wait me 25.12.2006 (2006)

Telecast №82536, 1 part, duration: 0:41:06
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

A video with New Year's greetings for viewers from the participants of the program who have already met with their loved ones.

The hosts of the program show the next batch of letters with good news that will be sent to the recipients.

Photos of the missing:

Tatyana Yegoshina disappeared in November 2004 in Yoshkar-Ola, was going to go to Kazan, then to Germany.

Anastasia Grigoryevna Poretskaya, 83, disappeared on October 27, 2006 from her home in Moscow, was going to go to the dacha from the Kievsky railway station to the Kaluga region, Sukhodrev station, but did not come to the dacha and did not return home.

Anatoly Gavrilovich Edakin in 1973 lived in the city of Balkhash, Karaganda region, is wanted by his daughter.

Marina Gubanova is looking for her father, Vladimir Alexandrovich Gubanov, and assumes that he lives in Moscow.

Vladimir Chadin disappeared in Kaliningrad in June 2006.

Ella Ruban (Khusainova), born in 1943, is looking for relatives she lost during the war; according to her foster mother, Ella and her other children were brought from Leningrad and offered to take the residents who wanted them.

Stanislav is looking for a friend Ksenia, whom he met in the summer of 2004 in Antopol (Belarus), after Ksenia left home, the young people talked, called up, then Ksenia went to study in St.

Petersburg, changed the phone and the connection was interrupted; Stas is sent to make a sketch of the girl.

Anna Albertovna Mardoyan is looking for a father: Yevgeny Nikolaevich Lange, date of birth 26.11.1953, lived in Vladikavkaz, went to Germany in 1987-1991.

Irina Saritsyna is looking for an uncle: Mikhail Vasilyevich Brizgunov, born in 1933, presumably lived in Zhigulevsk; she is also looking for brothers, Sergei Alexandrovich and Valentin Alexandrovich Yurovsky, who lived in Grozny.

Vladimir Kanunnikov and his wife Irina are looking for Tamara Novikova, born in 1941, whose relationship was interrupted in 1964.

Traumatologist Sergey Petrovich Tsvetkov is looking for his teacher Salman Albertovich Yandarov, who gave him not only professional knowledge, but also a good school of life; meeting in the studio.

The plot is about the Gavrilin family from Ishim, shooting in the Tyumen region and in France.

Yevgeny Gavrilin, 33, disappeared in August 2006, did not return from a tourist trip to Paris, the last text message from him came on August 23, the group returned home without him.

During the search, the family came to the conclusion that the son could have joined the Foreign Legion.

One of the program's volunteer assistants serves in the Legion, he said that according to the regulations, the selected recruits completely change their passport data, up to the date of birth, and still managed to find Eugene.

He has already called his parents, and now they are sending them a fresh photo of him.

Olga Malygina is looking for a father: Valery Nikolaevich Chayushev (Chayushin), born in 1948, lived in Khost, Krasnodar Territory.

Svetlana Leonidovna Minina is looking for a second cousin: Irina Minina lived in Riga in 1982.

Yevgenia Bitova is looking for a friend: Maxim Chechet, met in Anapa in November 2002, corresponded, in June 2006 wrote that he was finishing his service and returning home to St.

Petersburg, and the connection was interrupted.

Zhanna and Edik Milish are looking for their father, the children ran away from their drinking mother and lived on the streets until they ended up in a city shelter in the city of Shimanovsk, Amur region.

It is known about father Victor that he went somewhere to work, but the program staff managed to find his brother Nikolai in Moldova.

Meeting with Uncle Kolya in the studio.

The second video with New Year greetings from people who have already found their relatives and friends.

Video message from Yasnaya Polyana: the coach of the children's equestrian club Olga Alekseevna Khabarova, born in 1977, disappeared on December 8, 2006 after work, it is known that she visited her parents in the evening; the head of the department of the memorial stable of the museum Oleg Zakharov spoke.

The sketch, compiled by Stas, turned out to be quite different from the real photo of Ksenia; a meeting of young people in the studio.

The third video with New Year's greetings from the participants of the program, whose stories ended in success.

Mikhail Guryanovich Ivanov came to the shooting with his wife and daughters, he is looking for an illegitimate daughter in Peru.

In 1993-1994, Mikhail worked in Lima, where he met Sonya, their daughter Georgina was born on May 1, 1994, Mikhail gave the girl his last name, but almost immediately left, as the business trip ended.

Video message from Lima: Sonia says that Mikhail never cheated on her, she knew about his wife and children and is grateful to them for not objecting to the communication of her daughter with her father.

Georgina's meeting with her father and sisters in the studio.

Video message from Sister Lilia from Tokyo: she and her husband Imaki have been living in Japan for a long time and also want to see their sister.

Locations: France [77] Tyumen region [809] Tula region [808] Peru [174] Japan [112]

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