Students Are Asked to Speak. (1984)

Documentary №8903, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:00
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Makhnach L.
Screenwriters:Pumpyanskiy A.
Camera operators:Dobronickiy V., Klimentev A.


About the work of the International Student Workshop in the town of Gurzuf.

Reel №1


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The clock on the tower.

Service in the church.

Worshipers sit on the benches.

The priest gave a sermon.

People pray for the construction of the airport in Grenada.

Design and layout of the new airport.

Workers are building the foundation of a building under the guidance of the British engineer, give interviews (synchronously).

The building of the White House in Washington.

Statement by US President Ronald Reagan on television R. October 28, 1983 (synchronously).

Dancing boys and girls.

Person dancing.

Reagan's face.

American soldiers patrolling the area after the invasion of Grenada.

The soldiers searched the Cuban builders.

Soldier with a rifle.

People with their hands tied on their knees.

Soldiers take away arrested.

Meeting of Cuban construction workers at the airport of Havana.

The plane was taxiing to the airport.

Castro F. Atmosphere.

People descend on the plane.

On a stretcher brought the sick and wounded.

Castro personally welcomes all the diners.

Motorcycle escort accompanies the bus returning from Grenada.

The wounded man being taken on a gurney.

American soldiers on the streets of settlements Grenada.

Detained Americans builders airport.

Man blindfolded.

Out of the plane in Havana carry out the coffin of the dead in Grenada Cubans.

Soldiers in full uniform carrying coffins on the airfield.

Worth Castro and his associates.

Soldiers carry coffins in minibuses.

Castro salutes.

Funeral procession leaves from the airport of Havana.

Person crying people.

People in mourning hall walk past coffins with portraits of the dead.

Rally on the square in Havana.

Castro goes to the podium.

People with Cuban flags in their hands greet Castro.

Castro speaks from the podium.

People listening to the Castro.

General view of the meeting.

View of the deck of the ship with the US military combat equipment on board (top).

The deck passing tank.

Faces of American soldiers.

Soldiers unload property and equipment.

The officer checks readiness convoys to move.

Travel trucks with soldiers.

Mast American warship.

View of the deck of an aircraft carrier.

From the deck of the spy plane takes off.

The landing of American troops during a training exercise in Honduras.

Armoured comes ashore.

Marines disembark from a helicopter.

The soldier throws a smoke grenade.

Gunner firing.

Helicopter landing.

Dogfight with conditional "enemy."

Gunner shooting at the helicopter.

Infantry fulfills action on the offensive.

The officer explains subordinate combat mission.

American instructors train Honduran mortar.

Education Salvadoran army soldiers.

General view of the countryside, where the military exercises.

The child sits in the bushes near the house.

Salvadoran guerrillas.

Armored car with soldiers standing on the road.

The soldiers are fighting in the forest.

Shoots grenade launcher.

Marines firing.

Mortar fires.


Fidel Castro - Cuban statesman and political figure Ronald Reagan - American statesman and politician, actor

Calendar: 1983

Locations: Grenada [89] Honduras [98] El Salvador [66] Havana [912] Washington [852]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

American ships at sea.

Stern gun battleship "New Jersey" firing on quarters of Beirut.

Burning houses in Beirut.

People were running down the street to escape the fire.

People on the balcony of the building saved from the fire.

Burning car.

People run through the smoke.

People are trying to come down from the balconies of the burning building.

The woman on the balcony calls for help.

Firefighters extinguish a fire in the street.

People try to help the woman on the balcony.

Faces of people watching the fire.

The angle of the burning building.

People are saving a child from a burning house.

The woman takes the children.

Running man with a baby in her arms.

On a stretcher endure dead, people run for a stretcher.

A person injured woman.

Reagan appears on television.

Soldiers under the American flag.

Faces of American soldiers.

Submunitions artillery shells, dug into the wall of the house.

Military transport plane landing.

Airplane on the airfield base Green Common in England.

People stand at the fence of the base.

Unloaded from the aircraft, cruise missiles.

Police arrest protesters activists.

Sit-in protest against the activists of the US base in Green Common.

People with anti-war placards on the march to protest against US military bases.

People are anti-American slogans.

There is a man with a girl on his shoulders.

Japanese activists on the boat sail past the American ships.

Arrest of Japanese activists.

Anti-war demonstration in Okinawa near the US base.

Demonstrators clash with police.

Faces of American sailors.

Armed patrol walks past the fence base.

People in the demonstrations.

Hanging scarecrow in a suit of the American flag colors.

He spoke.

People burn the American flag.

American flag on the ruins of the building.

American soldiers among the ruins in Lebanon.

The corpses of people who died as a result of shelling.

Wounded bear on a stretcher.

Rendering first aid to the wounded.

Photos of crimes the US military in foreign conflicts.

General view of the courtroom of the UN. Acting as representatives of Grenada to the United Nations Jacobs October 26, 1983.


Ronald Reagan - American statesman and politician, actor

Calendar: 1983

Locations: Beirut Lebanon [123] Washington [852] England [67] Japan [112] New York [856]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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