Serve my Homeland (2004) 08.02.2004

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Anchorperson: Boris Galkin

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Our story: in a small Siberian town Nizhneudinsk deployed the smallest division of the Russian army, the number/h 21 431 is is only 250 people (160 officers, the rest soldiers).

There is no hazing, the officers are performing ongoing work on a par with ordinary, go to the guard staff of the home guard who are recruited from the local community who have served in the army, therefore, conscripts are exempt from the routine, they have more time to classes in military and public training and maintenance of weapons and military equipment.

In/h 21 431 is one of the few where the officers are no problems with housing and employment of wives.

The command of the division is confident that the level of training depends on the personal welfare of each officer.

This policy has already produced results: for the year, the smallest division of the Russian army occupied all indicators 2nd place in the Siberian military district, the largest in the country.

Interview: commander of Ilfar of Mingaleev, Sergeant Peter Schmidt, chief of staff Igor Skibenko, Deputy chief of staff Alexander Varavin.

Reporting Andrew Kirilenko from the Ufa aviation Institute.

In 1973 there began work on SBA-9 (device mechanization running) to save energy.

All the data was highly classified, because these "seven-League boots" was to be equipped with the Soviet army, in this case our infantry would be almost invulnerable to attack with the speed of 60 km/h would be stunned enemy.

The work was supervised personally by Marshal Dmitri Ustinov.

But with the beginning of perestroika the new rulers have decided that our army is not joking, the invention is declassified, and now hopefully establish serial production of the civilian version.

On the device tell the head of the Department of internal combustion engines Boris Rudoy and one of the testers.

Our heroes: the reduction of the army have created an acute problem - employment of retired officers.

The government even approved the state program of social adaptation designed for 2002-2005, but it is desirable not brought results.

Many soldiers act independently, arguing that a Russian officer and in the civilian world there are no impossible tasks.

The hero of Russia Colonel Oleg Kublin together with friends organized a unique farm, ostrich farm in the Bryansk region.

In addition, former military established at a textile factory manufacturing elastic bandages, bandages and other medical products for the wounded.

In the town of Sapozhok, Ryazan oblast, priest of the Church of St.

Nicholas, father Oleg Kuzmin, in addition to Sunday school, directs the Sambo for students, shielding children from the streets and preventing health problems.

In the famous Chairman of the Central military-medical Commission Valeriy Viktorovich Kulikov Deputy head of Department of completing of armed forces Vladimir Konstantinov.

The conversation about the tragedy in the far East military district in December 2003 as the result of unacceptable conditions of transportation and detention in the barracks, as well as delays in providing winter clothes among the soldiers-recruits began mass disease pneumonia; one person died in the hospital.


Kirichenko, A.V. -- Director of television and documentary film, author and television Director, Master of sport international class (MSIC) on practical shooting, Advisor to the General Director of concern "Kalashnikov".

Kublin O. V.-retired Colonel, Hero of Russia, the entrepreneur.

Konstantinov V. V.-Russian soldier, major-General of armored forces, inspector-General in IED SPb (2013).

Kulikov V. V.-doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, major General of medical service, the Chairman of the Central military-medical Commission of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.




Irkutsk region
Bryansk region
The Chechen Republic
Ryazan region

Army; Defense and internal security