Not To Let the Mistake Recur.. (1986)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kiselev A.

Operators: Lovkov V.

Anouncers: Afanasyev V.


Social activists, people of art are thinKing about the lessons of war.

Historical background

On the lessons of the war, the participation of Soviet troops in liberating Europe from fascism, the memory of it, discussing public figures, artists: Italian screenwriter Dzavattini, French artist nickname A. Fuzheron etc. Filming took place in Europe. His memories are divided members of the Resistance.

Temporary description

On the lessons of the war reflect public figures, people of art. 1h. - French artist A. Luzheron and others. 2h. - Dutch filmmaker Boris Haanstra, Italian screenwriter Dzavattini. 3 hours - Italian painter Pulchini; Japanese writer D. Iwakura. Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd.

Reel №1


The panorama of the posters - burning butterflies, a mother with a child.

A photograph: a man burnt as a result of the nuclear explosion; the monument to the Hiroshima Victims.



The monument to the Victims of Fascism in Amsterdam.


The Eternal Flame on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

A sculptor is working.

The panorama of the sculptor’s hands.

The panorama of the sculpture.


The Seine River.

The panorama of the city of Paris- view from the river.

The Seine River quay.

The French singer Martin Sarrit is singing.

The panorama of Paris.

A barge, a cruiser is sailing along the Seine River.

Girls are walking along the quay.

The panorama of bridges across the Seine River.

Lovers are sitting beside the river.

The panorama of people in the street of Montmartre.

Martin Sarrit is speaking.

A street artist is painting a portrait; children are looking.

The panorama of the girl painting.

A young man and a girl are standing by the easel.

The panorama of children.

The panorama of a girl with a bouquet of flowers sitting at the artist.

The artist’s painting.

The French artist Fougerone is painting; telling about his participation in the Antifascist Resistance Movement.

Fougerone by his painting.

Paints on the palette.

The panorama of Fougerone at work.

The panorama of Fougerone’s painting (anti-war subject).

The panorama of the Mont Valeriane Cemetery near Paris.

The memorial plate with an inscription on the cemetery wall.

A woman is weeding the flowerbed near her house.

A man.

The woman is carrying out of the house a portrait of the Red army Lieutenant, the Hero of the Soviet Union, the French Resistance Movement fighter Vasily Porik.

The panorama of the portrait of Porik.

The panorama of a woman standing.

The panorama of a marble slab on the tomb.

The French comrades near the house, in which the wounded Porik was hidden.

French Resistance Movement comrade-in-arms of Porik is telling about him.

The woman, in whose house Porik used to live, is sharing her memories of him.

The man is listening.


The panorama of a village, birches.


The panorama of birds on the snow-covered tree.

Photographs of Porik’s father and mother.

A wooden house with alight windows.

Evening landscapes.

A winter road to the woods.

The monument to the perished Soviet soldiers.


Flowers in the Mount Valeriane Cemetery; the panorama of people passing by.

The panorama of people in the cemetery (they have came to honor everyone who had fallen for the freedom of France).

The panorama of the Frenchmen – former Resistance Movement fighters in the cemetery.

The panorama of the chorus singing in the cemetery.

People are standing.

Reel №2



The monuments to the Victims of Fascism in the city of Amsterdam.

The panorama of the Head of the Holland-USSR Friendship Society William Hoolst passing by.

The panorama of yachts, houses, a bridge.

A man is riding bicycle, a woman is passing by.

William Hoolst is speaking.

The panorama from the mast on the houses.

A woman together with children are passing by.

A city street, a girl is passing by with a horse, people in the street, the panorama of houses.

The business concern head Ernest Van Eigen, the World War II participant and invalid, is speaking.

Birds are flying; the panorama of the houses.

The panorama of people walking along the city streets.

A tram is running by.

Cars are going by; the roadmen are working.

The panorama of women passing by.

A fair in the street: a man is scaling fish.

Heads of cheese are lying.

The panorama from the flowers on the passers- by.

A woman is buying flowers; another one is choosing a bouquet.

The panorama from the swimming swan on the bridge.

The famous documentary film director, the Resistance Movement participant Bert Haanstrah is speaking.

A city street; houses on the water; the panorama of the boat sailing by.

Cars are going across the bridge, the panorama of the water.


Houses in the woods.

The panorama of Bert Haanstrah throwing feed for birds.

A bird is pecking.

Bert Haanstrah is standing.

Men are passing by with a bicycle, a woman with children.

The panorama from the houses on the boats (autumn).



The city of Tivoli.

The children are running downstairs.

The panorama of a Tivoli district inhabitants next to their house.

A woman with a child in her arms.

The panorama of a woman in the window.

The panorama of a man carrying a box and another one approaching him.

Children; young men are smiling.

An old man with crutches is sitting.

The panorama on the old street and the wall, covered with moss.

The scenarist, writer, artist and poet, Chezare Dzavattini, is speaking.

The panorama of a Rome street.

Lovers are kissing.

People on the stairs next to the fountain.

The panorama of a city street.

A girl is washing herself in the fountain.

The city.

The panorama of the street.

A man is standing in the house doorway.

People in the street; cars are passing by.

The children are cycling.

The panorama of the houses roofs.

Reel №3

The panorama of the fountain.

The artist Pulchini is painting; the panorama of his paintings.

The road.

Pulchini is speaking.

A hand is painting.

The panorama of the artist’s studio.

The monument made under Pulchini’s project on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the World War II end, in the city of Milan.

The panorama of the monuments to the Soviet soldiers - national heroes of Italy Fedor Poletaev, Fora Mosulishvili, Nikolay Buyanov - erected in the cemetery.

The panorama of the memorial plaque.

Anti-war rally.

A girl with a child is looking out of the window, another one is standing next to the house.

The panorama of the rally participants walking along the street.

The children are looking.

The panorama of the banner.

The Resistance Movement participants are laying a wreath to the monument.

The veterans are saluting.

Resistance Movement participants are talking.

The orchestra in the city street.

The people in files in the city street.

The Street.

The flag on the balcony.

The meeting in the square – the panorama of Italians celebrating the 40-th anniversary of the victory over fascism.