The Life Chain.. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of
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Director: Katanyan V., Kholleberg K.

Script writers: Katanyan V., Feauyezer YE.

Operators: Nikonov V.


The film tells the story of the noble mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross and various activities of its offices in Finland, the Soviet Union and Ethiopia.

Society, social activities and community organizations | International cooperation

Social life | Policy | Foreign policy

Reel №1

Helsinki city views.

Moscow Kremlin, people on the streets of the capital.

In the workshop of the Moscow Automobile (AZLK) cars on the assembly line.

Factory Finnish design company "Marimekko".

The conveyor belt, technologist color samples of textiles.

Types of Helsinki and Moscow.

Playground, children play on the swings and slides with.

Finnish Centre for Maternal and Child Health.

Children ride bicycles in the yard center.

Pediatricians are receiving kids.

Children's Clinic in Moscow.

Nurse using a doll teaches young fathers to swaddle baby.

Young man swaddle a doll.

Palace rites in Tbilisi, stained-glass windows.

Young mother with children down the stairs of the palace.

An employee of the palace to congratulate the child and parents with the fifth anniversary.

Baptized in the Protestant church of the child in Helsinki.

The priest bathes the baby, young parents.

Newsreel 1914-1918 .: Russian and Finnish children are homeless on the streets of ruined cities;

men unloaded the car, carry bags of flour; street bakery, distribution of bread hungry; delegates "Red Cross" give bread ration for children; Teens with bread in the car.

Port loading of containers with the symbols of the Red Cross, employees of the organization.

Moscow warehouse "of the Soviet Red Cross."

Parcels with symbols, the woman wraps doll in a box.

Doctors collect suitcases with medication.

Aircraft Soviet Red Cross at the airport.

Red Cross parcels on a conveyor belt cargo aircraft.

Types of African mountains and plains of the plane.

Distribution of humanitarian aid of the Red Cross Africans.

Africans are gaining grain in bags, carry bags.

Africans prepare cakes at the stake.

Africans are wood, wood binding on donkeys.

Central Ethiopia.

Africans with the experts of the Red Cross are working on planting.

Africans are treated drylands, sow seeds.

Specialists inspect young trees.

African women washing in the water, collect water in jugs.

Item of the Red Cross, the distribution of water.

African children wash their hands with water under the tap to wash.

Children wash their head with clean water from watering cans.

Women are gaining clean water from the tap in large jars.


Helsinki [864] Moscow [820] Africa

The First World War

Reel №2

African village.

Red Cross volunteers teach classes on child care and preventable childhood diseases.

Young Africans with children is considered a medical poster.

African studies in plant medicine bottle with water.

Mother of the child gives to drink the medicine.

Ethiopia, a former camp for starving year after drought.

Africans care for green plants.

Red Cross workers visiting the children who survived the drought.

Children measured and weighed.

Africans at a reception at the local healer.

Healer examines a woman's breasts, making gadgets.

Africans in the queue to the healer.

Latvia, Red Cross.

Medic shows children poster with medicinal plants.

Children volunteers gather in the forest herbs.

Children sit in a basket with herbs collection point for the Red Cross.

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, the Soviet Red Cross Hospital.

Doctors carried out an operation in the operating room.

Doctors put an oxygen mask Africans.

Africans in the corridors of the hospital.

Medicines large.

African young children to the doctor, children are given medication.

Training of local medical staff at the hospital.

Soviet doctors take exams in Africans, future nurse prepares a drip.

Scholarship students of the Soviet Red Cross in medical school.

African students at their desks, in the laboratories of the flask.

Ethiopia, a large African family at dinner.

Helsinki, Home for the elderly.

Representatives of the Finnish Red Cross to communicate with the elderly.

Elderly woman showing album with family photos.

Finnish dining room, cook for cooking.

Cook food packages in the trays.

Red Cross volunteers take a hot lunch from the dining room, put a box in the car.

An elderly woman takes a box lunch at the volunteer.

Moscow, visiting nurse Soviet Red Cross is on the street.

Sister in the house of a war veteran, the old man gives medication, communicating with him.

Finland, Turku.

Teens activists of the Red Cross walk with a young wheelchair users.

Traveling with him through the city, visiting the zoo.

Lifeguard training sessions on the highway to Turku.

Police cars, with the symbol of the Red Cross.

Imitation of accident victims by drivers and passengers.

Rescuers put injured on a stretcher, first aid, take away.

Latvia, kindergarten.

Activists of the Red Cross conducts classes for children on traffic rules.

Under the roadway lined with asphalt.

Kids with toy cars, dolls, strollers perform tasks.

Children in typewriters go along the paths in the garden, learn road signs.

Girls play nurses perebintovyvayut paw teddy bear.


Ethiopia [71] Addis Ababa Moscow [820] Helsinki [864] Turku Latvia [122]

Reel №3

Georgian village, lessons in first aid.

The doctor puts a plaster on the hand, women are watching.

Kolhoznicy harvesting grapes.

First aid kit in grape bushes.

Kolhoznicy splint on the injured leg.

Vacationers in the country at the table, the man puts sausages on an iron plate.

Girl pouring flammable liquid on the trivet, fire.

Burned hand girl.

Relatives have a girl first aid perebintovyvayut hands improvised means.

Medical center.

Special simulator "Vitim": layout doll is connected to the display.

The doctor teaches young people technology cardiac massage.

Ambulance siren, the victim shall be on a stretcher.

Blood Transfusion Service of the Finnish Red Cross.

Nurse taking blood from donors.

Medical equipment flask with blood.

Laboratory assistant examined the blood under a microscope.

Lab pulls blood bags in the cold, put them in a container.

Heavy engineering workshop.

Working donor for the machines.

Working donors give blood in paragraph Soviet Red Cross.

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Red Cross Blood Service.

Ethiopian doctors take blood from his compatriots.

Laboratory determine blood group, blood bags.

Laboratory pulls blood from the cold rooms, provides the packets employee of the Red Cross.

The building of the Red Cross, waving flags with the symbols of the organization.

People view the posters of the Red Cross.

Types of Helsinki, Moscow, passers-by on the streets.


Georgia [83] Helsinki [864] Moscow [820] Ethiopia [71] Addis Ababa