The trust, equality and responsibility.Nikolai Ryzhkov's visit to Austria. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kochetkov A. S.

Operators: Lovkov V., Orlov U.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.

Text writers: Gurkov G.


The report on the visit to Austria Nikolai Ryzhkov. The film features shots chronicle the historical and Austrian television programs.

Foreign policy | International cooperation


Reel №1

Austria, the streets of Vienna.

The Soviet delegation to explore the city.

Pages of newspapers.

Report Austrian television on arrival in Vienna Nikolai Ryzhkov.

Nikolai Ryzhkov down the plane.

Nikolai Ryzhkov meeting with F.Vranitskim and A.Mokom.

Military orchestra performed national anthems.

Politicians welcomed the musicians.

The first interview at the airport.

Square Schwarzenbergplatz, a monument to Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Austria from fascism.

Chronicle of 1945:

Street battles in Vienna.

A column of German prisoners.

Alternation: Vienna residents greeting Soviet soldiers salute in Moscow.

Lists of victims on the basis of the monument.

Laying wreaths at the war memorial.

The soldier in the guard of honor.


Chronicle of 1945: The Viennese listen to radio broadcasts on the streets.

People welcome the interim government of Austria.

Meeting of the Austrian Parliament.

Worker cleans the statue.

People dancing in the streets.

Children in the ruins.

Strauss Monument.

The streets of Vienna.

Government motorcade arrives at the National Board. L.Gratts welcomes Nikolai Ryzhkov at the entrance.

Politicians are the corridors.

Nikolai Ryzhkov at the talks.

Conference Room of the Parliament.

Chronicle 1955 year:

Alternation: crowds on the streets, the signing of the state treaty representatives of the anti-Hitler coalition.

Politicians on the balcony.

The signatures and seals on the contract.

Police guard around the building.

Nikolai Ryzhkov and F.Vranitsky the negotiations.

Detail of a meeting with journalists.

Signing of documents.

View of the square in front of the building.

The flags on the roof.

Meeting Nikolai Ryzhkov and K.Y.Valdhayma.

Key words

Soviet Union - Austria


NI Ryzhkov - State and party leader, Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers. F. Vranitzky - Austrian statesman and politician, Federal Chancellor. A. Mock - Austrian statesman and politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs. K. Renner - Austrian politician, 1st Austrian Federal Chancellor, President of Austria after World War II. Graetz L. - Austrian statesman and politician, Minister of Education, the Mayor of Vienna, Minister for Foreign Affairs, President of the National Council of Austria. Waldheim KY - Austrian diplomat and politician, 4th UN Secretary-General, Federal President of Austria (1986-1992).


05/15/1955 1945



Reel №2

The report of the Austrian TV Nikolai Ryzhkov stay in Austria.

Nikolai Ryzhkov and F.Vranitsky at the station before leaving for Linz.

Street Linz (shooting from the car).

Shop steel group "Voestalpine AG".

Nikolai Ryzhkov visiting the factory, talks with the leaders of the company.

Meeting with workers, Nikolai Ryzhkov handed a gift.

Police Squad on motorcycles.


Administrative buildings.

Members of the media.

Signing of documents.

The Secretary-General of the Federal Economic Chamber Dr. K.Kerov.

The director of the company "Pioneer" Y.Hinteregger.

The company's products on the truck.

A fragment of an interview with the director.

View of the area and the body of the enterprise.

Truck enters the warehouse building.

Placing of goods in stock.

Rural natural scenery.

Nikolai Ryzhkov meeting with the villagers.

The orchestra in national costumes.

Monument to Mozart in Salzburg.

Memorial plaque at the entrance to the house-museum of the composer.

Rooms House Museum.

Residents of Salzburg.

Nikolai Ryzhkov at a concert in the museum.

View of the outdoor cafe on the square.

Nikolai Ryzhkov on a walk around the city.

View of the River Salzach.

The streets of Vienna.

Nikolai Ryzhkov at a party in the Austro-Soviet Friendship Societies.

Pages of newspapers.

Detail of the press conference.

State flags of the USSR and Austria.

Parting ceremony of the Soviet delegation at the international airport Schwechat.

Nikolai Ryzhkov rises on the plane.

Austrian policy on the red carpet.

Plane takes off.


NI Ryzhkov F. Vranitzky