or his relatives.

Videography from Riga: Natalia Polyakina is looking for a girlfriend.

Lubov A. Berzen came to Riga in 1982, married, gave birth to children, then in 1993 she was forced to return to Russia with the whole family, presumably she was with her mother in the Pskov region.

A fragment of the marathon radio program "Wait for me" in Pskov August 26, 2011: conversation with Lyubov Anatolyevna.

Meeting in the studio.

Inclusion from Berlin.

At the request of the German correspondent, Mikhail Efremov tells the continuation of the story of two friends, who are fond of aquarium fish, one resides in the farm Bednyagino in the Krasnodar Territory, another in the German city of Ridlingen: a goldfish from Germany is brought to the Krasnodar Territory.

Eugenia Faray is looking for her elder half-sister: Oksana Strous, 30-35 years old, moved with her mother to Rostov-on-Don, the connection was interrupted in 2000.

Julia Schmidt (Koshutchik) is looking for aunt: Galina Semenovna Lyubinetskaya presumably lives in Lutsk, Volyn region, Ukraine.

Maria-Louise Porsch is looking for a friend: Ivan, 26, allegedly a Muscovite, met in 2009 in India, growing up son Valentine.

Excerpt of the program from 22.07.2011: Konstantin Nefedov, adopted by a German family, lives in the city of Aikhah, Bavaria, seeking information about relatives in Russia; Igor Kvasha informs that the mother of Constantine lives in the village of Voznesenka in the Chelyabinsk region.

John Kaiser is looking for a girl named Laila from Ashgabat, who he met in Thailand in 2008 or 2009, talked on the phone, then the connection was cut off.

Nelly Filippovna Sokiryanskaya is looking for relatives in the line of grandfathers, possibly living in the US.

Lyudmila Kunts is looking for a father: Samuel Atey Botchway, born in 1939, a citizen of Ghana, met Lidia's mother in 1966 in Kherson, where he studied at the nautical school.

David Halperin and his wife Francis (Frida) moved from Dresden to Moscow in 1937, later were repressed and shot.

Four children - Edith, Ruth, Gerhard and Henry (Henry) - were left alone and lost during the wanderings around the orphanages.

Jeanette Drews, daughter of Edith, was born in Ufa, she lives in Berlin since 1956, she is looking for relatives.

Found Aunt Ruth and Uncle Henry.

Excerpt of the program from 17.01.2011: Heinrich Galperin tells about life in the orphanage and how, because of the bullying of his German background, he changed his name and became Anatoly Mikhailovich Lebedev; meeting with his daughter and granddaughters Ruth.

Edith died in 2008, the search continues for Gerhard.

Lyudmila Braslavskaya is looking for a cousin: Maya Semenovna Mukhamedzyanova (Braslavskaya), presumably resides in Tashkent.

The host of the German program passes Lyudmila Aleksandrovna an envelope with her sister's address.

Sisters talk on the phone.

Search by photos:

Anatoly Andreevich Tatarintsev, born in 1967, left the Stavropol Territory in 1999 to work in Moscow.

Valery Ivanovich Kozlovsky went to work in Poland in late 1997, there is no connection.

Nadezhda Oleynikova left for Novosibirsk in July 2002, she sent home only one letter without a return address.

Gennady Kvashennikov disappeared on the night of 10 to 11 July 2011 in Astrakhan, presumably after a fight in a cafe.

Margarita Pomazanova studied at a school for hard of hearing children, dropped out of school in grade 8, disappeared in July 1995 in Moscow, left home and did not return.

Andrei Lukyanov July 22, 2001 boarded the train "Moscow - Chelyabinsk" at the station Bugulma, in Chelyabinsk was supposed to change the train to Kogalym, but did not reach the destination;  It is known that on July 23 or 24 he called for work and said that he needed to be cured, maybe he was in a hospital in some small village.

Leonid Baranenko in October 2011 sailed alone along the Krasnoyarsk reservoir on a motor boat to the hunting grounds of the Sayany.

Denis Belov, born in 1978, went to work in the Tyumen region in Kogalym, but sent a letter from Dagestan.

Marat Yessinbulov disappeared in Omsk in November 2011, may be in Kazakhstan.

Andrei Murzakov disappeared in April 2012 in Kharkov.

Excerpt of the July space bridge with Berlin, shooting in the city of Hertzsprung: Regina Agner is looking for her father, a Russian officer who met her mother after the war and was forced to return to the USSR in November 1946;  in 1947, Regina's mother died, the girl was raised by her aunt and grandmother.

Regina and her family are visiting the program.

Filming in Ivanovo: found the family of an officer Leonid Ulitin.

Great-grandson Alexei Soloviev tells about his great-grandfather, and the teacher Anna gradova - about the composition that the boy wrote on the Victory Day, thanks to which, after viewing the program, which showed a story about Regina, it became possible to compare these two stories.

Leonid's daughters remember his father and what his mother told him; the family really wants to see Regina.

Meeting the family Regina with relatives in the studio.


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