Unbelievable stories about life 08.10.2008 (2008)

Telecast №82190, 1 part, duration: 0:52:11
Production: VID
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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Fourth series.

"Port novel".

This story began in New Zealand in 1994 and at first seemed to all participants a harmless adventure.

On April 24, two friends, Tina Morris and Melanie Scone, disappeared from the city of Dunedin.

They were the most ordinary girls, met the Russian sailors from the trawler "Arzamas" and began to meet with them.

When Alexander Dontsov and Igor Zheludev jokingly offered them a ride on their ship, they did not think that the girls would take it seriously, however, on the day of the departure, the girlfriends came with travel bags.

Sailors secretly smuggled them aboard and arranged in their cabin.

The trip was supposed to be short, after a couple of days the girls had to disembark in Auckland and from there return home, but everything went wrong: the ship went straight to Nakhodka.

On the eighth day of the journey, the captain learned that there were not just outsiders on the ship, but citizens of another state without visas and documents.

Upon arrival in Nakhodka, the trawler was met by law enforcement officers and representatives of Interpol, the girls were left on board until they were identified, then transferred to the Volna sanatorium, where they were kept under house arrest.

Sailors helped their friends as best they could.

By that time, Melanie was already pregnant, Tina, too, but had not yet managed to understand this, and when she had an attack of appendicitis, the doctors had to to terminate the pregnancy in order to carry out the operation normally, and finally they said that Tina would never have children.

When the girls received permission to leave, they thought that they would no longer see Igor and Sasha.

But Tina did not give up, she with great difficulty was able to issue an invitation for Igor, he came to Dunedin.

Now they live together and, despite the verdict of the Russian doctors, they have two children - the daughter Nadezhda and the son Anthony.

Alexander lives in Nakhodka and still goes to the sea.

Melanie married, raises her daughter Tatyana and hopes that one day the girl will still be able to meet her own father.

The film was shot: Detective Brad Roberts, sea captain Gennady Lukyanov, former captain of "Arzamas" Alexander Yurkov, former sailor of "Arzamas" Grigory Simanovich, Deputy General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Valery Sitnikov, Chief of Staff of the Nakhodka Checkpoint Sergei Panchukov, representative of the security department navigation Valentin Terekhov, doctors of the Volna preventive clinic Lyudmila and Ivan Baranov, former Mayor of Nakhodka Viktor Gnezdilov, head of the gynecology department Galina Vorobeynikova, surgeon Vladimir Pepetya, Tatyana Dontsova (Alexander's sister).

Also included in the plot are the film "Scarlet Sails" (1961, director AL Ptushko) and amateur filming of the crew of "Arzamas", a fragment of the program "Wait for Me" and the plot of the New Zealand television news about the return of Tina and Melanie.


Gnezdilov V.S. - statesman and politician, Mayor of Nakhodka (1987-2004), entrepreneur. Khamatova Ch.N. - Theater and film actress, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, public figure. Volchek GB - Theater and film actress, theater director, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR.

Calendar: 07.1994 2000 02.2007

Locations: Australia [15] New Zealand [158] Primorsky Krai [764]

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