Unity of the Goal. (1982)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zhukovskaya I.

Operators: Sokolnikov L.


About the cooperation between the Soviet and Mongolian Trade Unions.

Foreign policy | Economic cooperation

Sectors of the economy | Policy

Temporary description

The text of the Agreement between the trade unions of Mongolia and the USSR. Story Ivanovo weavers, Hero of Socialist Labor A. Smirnova on a trip to Mongolia at the invitation of the Central Council of Mongolian Trade Unions. Team of builders Labor Hero of the MPR Herlena working on the construction method of the Moscow builder N. Zlobin. N. Zlobin says (synchronously) on the exchange of experience between Soviet and Mongolian builders. Chairman of trade union committee of mining and processing enterprise "Edenet" Nyamdoris a socialist competition the international brigades and crews. Panel Mongolian specialists handed awards AUCCTU. Soviet specialists are awarded prizes of Mongolian Trade Unions. Preparation Mongolian agricultural specialists in the Ukrainian village Guschintsy Vinnitsa region. Lessons of trade union activists of the MPR in the Higher School of the trade union movement in Moscow. Mongolian experts specializing in the assembly department of the Moscow watch factory. Laboratory staff for the protection of labor in Ulan Bator are conducting research on occupational safety in industrial plants. Improvement of Mongolian doctors refresher courses in the USSR. Mongolian workers, union members are treated in free clinics, rest in rest homes, health resorts. City of Ulan Bator, the Central Cultural Palace of Mongolian Trade Unions, built by Soviet specialists in the gift of Mongolian workers. Classes in various circles of the Palace of Culture. Education in Leningrad Mongolian students in the Higher School of Trade Union. Leonid Brezhnev's speech at the XVII Congress of Trade Unions of the USSR. XII Congress of Trade Unions of Mongolia in Ulan Bator. Present: The delegation of Trade Unions and the World Federation of Trade Unions. Stands Yu Tsedenbal.

Reel №1

Views of Mongolia.

Industrial landscape.

K / hr.

The old way of life in Mongolia.


The workers at work.

Help Russian workers.

The agreement between the trade unions of the USSR and the MPR. Soviet specialists in Mongolia.

Metal casting.

Go dump.


The chairman of the trade union committee, the house-building

Darkhan Dandini (synchronously, in Mongolian).

Mongolian Stakhanovite working.

Pioneers cravat miners.

Mongolian innovators and their inventions.

Veterans Employment and mentors young people.

Heroes of Labor MPR milkmaid Horley pig Densma, seamstresses and Amarzhargal Amgalan with his students.

Weaving Factory.

The monument in the town of


Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of the State Prize of AV Smirnov at the bench, with a student, talks about Tekstilshchiki MPR (synchronously).

Spinning mill.

Hero of Socialist Labor Nikolai Zlobin builder at work, says the builders of the MPR (synchronously).

Reel №2

Housing construction in Mongolia.

Hero of Labor of the MPR Herlen foreman at work (Ulan Bator). N. Zlobin with Mongolian builders.

Held jointly train on a paved highway Trans.

Workers in Ulaanbaatar locomotive depot.

Machines, workers at the plant.

Chairman of the trade union committee of mining and processing enterprise "Erdzhet" Nyamdorzh says about international collaboration (synchronously, in Mongolian).

Awarding-winning Soviet specialists of Mongolian Trade Unions.

Rewarding young Mongolian workers winning the All.

Vocational Education in Mongolian.

Guschintsy village Vinnytsia region (ESSR).

Vocational school class, the lesson of the Russian language for the Mongolian Youth (synchronously).

Students have the tractor in farm machinery.

Combine "Field" in the field.

Mongolian boys and girls singing the song (synchronously, in Mongolian).

Letters and photos graduates Mongols boy reads a letter from Mongolia (synchronously).

Moscow: the building of the Moscow Higher School of the union movement.

Classroom union activists of the MPR, the students in the school computer center.

Assembly shop watch factory; Mongolian specialists in the shop.

Work in the laboratory of the Higher School of the trade union movement.


Laboratory health and safety created by the All.

Studies in the shop business.

K / hr.

Coal mining in Mongolia until the revolution in 1921

Coal mining in the modern career.

Union representatives verify the life of miners.


Medical Clinic business.


Miner says Kadaya (synchronously, in Mongolian).

Dining room.

Holiday home.

Performances at the factory.

People's Artist of the MPR Odon portrays weaver, gives her portrait, in the shop.

Moscow, Kalinin Avenue.

Therapeutic classes in the pool, there are Mongolian doctors.


Mongolian specialists in water treatment facilities.

Chairman of the Central Board of Management resorts Soviet Union, Comrade Kozlov says spetsekipirovke physicians and MPR (synchronously).

Reel №3

Street area of ​​Voula Bator.

The Palace of Culture of Mongolian Trade Unions, presented the Soviet trade unions.

Classes in circles - sports, dance, performance of the ensemble.

Mongolian students in Leningrad, in the cruiser "Aurora".

Things Mongolian students of the Leningrad Higher School of union culture in sports, dancing, music.

Moscow, Kremlin, the Palace of Congresses, General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev speaks at the XVII Congress of Trade Unions of the USSR.

MPR. General Secretary of the MPRP Tsedenbal receives delegation of the All and the World Federation of Trade Unions.

XII Congress of the Mongolian Trade Unions, speaking Tsedenbal.

Industrial complex.

Computer center.


Picking tomatoes in the greenhouse.

State farm.

Poultry farm.


Carpet shop.

Serve children and the children plant trees, meet an astronaut.

Festive demonstration in Ulan Bator.

A festive demonstration on Red Square in Moscow.