The person of russian nationality (2007) 09.04.2007

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Producer VID

Director: Golubeva I.

Script writers: Latij E.

Operators: Avrunin N., Yorkin M., Iskandarov M.

Anouncers: Shalevich V.

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The Germans.

16 APR 1702 Peter I issued his famous decree on the call of foreigners in Russia, their knowledge and experience was required to the Tsar-reformer to carry out the planned transformations, so he tried to lure to Russia, first of all, scientists and specialists.

Among them were many Germans, whose descendants live in Russia today.

The Germans did a lot for development of Russian statehood.

The first Russian Chancellor, field Marshal and the first were Germans.

At that time, every third Russian army officer was a native of Germany, and in St.

Petersburg Academy of Sciences in the XVIII century almost half of the academics were German names.

The Germans had almost all the doctors and apothecaries, the words "German" and "doctor" in Russia was considered synonyms.

In 1763 Catherine II issued its Manifesto in which urged foreigners to settle in Russia, these manifests were hung in each village of the German lands, and here the first settlers settled on vacant lands of the Lower Volga.

To have survived a lot of documents with the names of the German pioneers, those who put down roots on this earth, who found here a new home.

By decree of the Empress of this land was granted to them in perpetuity, but fate decreed otherwise.

First, forced collectivization, and when life seems to be, once again, the war broke out.

August 28, 1941 came a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on the resettlement of the Volga Germans to Siberia.

Almost all of the Republic's population were herded into cattle cars and deported to Siberia and Northern Kazakhstan.

During the war and after its end continued mass arrests and deportation of all Soviet Germans in the camp.

Passports marked "evicted for living" was abolished after Stalin's death, but even starting to get a regular passport, the Germans still could not become full citizens of their country.

After Stalin's camps, and links many of them wanted to return to their homes, its even a non-existent Republic, but their homes and land have long been occupied, and met the Germans there without joy.

However, there were other opinions, but they are unable to stop the rising tide of German emigration.

In recent decades, most of the Germans left our country forever.

The film is in the theater and film actress Alisa Freundlich, Governor of Sverdlovsk region Eduard Rossel, academician Sigurd Schmidt, historians Igor Pleve and Arkady Herman, the head of the Azov German national district in Omsk region Bruno Reuter.


Freundlich A. B. -- theater and film actress, singer, people's artist of the RSFSR, people's artist of USSR, honorary member of the Russian Academy of arts, academician of the Russian Academy of cinema arts "Nika".

Freundlich B. A. -- film and theater actor, people's artist of the USSR.

Rossel E. E. -- state and political figure, Governor of Sverdlovsk region, candidate of technical Sciences, doctor of economic Sciences, honorary citizen of the Sverdlovsk region, Honored Builder of the RSFSR.

Schmidt S. O.-doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, RAE academician, foreign member of the PAN, Honored scientist of the RSFSR.

Schmidt O.-Soviet mathematician, geophysicist, astronomer, researcher of the Pamir and North, Professor, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences and Academy of Sciences of the USSR, hero of the Soviet Union.

Plehve I. R.-doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, Minister of education of Saratov region (2005-2008), the rector of the Saratov state technical University (2008-2018).

Herman A. A.-doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, one of the founders and Chairman of the International Association of researchers of history and culture of Russian Germans.

Reiter B. G.-doctor of biological Sciences, Professor, public figure and politician, initiator and first head of administration of municipal formation "Azovsky Nemetsky national district in Omsk region".

Putin V. V. -- statesman and political figure, the President of the Russian Federation, master of sports of USSR in judo and Sambo, Honoured trainer of the Russian Federation, the Colonel of KGB in reserve, candidate of economic Sciences.


St. Petersburg
Saratov region
Omsk region

National culture; Ethnography