Overland Transport of the USSR.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Lebedev O.

Script writers: Yanova U.

Operators: Rusanov N., Ulyanov S.


Dedicated to the development of different kinds of surface transportation.

Industry | Transportation

Sectors of the economy

Temporary description

In the streets of Moscow passing cars, trolley buses, trams and buses. Newsreel: in the Karakum Desert riding cars involved in the road race in 1933, trucks carrying cargo across Lake Ladoga during the Great Patriotic War. Sightseeing tram passengers, a sports car on the streets of Leningrad. The bride and groom riding in a phaeton street, Tbilisi. Rise and fall with cable cars with passengers. The passengers on the escalator of the Moscow metro. Rail Express "Russian Troika" Moscow - Leningrad in the route. Commodity composition of goods being taken. Installation of the pipeline, pneumatic pipeline. In a career working BelAZ, the highway passes "Kamaz".

Reel №1

A car is passing through the tunnel.

Mass traffic in the streets.

A panorama of trolley buses passing-by.

A tram is going along the park.

A bus is going by the Bolshoi Theatre.

A traffic controller in the street.

Mass traffic in Moscow streets.

A panorama of a fire car going.

A panorama of a prefab trailer going.

An ambulance car is passing-by; a panorama of the driver in the car speaking on the phone.

The car of the "Sovtransavto" (the USSR transport agency "Sovtransavto") is going.

A panorama of flat wagons loaded with cars "Zhiguli".

A Moscow street.

Newsreel of 1924:

"AMO" ["Moscow Automobile Society"] cars are going-by; musicians and other passengers are going by them.

Newsreel of 1933:

The International Run through the Kara Kum Desert: camels are going along the desert; lorries are running.

A wheel is slipping in sand; people are pushing the car.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:

Loaded motor vehicles are going by Ladoga Lake ice.

A traffic controller.

Explosion; planes are flying, cannons are shooting.

Along a Leningrad street an old excursion tram is passing-by; a panorama of the passengers in the tram; city views from tram windows.

A test driver in a car.

A panorama of sports cars going-by.

A panorama of the city of Tbilisi.

A phaeton is going along the street; passengers in the phaeton.

A fiancé and fiancée are getting into in the phaeton, going.

A panorama of a pendant road, people in the funicular, the rising funicular against the city.

A subway station, another station building.

A panorama of the passengers in the station "Novoslobodskaya", stained-glass windows.

Passengers in the train.

The train is arriving at the platform.

The lobby of the subway station "Mayakovskaya".

A panorama of subway construction in a country member of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance.

Trains are leaving a subway depot.

Trains are running.

A panorama of trains going along a subway bridge.

Taxis are pulling off from the buildings of Yaroslavsky and other railway stations.

Trains are running.

People on suburban platforms.

A conductor is checking tickets.

A panorama of passengers in an express train saloon (sedentary places).

A panorama of an ER-200 express train ("Russkaya troika" ["Russian Three-Horse-Team"]) passing by.

A panorama of a locomotive driver cabin; a speedometer.

A panorama of a dining-car.

A dispatching office, panorama of freight trains.

A panorama of a freight train passing-by.

A panorama of cars being carried in the freight train.

Containers are being loaded; machine tools; a panorama of pipes.

A panorama of the lining and installation of pipes (the North or Siberia).

A panorama of a pipe dipping into the water.

A panorama of pipes (winter).

A panorama of pneumatic pipes.

Freight trains are passing-by, a panorama from the top point.

The Nerungrinsky Coal Strip Mine: BELAZ [Byelorussian Automobile Plant] lorries are operating in the career.

A panorama of BELAZ cars going along the road, the driver at the wheel.

Cars on the highway.

A KAMAZ [Kama Automobile Plant] truck is going.

A panorama of a bus "Ikarus" going.

A panorama of a car transporting a small caravan.

Traffic on the highway, passages under bridges.