In a Family of Equals. (1984)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Voroncov A.

Script writers: Itskov I.

Operators: Epifanov G.


The film reveals a false presentation of discrimination of Jewish people in Soviet country.

Historical background

Through the fate of three people - the collective farm chairman M. Katz, violinist Z. Bron, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General D. Dragunsky - the film tells about the achievements of the Leninist national policy in our country. The painting also reflects the activities of anti-Zionist Committee of Soviet public celebrations on the 50 th anniversary of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Russian cities and regions

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Temporary description

National policy in the USSR as an example the fate of three people - the collective farm chairman M. Katz, violinist Z. Bron, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General D. Dragunsky. Activities of anti-Zionist Committee of Soviet public celebrations on the 50 th anniversary of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Reel №1

A tablet on the building: “the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public”.

A panorama of the letters sent to the Committee on the table.

Newsreel of the 1930s:

The inscription: “In the Family of Equal”.

A summer landscape, a forest and a river.

A small animal on the tree.

A little bear is running.

The trees branches.

The inscription: “To the wide spaces of the city of Birobidzhan”.

A train is approaching the station Tihonkaya.

Carts with people are going.

A panorama of the forest.

The inscription: “To the Struggle For a New Life”.

Trees are falling.

The men are sawing a tree manually, carrying it

The men are rooting up the stub.

The plough is furrowing the ground.

The men are building a wooden house ( they are dressing and planning the planks).

The wooden house.

An inscription: “The First Generation of the Jews-Craftsmen of the Socialist Land”.

The earning field.

A harvesting machine is operating.

A man is driving the harvesting machine; another man. (a steamboat, a pyramide).

There are little children at the table; they are playing with toys (an engine, a pyramide).

The teacher in the classroom.

A girl sitting at the desk.

A boy is going to reply to the blackboard.

The inscription: “The Young Capital Is Being Built”.

The streets of the old city of Birobidzhan.

The asphalt roller is going by; a car.

An old building under reconstruction (scaffolding).

A panorama of the nowdays Birobidzhan.

The capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

Birobidzhan`s emblem.

The streets of the city; people are walking.

The railway station building.

The buildings of the shops, cafes, post - office.

A panorama of the people by the rice-picking harvesting machine at the Agricultural Machinery Exhibition.

A panorama of the harvesting machine.

Flags in the street.

The Board of Fame.

On the Board of Fame there is the portrait of the USSR Supreme Council deputy, the worker of the Birobidzhan Pressure Transformers Works R.Geller,.

The Gellers couple is walking along the street.

R.Geller is speaking.

A panorama of a shop of the Pressure Transformers Integrated Plant.

A panorama of the Birobidzhan Knitted Production Plant.

A girl is working; a panorama of the Hero of Socialist Labor Elena Arnapalina working.

The tablet: “Hero of Socialist Labor” by E.Arnapalina’s working place.

Foreign journalists are watching E.Arnapalina working.

A panorama of foreigners in the city streets.

The American journalist Michael Davidow is speaking.


The Vitebsk region.

A field.

A panorama of a car going.

The USSR Supreme Council deputy, Hero of Socialist Labor, chairman of the collective farm named after the Red Army M.Kats is sitting in the car.

Cars and cycle riders are going along the highway.

The Village Council building.

A meeting of the agricultural cooperative of the collective farm named after the Red Army: a panorama of men, a woman, M.Kats speaking.

A panorama of the photos of Communists- members of the so called “Movement of Thirty Thousands”, directed to agricultural works by a Communist Party resolution in the 20-s of the XX century. M.Kats is among them.

The photos of M.Kats`s family, of his grandchildren.

M.Kats is speaking.

M.Kats with workers in the field.

Grain harvesting machines “Niva” [“Field”] are operating.

Grain is pouring into the machine.

Reel №2

A panorama of M.Kats driving the car.

A panorama of the farm building.

M.Kats is talking to the milkmaids; a man, a woman speaking.

The woman is laughing.

A panorama of the village streets.

The Public Service Center.

A stand with books in the village library; the reading-hall.

The kindergarten building and the playground in front of it.

The children are reeling.

The child-minder is playing with the children.

A little girl is teetering.

The children are playing with a ball.

M.Kats is speaking.

A panorama from the chandelier to M.Kats with the USSR Supreme Council Deputies in the lobby of the USSR Supreme Council meeting, M.Kats is talking to the women.

The Presidium of the Meeting; the audience applauding in the Hall; M.Kats is listening.

The building of the High Officers Courses “Vystrel” [“Shot”].

A panorama of the studies in the auditorium.

The officer wearing earphones.

A hand is switching on the device.

The Head of the Courses, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union General-Colonel D. Dragunsky is in the auditorium; he is talking to the officers.

D.Dragunsky is speaking.

Helicopters in the air.

A panorama of D.Dragunsky among the officers.

The off-roader is going by land and by water.

Water splashes.

A float with a tank is sailing along the river.

Military men ashore.

Military exercises are being carried out: a soldier is shooting, a “Katusha” cannon is firing.

A panorama of D.Dragunsky walking along the forest.

Bryansk Region, the village of Svyatsk.

A panorama of a rowan-tree in the village cemetery.

A monument to the perished during the Great Patriotic War (Soviet People’s participation in World War II in 1941-1945), in D.Dragunsky`s native village Svyatsk.

D.Dragunsky is laying flowers to the monument.

A panorama of the village inhabitants standing, D.Dragunsky is kissing the women, the people are giving D.Dragunsky bread and salt [traditional Russian welcoming].

The people are applauding.

A panorama of D.Dragunsky walking along the village street.

A meeting by a monument in the center of the village.

The village inhabitants are listening; among them there is a Great Patriotic War veteran, a woman, pioneers. .

D.Dragunsky is speaking about the war on the eve of the 40th Anniversary of the Victory over the Fascist Germany.

A panorama of the books on the Great Patriotic War.

The Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public meeting: the men are speaking, D.Dragunsky.

A motor boat is running along the river.

A street in the city of Novosibirsk; a monument in the square.

A woman with a child next to the fountain.

A monument to the composer M.Glinka.

Children and adults with violins are walking along the street.

A blooming bird cherry branch.

A sheet music.

A panorama of the boy violinist playing, a piano player is accompanying.

The teacher of the violin section of the Novosibirsk Music School Z.Bron , D.Oystrah`s apprentice, is speaking.

A boy is watching.

Reel №3

Z.Bron`s student V.Repin is standing with his violin.

Z.Bron is speaking.

V.Repin is playing the violin.

The pupils are in the Hall.

A panorama of a bill with the portraits of Z.Bron and V.Repin.

A photo of Repin appearing on the stage.

A panorama of books for children, including published music.

A panorama of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Jewish Autonomous Region: the people are in the square; they are laying flowers to the monument to Lenin.

People with banners; Great Patriotic War veterans are among them.

The monument to Lenin.

A city street.

A panorama of the solemn meeting dedicated to the 50th Anniversary; the inscription : “50”; the Presidium members sitting.

A panorama of the Conference Hall.

The First Secretary of the Communist Party Regional Committee L.Shapiro.

A panorama of the audience listening and applauding.

The festival continuation in the city stadium: the USSR Communist Party Central Committee member, the First Secretary of the Khabarovsk Regional Committee A.Cherny is attaching the order “Sign of Honor” to Birobidzhan`s flag.

A panorama of the audience applauding.

Sportsmen are performing in the stadium.

The women are waving their kerchiefs.

A panorama of young men and girls dancing in the national costumes of different republics.