wait me (2004) 19.01.2004

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

A letter from Astana.

Hasan Batukaev served in Abakan in 1980-1982, where he met Valentina Tabunova, who gave birth to his son Rustam.

Father did not wait for the birth and went home with the hope then to return, but all Valentine's letters were intercepted and hid by his relatives.

The Rustam family is found, but now it is impossible to find the Batukayev family, since the author of the letter indicated an incorrect phone number and an incomplete address.

Igor Kvasha addresses Hassan with a request to call the program.

At the request of Larissa Karp, her brother is wanted: Yuri Vissarionovich Slivinsky, date of birth 31.01.1971, disappeared on November 10, 2002 in the village of Vasilkovo, Soroca district (Moldova);  A year later, by phone, he was told that Yuri was working at the Cherkizovsky market in Moscow.

Galina Vaskovskaya is looking for her uncle: Sergei Grigorevich Rudakov, born in 1917, a native of the village of Khoroshevo in the Medyn district of the Smolensk region, left for the front in 1941, is listed as missing.

Tamara Alekseevna Goncharova is looking for a nephew: Aleksey Nikolayevich Gromov, born in 1962, stopped communicating with relatives a year ago, presumably lives in Moscow.

Alla Morozova is looking for her brother: Sergei Antonovich Makovsky, born in 1974, broke up after the parents' divorce, last meeting in 1988; meeting in the studio.

The plot of a man who has lost his memory.

Vladimir woke up on the outskirts of a city, someone badly beat a man.

He remembers only his name, younger brother Nikolai, excerpts of childhood in the city of Balkhash, Kazakhstan.

Currently, Vladimir is in a rural church in the Orenburg region, helps the father Alexei.


Tatyana Adamovna Bogdanova is looking for her son: Vladimir Georgievich Bogdanov, born in 1959, left the city of Tayinsha (Kazakhstan) in 2000 to work in Moscow, in November of the same year promised to visit relatives, but disappeared.

Svetlana Vyskrebentseva is looking for a daughter: Kristina Vladimirovna Vyskrebentseva, date of birth 22.05.1988, disappeared on October 22, 2003 in the town of Valuiki, Belgorod region;  Christina was seen getting on the train to Liski station, just as it is known that her ticket was bought a ticket from Liski station to Rostov.

Vasily Vasilyevich Sechin is looking for two fellow travelers whom he met during the war on the way from the Valuiki station to Melitopol, a girl of about 8 years and a boy of about 10 years from the Donbass;  Father Vasily took care of the children and very much helped them, they again came to visit a year later.

Olga Nikolaevna Bagaturia (Shkarupilaya) is looking for brothers, children were separated in 1968, when parents were deprived of parental rights.

One day, relatives reported to Olga that one of the brothers was looking for her through the program, Andrei.

An excerpt of the program shows everyone who was searched that day.

It turned out that this was a mistake, Andrew never took part in the shootings, however, he really was looking for Olga.

A meeting in the studio with Andrei and his adopted mother Nelly Stepanovna.

Galina Petrovna Komissarova is looking for a friend of her youth: Dina Pavlovna Lyubushkina, born in 1952, together studied and worked in Rostov and Kazan; in 1979, Dina moved to Gelendzhik, the last time the girlfriend saw each other in the early 1980s.

Videography from Dina Pavlovna with a story about how Galina was once almost evicted from the hostel.

Meeting with a friend and her daughter Elena in the studio.

Leonid Borisovich Nefedov is looking for his father: Boris Mikhailovich Nefedov, born in 1935, on August 4, 2003 he left his dacha in the village of Kuzminskoye to the regional center of Teryaevo (Volokolamsky district, Moscow region), candidate of technical sciences, teacher MIREA, memory loss and mental disorders do not suffer.

Shepa Rasulovich Ismailov is looking for his brother: Sharpudin Rasulovich Ismailov, born in 1937, lost in 1946 in Kazakhstan, Kustanai region, Dzhetygarinsky (Zhitikarinsky) district, "Tasabay" state farm, branch No. 2 or 3.

Marina Arakelyan (Martirosyan) is looking for a girlfriend of youth: Alina A. Nagapetyan, born in 1968, left for Tashkent in 1988; the family of Marina moved to Armenia, then to Moscow, the correspondence with Alina was interrupted in 1989.

Tatyana Alekseevna Vorobyeva is looking for sisters: Elizabeth Vorobyeva (born in 1925) and Maria Vorobyova (born in 1929), parted in 1935 after the death of her mother, when the girls were given to children's homes and relatives; meeting with Elizaveta Alexeyevna in the studio.


Orenburg region