wait me (2009) 04/05/2009

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Igor Kvasha takes pictures of the found people from the stand: Andrey Savchenko, Elizabeth from Astrakhan, other names and surnames are not called.

Examples of cases, as some people have found.

Visiting the program deputy head of the search department of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Colonel of Militia Yury Vasilievich Maslov and the Chief Department of Criminal Investigation of the Police Department on transport of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Colonel of militia Grigory Grigoryevich Tkachenko.

Maria Shukshina thanks all police officers for their help.

History of the farm "Pravoberezhny" in Temryuk.

Once an electrician Alexander Dotsyuk did not come to work.

Lidia Dotsyuk (mother) and colleagues of Alexander recall his disappearance.

Alexander, who has already returned home, tells how he was kidnapped and taken to slavery; fortunately, they took him away to the village of Gai-Kodzor near Anapa, after escape, the man was able to walk home on foot.

Relatives are preparing for the trial.

Comments of Yu.V. Maslov and G.G.Tkachenko to the plot.

The family is looking for a son: Denis Vladimirovich Efremov, born in 1980, disappeared on January 10, 2000 in Podolsk.

Zhanna Sheikhova is looking for a son: Aslan Sheikhov, born in 1998, disappeared on April 15, 2009 in Moscow; the neighbor Elena acted.

The family is looking for an uncle: Fanil Akhmetshin, born in 1958, disappeared on October 26, 2008 in Bashkortostan.

Announcement of the history of Sergei Ilyichenko.

Sergei disappeared in Moscow 8 years ago, was put on the wanted list, but the police's efforts did not lead to anything.

A man was found in the Vladimir region, in the forest, where he built himself a hut.

On the day of his disappearance, he was beaten, he lost his memory.

Continuation of the story in one of the following programs.

Announcement at the request of the voluntary program assistant in Kaliningrad, Viktor Zubarev: on May 9, a large gathering of graduates, commanders and teachers will take place Kaliningrad Military Aviation School, in connection with the 40th anniversary of the first release of officers.

Tatiana Zotina is looking for her husband: Viktor Zotin, born in 1972, disappeared on September 20, 2008, fishing in the Astrakhan Region, near the village of Zamyany.

Talib Maksudov from Surgut is looking for his brother: Golib Maksudov, born in 1971, worked in Moscow, disappeared on March 28, 2009 in the Moscow region.

The wife is looking for her husband: Oleg A. Konov, born in 1958, disappeared on March 18, 2009 in Kaluga.

Alexei Abramov is looking for relatives: Uncle Joseph A. Abramov (born 1971), cousin Vitaly Rafailovich Gurshumov (born in 1975), lives in the United States, on May 22, 2008 they arrived in Moscow, disappeared near the Leningrad Highway.

Photos of the missing in 2008:

Yuri Ionov went to work in the village of Putugino in the Kaluga region in Moscow, worked as a security guard in a trolleybus park near the Belorusskaya metro station.

Moskvich Vyacheslav Yegorov disappeared on July 9 after discharge from the hospital.

Evdokia Afanasyevna Tulyakova, 86 years old, disappeared in the evening of August 29 in Kalinovka village of Gvardeisky District, Kaliningrad Region.

Galina Platonova, 66 years old, disappeared on November 8 in Balkhash town, Karaganda region.

Nikolai Nikolayevich Pozolotin, 58, on June 6 came to Balkhash to visit his mother, in the evening he got into a private car and was never seen again.

Alexander Vorobyev, 21, in March 2007 did not return from the disco in the village of Bolshoy Istok, Sysertsky district of the Sverdlovsk region; in 2008, parents received a message that the young man is "in Armenia, in the village to the right of the Armenia-Russia border."

Alla Malygina left the house in Kamyshlov on September 8, 2008, the last time she was seen in the gas station near the turn to Sukhoi Log.

Igor Lukinsky went to work in the Arkhangelsk region, worked in the village of Lyalovo, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region.

Andrei Nikolayevich Balakirev, 45, disappeared on 11 November in the village of Volodarsky, Astrakhan region.

Nikita Timofeev, 20 years old, disappeared on October 31 Alexandrov, Vladimir region.

Olga Mitrofanovna Cherpityak, 83, was lost on April 30 in the city of Fryazino, Moscow region.

Moskvich Vasily Linnik worked as a security guard near the metro station Novye Cheryomushki, last time he called home on December 24.

Colonel of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Aleksandrovich Belov disappeared in the evening of December 30 near the Sukharevskaya metro station; presumably taken away in a jeep of white or silver color.

Sergei Evgenievich Zakharov disappeared on October 29 in Samara.

Alexander Parkhayev, a fourth-year student at the Chelyabinsk Pedagogical University, practiced in the Orlyonok pioneer camp, on August 10 he was supposed to board a train to Tuapse, but disappeared.

Tamara Kharlamova, 77 years old, disappeared on June 19 in Mytischi, Moscow Region.

Sisters are looking for a nephew: Alexander Alexandrovich Miloradov, date of birth 28.11.1989, until his father's death the family lived in Rybinsk, then changed the address.

Video clip from Alexander for relatives.

Meeting in the studio; Sasha came to the shooting with the teacher of the college Maxim Andreevich.

Tamara Vladimirovna Mokrinskaya is looking for her son: Vladimir Valerievich Mokrinsky, born in 1965, disappeared on September 15, 2008 in Zelenograd, a disabled group II, suffers from a memory failure.

Chronicles of Operation "Hospital."

1. A fragment of the program from 16.03.2009: a story about the search for Ivan Churov.

The man disappeared on October 13, 2008, left and did not return, through the woods could go to any of the surrounding settlements, Ivan's village is told of his villagers and the head of the department of the precinct police department in the Ferzikovsky district of the Kaluga region Roman Morachev.

Lyudmila Vesnina, the operative investigator of the search department of the Department of Internal Affairs in the Naro-Fominsk district.

Ivan Churov entered the Kamensk hospital on November 9, initially as an unknown person, because he was disoriented and could not name himself, was taken from the village of Kotovo.

Psychiatrist-psychiatrist of Moscow Regional Psychiatric Hospital No. 23, Elizaveta Varich, about ineffective patient searches for other specialized hospitals.

When the doctors and the police appealed to the "Wait for Me" program, Ivan was quickly identified by friends and relatives, he returned home.

2. Excerpt of the program from 16.03.2009: a story about the search for Tamara Sagitova.

Tamara disappeared in the fall of 2008, neighbors say that this is absolutely a lonely woman, for which they look after and help.

The senior nurse of the Lyubertsy hospital named after A.V.Ukhtomsky Elena Khabarova says that the patient entered them on September 20, she named only her own name, answered tears about her relatives, she could not say anything.

In December, the hospital staff appealed to the program, a photo of Tamara was shown on TV, neighbors immediately recognized her, came and took her home.

3. Egor Mishlanov disappeared in the Ryazan region in 2001, he was searched for 8 years.

Head of the department Sergei Shtan'kov: the boy entered the hospital on September 9, 2001, could not identify himself or tell anything about the family; all these years the doctors sent a lot of requests to different instances, but they could not find out anything.

Social worker Svetlana Bondarenko wrote a letter to the program, as a result, the boy's parents found themselves very quickly and came for him.

Senior nurse Lyudmila Perova says that shortly before their arrival Yegor constantly asked about his mother and about the house, apparently, intuition worked.

Thanks to Operation "Hospital", at least 28 people were found.

The program was called by the doctor Olga Smirnova and reported that in one of the wanted they recognized their patient, this is the son of Tamara Vladimirovna Mokrinskaya, who is in the hospital since September 16, 2008.

Telephone conversation with the hospital in Konakovo, Tver region.


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