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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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Photos lost on the road:

Ekaterina Fedorovna Ermakova left on November 1, 2005 from Samara to Moscow by train number 55, car 1, place 39, from Moscow was supposed to arrive in Desnogorsk, but did not reach; there is evidence that could get off the train in the Potma - Ryazan section.

Agrippina Leontyevna Sotnikova traveled on the shuttle bus "Kurgan-Tumanovo" to the stop "Davydovka Village" on September 17, 2006, but was lost during the next refueling.

Kirill Yelkin left July 1, 2006 together with a friend on an electric train from Alapayevsk to Nizhny Tagil, after the conductor dropped them off to check tickets, the boys ran away; a friend of Cyril soon returned home alone.

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Belokurov left the Murmansk Region on August 26, 2006 for Penza; on the way he was robbed, in Moscow through the police contacted his relatives, but disappeared before they arrived.

The plot of the program's cooperation with the traffic police.

In the plot, the head of the ESD DOPT MVD RF Grigory Tkachenko, the head of the DPT of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Zakharenkov, the head of the ESD of the Far Eastern UVDT Vladislav Belotserkovsky, head of the URD Moscow Department of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zotov, 1 st deputy chief of the DPT of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Sharobarov, head of ESD North Caucasus Department of Internal Affairs Alexander Masyuta, Head of ESD of the South-Eastern Department of Internal Affairs, Sergey Tulsky, Head of the UDD Internal Affairs Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Barabanov, Head of the Regional Search Department of the "Wait for Me" program Lyudmila Kandabarova.

The following excerpts were used:

"Time" from 29.09.2006, a story about awarding police officers who helped track down the missing people.

"Wait for me" from 08.04.2000: Sasha Belosludtseva, who was found at the station, is returned to her mother.

"Wait for me" on 27.05.2002 and on September 23, 2002: Petr Flek from Germany, meeting with relatives.

"Wait for me" from 20.09.2004 and 25.10.2004: the lost Vanya Gaidukov returns to his father.

New posters with photos of the missing children will be sent to police stations and posted at all stations and airports.


Tatiana Kabanova is looking for a pen-friend: Tatyana Kostodinova, a Bulgarian citizen, the connection was interrupted in 1985 after a fire, when all the letters were burnt.

Svetlana Eduardovna Agafonova (Volokanova) is looking for a brother: Konstantin Eduardovich Volokanov, 1979, died on October 14, 2004 in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow Region.

Maxim Inozemtsev is looking for Natalia, whom he met on the Internet in 2002, the name presumably Kravchenko, lived in Kiev, last met in 2002;  the connection was interrupted when Maxim changed jobs (talked only on the work phone).

Photos of the missing:

Elena Petrova disappeared on November 14, 1998 in St.


Julia Grobovtseva is wanted by her friend Olga, with whom she studied and was friends in Mongolia in 1988-1991.

Victoria Krechmarovskaya disappeared on October 7, 2003 in Tolyatti.

Roman Rekunov went to work in Moscow in 2000, he worked in the Golyanovo district.

Bahrom Altybaev went to work in St.

Petersburg in 2000, a year later called his parents and said that he lost his passport, asked to send money to return home, but he did not come.

Announcement of the plot of the next program: a photo of a man who disappeared 16 years ago, at a railway station in Chelyabinsk, his suitcase was brought to the room of finds with all the things and documents;  For many years this man was considered to be first missing, then dead, but it turned out that he was alive.

At the request of relatives, Sergei Zeynalovich Barseghyan, born in 1951, is wanted, in 1993 he went to work in the Tambov region, worked at Michurinskaya poultry farm, then went to Moscow and disappeared.

Valery Kupriyanov is looking for relatives: Ulyana Ivanovna's mother and father Alexander Dmitriyevich Kupriyanov gave the child to an orphanage at the age of 1.5 months; with his brother Vladimir last met in 1990, the correspondence ended in 1998.

Nadezhda Afanasyeva is looking for her son: Maxim Afanasyev, born in 1990, disappeared on July 16, 2006 near the Senezh platform of the Oktyabrskaya Railway, a disabled child, lags behind in development, almost does not speak.

Julia is looking for a childhood friend: Olesya Anatolievna Stanishevskaya, born in 1982, lived in Grozny on Rosa Luxemburg street, house 5A, went to school No. 20.

In December 1994, a bomb hit the house, Olesya was taken to Nazran with a leg wound, more girls did not see each other.

Fragment of the performance of the Gomel Puppet Theater.

Videoprimo Olesya: the girl remembers Yulia and talks about their friendship.

Meeting in the studio.

Photo: Pavel Sumskaya lost in 1999 in Grozny.

People came, offered work, Paul agreed to go along with his neighbor.

On the way to Alkhan-Kala, a neighbor was thrown out of the car, and Pavel was taken further, he was never seen again.

History of the Suhoplyuev family.

The film about the Australian city of Coober Pedy, the opal capital of the world, was provided by the cinematographer and writer Semyon (Solomon) Shulman.

Nina Afanasevna Suhoplyueva (Shalagina) from Coober Pedy is looking for her son: Veniamin Georgievich Sukhoplyuev, date of birth 16.11.1938, split in 1947 after a divorce parents and the move of Benjamin with his father from Shanghai to the USSR. In 1952, Nina and her youngest son Georgi moved to Australia to relatives and knew nothing more about the eldest child.

Filming in Kyrgyzstan, the district of Lake Syutto-Bulak (Suttuu-Bulak): Benjamin is alive, works as a photographer and a guide at the camp site.

The fate of the family in the USSR ended tragically.

Upon arrival in Nakhodka, all were in the camp, then the family was transported to the village of Grobovo, Sverdlovsk region.

Grandmother Domna Sukhoplyueva, who was so anxious to return to her homeland in Samara, died in Kyrgyzstan.

Father George Sukhoplyuev left the camp after volunteering for the virgin lands, and died there.

Uncle, Captain III rank of the British Navy Dmitry Nikonorovich Sukhoplyuev, awarded the highest governmental award of England, was exiled to the camp as an enemy of the people, later rehabilitated, but for him it no longer mattered.

Aunt Valentina Sukhoplyueva, a prima ballerina who was a real star in Shanghai and constantly received invitations to work in Europe, fell ill with tuberculosis, the last years of her life she worked as a teacher.

Veniamin flew to Moscow to meet with his mother.


Shulman S.E. - Soviet and Australian scriptwriter, film director, writer, traveler, professor of the Italian State University.


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