wait me (2005) 08.22.2005

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Aleksandr Domogarov, Chulpan Hamatova, Igorj Kvasha

Reel №1

Svetlana Yanshunas is looking for a son: Andrey Sergeevich Yanshunas, born in 1990, on June 23, 2005 did not return home.

Filming in Pokrov, in the hospital: Andrei talks about traveling to football matches in Rostov, Vladikavkaz and Vladimir; between non-resident matches, the boy returned to Moscow, but did not call home and did not call.

Andrei didn’t get to Vladimir, he was attacked by Gypsies in a train, beaten and thrown onto the rails.

On the railway tracks, Andrei reached Pokrova and asked for help at the station, so he ended up in the hospital.

Meeting with mom in the studio.

Iraida Alexandrovna Yumatova is looking for a friend by military correspondence: Vasily Ivanovich Kopytin, a native of Voronezh or the Voronezh region, sent his photos, in reality, they never met.

Valery Fedorovich Shestopalov, born in 1954, a pupil of orphanages in the Amur Region, is seeking relatives; The name of the mother, Alexandra Mikhailovna Shestopalova, was able to find out that the search should be conducted by the name of Lozovskaya (or Lazovskaya), there is no information about the father.

Evgenia Sysoeva is looking for a son: Artem Sysoev, born in 1991, disappeared on January 13, 2004 in Novosibirsk.

Video script from Bremen: Natalia is looking for her first love - a Hungarian gypsy named Antel, who performed with the tour of the VIA "Lautary" (perhaps the Moldovan ensemble “Lautariy”, these are different groups), met in Tashkent in 1970, broke up because the mother was against the marriage of her son with a “foreign” girl, not a gypsy.


Ilya Mendeleevich Fridmas is looking for his son Vladimir, who was last seen in 1954, when the boy was several months old.

The relationship with the mother of the child was broken after Illya went to prison, and in 1975 his family moved to Israel.

Vladimir Ilyich found in Severodvinsk.

Meeting in the studio.

A man is looking for a brother: Edward Sarkisovich Kirokosyan, born in 1970, disappeared on July 18, 1995 in Novorossiysk.

Galina Chistyakov is looking for a son: Arseny Petrovich Chistyakov, born in 1973, disappeared on March 15, 1995 in Moscow.

Venus Akhmetova, born in 1985, is wanted, a disabled person of group I (hands amputated, poorly seen), disappeared on January 27, 2004 in Nizhnekamsk; The volunteer program assistant and family friend Natalya Yartseva performed.

Gennady Vasilyevich Perepelkin is looking for a loved one: Tatiana Pavlovna Kunitsyna, circa 1960, met in 1978 in Moscow.

Friendship turned into love, but the young people broke up when Gennady was unable to meet Tatiana after returning from a vacation, as promised.

The second time they met by chance in the metro in 1985, they started talking and were very happy, but Tatiana needed to go out.

She wrote her phone number on the shoe box and showed Gennady through the window.

He did not immediately record the number, eventually either forgot it, or still wrote it down and lost it.

Meeting with Tatiana in the studio.

Galina Protavtseva (Black) is looking for a son: Anton Protavtsev, date of birth 11/08/1977, disappeared June 11, 2004 in Moscow; in the credits last name Proshavtsev.

Photos of the missing in June 2004:

Vladimir Borisovich Matveev took a bus number 3 in Krasnoyarsk late in the evening of June 10; according to the testimony of the conductor, for some reason he stopped his stop and got off a little further, the next day he did not show up at work.

Rustem Hudaibergenov on June 10 left home on Mayakovsky Street in Astana, Kazakhstan.

June 10, 2004 Alexander Viktorovich Efremov, 24, disappeared in Novosibirsk.

In winter, the program sent a photo of a young man found in the city of Yurga with a complete loss of memory.

This was Alexander, his sister Elena Ashiulova recognized him.

Meeting in the studio.

Video script from Belgium: Pierre-Ivan Dmitrievich Znamensky is looking for relatives in Russia.

Parents - Russian officer Dmitry Mikhailovich Znamensky and Belgian Marie Lecuter; Father’s grandfather Mikhail Znamensky, archpriest in Taganrog or Rostov, grandmother Elizaveta Dobrovolsky.

According to the memoirs of his father, the family had 10 children.

Immediately after the revolution, Dmitry Znamensky fled to Constantinople, from where he moved to Belgium in the early 1930s and maintained active correspondence with Russia until the beginning of World War II, then the connection was cut off.


Natalia Suslova (Shaptalo) is looking for a childhood friend: Lyudmila Slavinskaya (Evdokimova), born in 1953, the connection was interrupted after her family left Leninabad for the Ulyanovsk region;  Viktor Petrovich Suslov, born in 1955, a cousin of her husband, an officer of the Navy, also served in Odessa.

Nina Pavlovna Sitnova is looking for a girlfriend of her youth: Nina Nikolaevna Mikheeva-Molchanova, worked together in the city of Nizhnyaya Tura in 1973, broke up in 1974 after N.Sitnova left for Mordovia,  and a friend later moved to the Krasnodar Territory; meeting in the studio.

Excerpt from August 1, 2005: Zinaida Timofeevna Akimova (nee Brileva), born in 1925, was lost in early childhood and still does not know where she came from.

She remembers that she was born in Ukraine, in a big village near Kharkov, the name of which began with the letter “P”, also remembers the elder brother Nicholas, the grandfather-priest, Aunt Lida from Merefa.

Filming in the village of Perekop: after the release of the program, Zinaida’s sisters called to the editorial office, told about the family, about the disappearance of Zina and her sister Tamara.

Meeting in the studio with sisters and other relatives.


Vladimir region

Family; International cooperation