wait me (2003) 10.27.2003

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

An excerpt of the program from 10/06/2003: a repetition of the story about an unknown man whom no one has yet known.

Valery (given the name at the hospital) woke up on June 3, 2003 at the train station in Armavir, spent a month in this city, then walked to Moscow; the first time he saw himself in the mirror, he did not recognize the reflection and was frightened when he realized that this old man was himself.

Irina Smirnova (Ivanova) is looking for her first love: Victor Ivanovich Titov, born in 1959, lived in Zheleznogorsk, met in 1975 in the adolescent sanatorium "Petrel" in Mishor, the connection was broken in 1978.

Tatiana Annina is looking for cousins: Anna and Andrei Baranovs previously lived in Kazakhstan, the Dzhambul region, the city of Chu.

Lidia Ivanovna Bondarenko is looking for her granddaughter: Ekaterina Vladimirovna Petova, born in 1986, disappeared on January 1, 1999 in Novorossiysk, allegedly living in Moscow; Grandma's girlfriend performed.

Lidia Dmitrievna Shcherbakova is looking for her younger sister Nina Dmitrievna Danilchenko, in December 1946 both girls were in an orphanage, in 1947 Lida was transferred to an orphanage for schoolchildren, she did not see any more; meeting in the studio.

The plot from Kazakhstan:

Andrew got to the village Dikhan in 1997.

According to his stories, he came to work from Moldova, but then the brigade broke up, he was left without documents.

Запросы о местонахождении родственников в Молдове остались без ответа.

Андрей живет у стариков, которые его приютили, работает и помогает им по хозяйству.


Wanted Dina Maratovna Gimranova, born in 1968, a native of the village of Urazovka in the Nizhny Novgorod region, disappeared on September 15, 2003 near the metro station Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, Moscow; lived on the street Yablochkova, subway Timiryazevskaya.

Evdokia Nikiforovna Plavskaya is looking for a grandson: Andrei Nikolaevich Ananchenko, born in 1958, May 30, 2002 left hospital number 79 in Moscow after an attack of epilepsy, did not return home; lived on the street in Moscow.

Vera Trifonovna Dubinchina (Pluzhnikova) is looking for a sister: Nonna Trifonovna Pluzhnikova (Nonna Dmitrievna Sorokina), born in 1938, lost during the war, can live in Bryansk or the region.

Продолжение истории Андрея из Молдовы:

Visiting his sister's program, they tell how a brother did not return from the army, and after a few years the family moved.

Андрей бежал из армии в 1990 вместе с другими ребятами, скитался по Казахстану, работал за еду, затем его приютила семья Бурлибая Тультаева из аула Дихан, где он живет последние 6 лет.

Встреча в студии.

Tatyana Gennadievna Koshkarova (Matveyeva) is looking for a friend of youth.

When Volodya was taken to the army, Tatyana promised to wait for him, but without receiving a single letter, she was offended, married another, and left.

After my divorce, I returned home, I saw Vladimir, but I didn’t have a chance to talk normally.

Video writing for Tatiana: Vladimir Petrovich Metzger tells the story a little differently, according to him, he wrote to Tatiana, but she did not answer and did not wait.

Meeting in the studio.

The inclusion of Krasnodar.

Irina Boginskaya is looking for her nephew and sister: Nikolai Smelov, born in 1972, born in Chimkent, the connection was interrupted in 1992 after the departure of Irina's family from Kazakhstan  Anna Ilyinichna Solovyova (Paskhalidi), born in 1967, the connection was interrupted in 1993 after Anna moved from the Krasnodar Territory to Kazakhstan, supposedly resides in Dzhambul.

Raisa Semyonovna Dyachenko is looking for a daughter: Olga Viktorovna Dyachenko, date of birth July 23, 1973, disappeared on November 5, 1995 on the way from work in the village of Pashkovsky; it is known that she got into a ride.

Arakel Kirokosov is looking for a front-line friend: Jacob Shmyrko, circa 1920 p, together in 1945 participated in the defense of Moscow, split after transferring Arakel to another part.

Peter Yenin is looking for a half-brother by father: Alexander Pavlovich Yenin, circa 1940, broke up in 1942.

The story of Naida family reunion.

In October 1941, ships departed from besieged Sevastopol, trying to take out the wounded and the families of the city’s defenders.

On November 6, the last ship "Armenia" sailed from Streletskaya Bay, on which, after approaching Yalta, there were about 5,000 people.

The ship was bombed by German aircraft, it sank.

Alexandra Naida with her children, Boris and Alik (Albert), was among the survivors, but the children were put in different boats, and upon arriving at the shore she could not find her eldest son.

The family continued to search for Alik all his life, but to no avail.

April 2002, shooting in Kamchatka: Captain III rank Boris Leonidovich Naida tells the story of the disappearance of his brother.

Having seen this release of the program, Alik flew to Simferopol.

November 2002, filming in Simferopol: meeting with his brother at the airport and with his mother at home.

Alik grew up in a foster Armenian family, which was sent to Siberia.

From there the boy ran away and decided to walk to Simferopol on foot, but in Turkmenistan he went to an orphanage, then returned to foster parents and went with them to Yerevan, where he lived all his life.

In July 2003, Alik and his wife Fenya moved to his mother for good, as she was seriously ill, Boris could not leave work in Kamchatka, and there was a threat that the woman would be moved to a nursing home.

For three months, Alexandra Arsentevna recovered and rose to her feet.


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Kazakhstan [114] Krasnodar region [761] Kamchatka Krai [760] Crimea [981] Armenia [12]

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