wait me (2009) 10/26/2009

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Anniversary of the program, 10 years on the air.

A fragment of the program "I'm Looking for You", October 1999, inclusion from GUM.

Meeting of two sisters.

Nadezhda Mihailovna Grishina is looking for a friend: Anatoly came to Moscow in 1955, met in a communal apartment where his aunt Anna Ivanovna Agapeyeva lived.

Nadezhda Alexeyevna Radzievskaya is looking for a friend of youth: foreman Fyodor Sergeevich Tutynin, born in 1925, met in Brest, parted in 1951 after demobilization.

October 2009.

The ads shown in the passage did not receive any replies, but over 10 years of work the program found more than 100 thousand people, this number of people would not fit even the largest stadium in the world - Maracana (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

November 1999, inclusion from GUM.

Nina Mikhailovna Katanova is looking for a daughter: Svetlana Viktorovna Grishchenko disappeared on September 16, 1994 in Moscow, did not return from work.

Maria Aleksandrovna Korableva is looking for her son's friends in Afghanistan, served in Kabul in 1983-1985, son Sergei Ivanovich Korablev, born in 1964, died of the consequences of injuries in 1995.

Parents are looking for a deaf-mute son: Dmitry Evgenievich Ressler October 31, 1997 went to his homeland in Voronezh, then he was going to travel across Siberia and disappeared.

Lydia Yegorovna Polyakova is looking for a daughter: Elena Nikolaevna Polyakova, born in 1963, disappeared in 1997.

October 2009.

Leaders believe that the most correct way to celebrate the birthday of the program is still to try to find those who have not been found in these years.

The search service is becoming truly world-wide, the telebridges connect the program with Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan, Belarus, colleagues from Kiev, Chisinau and Alma-Ata are added, and also from Ho Chi Minh City congratulate Minsk on its first connection.

Vietnamese citizen Nguyen Ngan Zam came to study in the USSR, worked as a mechanical engineer, and then the family lost contact with him.

To find the man it was possible in a psychoneurological boarding school № 2 in Minsk; it turned out that he was ill and spent 32 years in hospitals.

About his relatives nothing was known, but the Vietnamese program "As if there was no separation" was able to find them, Nguyen Ngan Zam finally home.

Excerpt of the program of August 31, 2009: Chinese citizen Ji Wan-chuan is looking for a pen-friend by correspondence to Lyudmila Mikhailovna Khadziev (Danilov).

When he was in grade 11, their school maintained correspondence with the school in Penza, so the guys got acquainted.

They corresponded for more than three years, but they never saw each other, only in photographs.

When the correspondence was interrupted, Wan-chuan tried to track Lyudmila through the embassies of Russia and China and various media outlets, but received no reply.

Ji Wan-chuan came to Moscow with his son.

Lyudmila managed to find, the program on her behalf organized a meeting near the studio, Ji Wan-chuan goes on a date.

Photos of the missing:

Andrei Vladimirovich Frolov, 29 years old, disappeared on December 13, 2008 in the city of Shuya, Ivanovo region.

Natalia Eliplyevna Boyarkina, born in 1933, disappeared on August 8, 2008 in Mordovia, in the village of Sabancheevo, suffers from memory failures.

Natalia Surina, 29, in June 2009, left Ivanovo for work in Moscow.

Igor V. Shulgin, 52, disappeared on May 6, 2009 at Sheremetyevo airport, was going to Kaliningrad, but did not board the plane.

An unknown woman lives in an abandoned barn in the suburbs, does not remember anything about herself, calls herself Galina Mikhailovna.

Nikolai Vladimirovich Levchenko left May 9, 2009 from Buzlanovo village in Moscow, a friend drove him to the subway, dropped him out of the car in the Yakimanka area.

Marina Segene August 14, 2009 came from Orsha to Moscow, got off the train at the Belorussky railway station.

An unknown man lives in the Krasnodar Territory for two years, does not remember anything about himself, perhaps he is called Oleg.

The plot from Turkey, materials of local television.

August 30, 2008 on the route Antalya - Serik was discovered a young man with numerous fractures and head trauma.

He did not have any documents with him.

The young man was taken to the hospital, where he spent almost a year in the intensive care unit.

Doctors conducted tests and determined the approximate age of the patient: 17 years.

Data on him was transferred to Interpol.

In the hospital, the young man was given the name Umut, a woman named Gulsum (Gulsum) Kabadai is caring for him.

The patient can not speak and write, but understands Russian speech, perhaps he is from Russia.


Irina Dmitrievna Chernyavtseva is looking for a nephew: Vadim Viktorovich Ananiev, born in 1995, disappeared on September 21, 2009 in Moscow (Michurinsky Avenue, Ramenki district).

Irina Ivanovna Semenkina (Irina Fedorovna Kosmynina, born 1961) is looking for mother Nina Kosmynina; Irina was adopted from the orphanage, perhaps there is an older sister; acted girlfriend.

Lyudmila A. Chaltseva (Akhapkina) is looking for a cousin: Iraida A. Akhapkina, born in 1958, last met in Alma-Ata in 1992, the correspondence ended in 1993; presumably in September 1999 she moved to Vitebsk.

The family is looking for a son: Philip Mamonov, born in 1988, disappeared in 2008 in Reutov.

Shooting in the Ostankino park: a meeting between Liudmila Khadziyeva and Ji Wan-chuan.

Videography from Germany: Irina Bin (Greger) is looking for relatives.

During the war Irina was in the transit camp with her elder sister Emilia.

From there Irina was sent to Kazakhstan, she does not know anything about Emilia.

There were no documents with the girls, the inscription "Zhitomir" was on things; Irina has preserved several old photographs.

Based on information about Zhytomyr, Irina Bin was advised to go not to Russia, but to Ukraine, so she is in the Kiev studio.

Filming in the village of Emilievka: Irina's sister, Elena Greger, was found.

In total, the family had 9 children, in 1937 his father was arrested, his mother died before the war.

After the expulsion to Kazakhstan and after the war about Emilia with Irina, no one knew anything, then Emilia returned and said that the younger sister was killed during the bombing.

To bring to the shooting of all relatives of Irina Bin, it took a whole bus.

Meeting in the studio.


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