wait me (2002) 06/10/2002

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

History of Neli Georgievna (last name is not called).

In 1958, at a resort in Miskhor, Nelia met a student of the Odessa Institute of Water Transport, Viktor, who had practice at the construction of moorings.

Young people fell in love with each other, Victor made a proposal to the girl, but she broke up with him, because she invented her entire biography and did not know how to tell the truth.

This story for life has taught her to lie.

Nele is still ashamed of her action, she wants to find Victor and ask him for forgiveness.

Employees of the Odessa Institute of Water Transport handed over to the program copies of cases of young people named "Victor", suitable for age, perhaps Nelya Georgievna will be able to recognize the former groom from the photo.

(did not help, did not find)

Inclusion from Odessa.

Ekaterina Nikitovna Vdovichenko (Syomkina) is looking for a brother: Nikolai Nikitovich Semkin, born in 1953, lived in Kazakhstan, the connection was interrupted in 1991.

Rostislav Dementievich Slobodianyuk is looking for a friend: Vladimir Vereshchagin, born in 1947, born in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, graduated from the Blagoveshchensk Higher Tank Command School (1969), after graduation, was assigned in the Irkutsk Region.

Rimma Tarbayeva is looking for a sister: Maria Pavlovna Limanskaya, born in 1931, lived in Severodvinsk, the connection was interrupted in 1991.

Galina Ivanovna Zhoglya (Borovinskaya) is looking for a mother: a Spaniard who came to the USSR in 1938, gave birth to a daughter in Odessa in 1948 and named Carmen; how she ended up in the baby house, Galina does not know, adopted by the Borovinsky family.

Avgustina Dmitrievna Shibaeva (Kiryanova) is looking for a family of friends: Korunnaya Vera Georgievna and Korunny Leonid, their children Lyudmila and Alik, were evacuated from Leningrad, they all lived together in Kazan in 1942-1944.

Teacher Anna Nikolaevna Terikhova is looking for parents or other relatives of her students: Oleg Shorovich Grinko (date of birth January 17, 1987) and Vadim Mikhailovich Zvyagintsev (date of birth 02.08.1987) were left in the orphanage, they are in a boarding school in Kotovsk.

Nina Ivanovna Voyakina is looking for her older brother: Ivan Ivanovich Bernay, born in 1917, in 1937 studied in Moscow as a third year student of the institute.

The family comes from Poland, the parents came to the USSR in 1928, the father worked as an engineer on the railway.

October 15, 1937 parents were arrested, his brother kicked out of the institute.

Nina was hidden by family friends, helped to leave for Belarus, during the war she was captured and taken to Germany.

After the war, she returned home to find out something about the fate of her parents, but they began to look for her again; the girl was hiding in Azerbaijan, then recruited to the North.

It was later found out that the mother died in 1943; parents were rehabilitated posthumously in 1965.

About the brother it is known that he signed a rejection of the family, was able to graduate, in 1941 with his wife went to work in Finland.

Photos of the missing:

Anastasia Seryodkina (b. 1978) and Rais Tagirov (b. 1971) disappeared on September 22, 2001 from the steam-ship "Surgeon Razumovsky" on the Votkinsk reservoir.

Klavdiya Vasilievna Poshibaev, born in 1922, July 3, 2001 went for a walk with a dog in the Sokolinaia area, Moscow, did not return home.


Galina Mikhailovna Volok is looking for a son: Dmitry Borisovich Volok, born in 1966, on November 29, 1999, he drove from Zelenograd to Moscow in his car and had an accident, last time he called home, said he was going home.

Natalia Romanovna Boytsova is looking for a brother who was born in 1980 in the Smolensk or Kemerovo region; Natalia was brought up in an orphanage, was looking for mother (Maria Yakovlevna Boytsova, born in 1947), but did not have time to meet with her since the woman died; Natalia learned from the villagers that she has a brother.

Sultan Suleymanov is looking for a son: Maxim Sultanovich Suleymanov, born in 1966, allegedly abducted on August 9, 1995 in North Butovo, Moscow.

Animaise Aleksandrovna Chistyakova (Meshalkina) is looking for a sister: Viveya Alexandrovna Moskvicheva, born in 1930, lived in Narva, the connection was interrupted in 1994.

Julia Kireeva is looking for a father whom she has never seen.

A selection of messages from those who could not come to the shooting.

Sergey Pigorev is looking for his father: Alexander Pigorev, his parents divorced when Sergey was 3 years old, presumably lives in Baku.

Lyubov Kalinicheva is looking for a father: Ivan Andreevich Kalinichev, born in 1942, presumably resides in the Kemerovo Region.

Alexey Evteev is looking for a father: Alexey Alekseevich Evteev, born in 1946, allegedly resides in the Orenburg region.

Pavel Kutsenko is looking for his father: Mikhail Vasilyevich Kutsenko, had not seen each other since 1971, his father had previously lived in Moscow.

Sergey Grabsky is looking for a father: Valentin Grabsky, a military man, according to his mother, last saw each other when Sergey was 2 years old.

Sergey Grabsky - the father of Julia Kireeva, meeting in the studio.

Valentin Grabsky was also found, but could not come.