The Trial. (1990)

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Director: Gevarkyants R.

Script writers: Matevosyan E.

Operators: Golovnya V.


About the earthquake in Armenia and its aftermath.

Historical background

In December 1988, in Armenia there was a severe earthquake that caused massive destruction and many casualties.

Disasters | Russian cities and regions

Geography and Nature | Towns and countries

Temporary description

The high morals and a sense of belonging to the people of the earthquake in Spitak. Destruction in Armenia, wounded, dead, rescuers dismantle blockages, and help the people of different countries. Interviews of different personalities: V. Manukyan, Levon Ter-Petrosian, C. Amiradzhibi, O. Oylanda, Margaret Thatcher, etc. Among the ruins of M. Gorbachev, Ryzhkov, Mother Teresa, Charles Aznaur, Catholicos Vazgen I serve in the church.

Reel №1

A panorama of mountains of Armenia, Ararat.

An ancient temple in the mountains.

Live coals.

Somebody’s hands are rolling out pastry.

Armenian women are preparing bakery dough, baking bread – pita.

A young woman is standing with ready pitas.

The sky, mountains.

Steps in a mountain.

A panorama of shattering in Armenia, ruins of the temple.

A bell ringer is ringing the bell.

A wall is being ruined.

Black and white photos of crying people.

Newsreel of 1988:

People are carrying wounded persons on litters, bringing them out of an aircraft, passing by.

A panorama of a man carrying an injured child.

Male nurses with litters are running to a helicopter.

A panorama of helicopters at an aviation field.

A panorama of wounded persons being lead and brought.


A panorama of a crack in the ground.

Flying over destroyed cities.

Destroyed houses.

A boy is looking.

A panorama of Israel: a deserted landscape.

The coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

A panorama of a landscape, mountains may be seen in the distance.

A panorama over Jerusalem.

A panorama of “Mir” [“World”] ship in the sea.

Abi Natan, a former pilot-radio amateur from Israel, in the ship radio compartment.

A panorama over Abi Natan’s office in Tel-Aviv; Abi Natan, whose radio station named “Voice of the world”, called for aid to be rendered to Armenia, is telling about himself.

Reel №2

Somebody’s hands are mashing bakery dough; a panorama to an Italian baker’s face.

Italian bakers are working.

A woman is carrying a basket with bread.

Vito Lotanzio, Minister of Italy in disasters management, is speaking about aid to Armenia in a building.

A panorama of remains of the Coliseum in Rime.

A black and white map of Armenia on the wall.

A panorama of channels and houses in Venice from a boat.

Buildings of Armenian abbacy of mechitarists on Saint Lazarus island.

Father Nerses, a leader of the abbacy, is walking along the gallery, speaking about earthquake in Armenia.

Armenia: Marat Arakelyan (9-10 years old), a wounded school boy, is in hospital lying on a bed, telling about the earthquake.

A small girl is looking.

Newsreel of 1988:

A traffic jam on a high way, ambulances are stopped.

A flow of cars on a road in the mountains.

People at ruins, taking up rubbles, pulling out people, carrying corpses; dust, smoke.

Reel №3

Newsreel of 1988:

People are taking up rubbles, pulling out corpses.

A panorama of a crashed bus.

A panorama of a man crying at ruins.

A corpse is being carried on litters.

A wounded person is lying, people are crying.

People are taking up rubbles at night, they are getting a warm at the fire.

A panorama of switched on projectors, burned torches.

A boy is looking.

A panorama of a baker carrying rolls into an oven.

Somebody’s hands are weighting bakery dough on weigh-scales.

A panorama of a woman preparing bakery dough, putting a griddle into an oven.

A panorama of Frau Bach, an employee of Hessian radio (Federal Republic of Germany), is speaking about aid to Armenia in premises of a radio studio.

Photos and pictures on a table.

A room of the radio studio, a panorama to a commentator.

A panorama of children in a class: sitting on the floor, drawing (Frankfurt am Main).

A panorama of school children of a German school: Shurudzaki (from Tokio), Nicka Pray (Germany), Fabian Linder (Germany), speaking about aid to people suffered as a result of the earthquake.

A panorama of a Croatian church in Munich.

A panorama of office in the church, a panorama from the organ to believers.

A praying woman’s face.

Father Stephan, a priest, is speaking about aid to Armenia in the street.

Newsreel of 1988:

A panorama of a demonstration in Armenia, supporting restructuring.

A panorama of a stand with persons killed in Sumgait in the street.

Reel №4

Crowds of people at a meeting in Yerevan.

People are carrying a banner with the following signature: “Stop mocking at all people”.

A panorama of a blower playing, people are standing with their fists up.

The meeting.

A panorama of stairs in a house, children on railings.

A door of a room, where members of “Karabakh” committee are sitting, is being opened, people are turning.

“The Lord’s Supper” picture on the wall.

Vazgen Manukyan, a member of “Karabakh” committee, is speaking about support of people suffered as a result of the earthquake on the balcony.

A panorama of “Karabakh” committee members at the table.

Levon Ter-Petrossian, a member of the committee, is speaking on the balcony.

Saak, a first grade pupil from Leninakan, is speaking about the earthquake, sitting in a wheelchair.

The bell ringer is ringing the bell.

A pass along ruins of Spitak.

A panorama of ruins.

Newsreel of 1988:

A passenger vehicle under ruins of houses.

People near destroyed houses.

A boy is driving cows.

A panorama of shattering in a country side.

Dogs at destroyed houses.

A panorama of a man crying near a destroyed house.

A panorama of people at ruins, a fire is burning.

A face of an old man in a helmet, a face of an old woman.

A woman, wrapped into a blanket, is sitting.

A girl is looking.

A destroyed school; children’s coats on a hanger, a panorama over desks.

A panorama over brief cases.

A panorama of books in ruins.

People are gathering books; they are taking up ruins; carrying pictures.

A panorama of ruins, a panorama to “The last day of Pompeii” reproduction.

A boy is looking.

A panorama of Georgia: a mountainous landscape.

Women are preparing bakery dough, baking a pita.

A ready pita.

Reel №5

Chabua Amiredjibi, the Georgian writer, is speaking.

A panorama of an ancient monastery.

Chabua Amiredjibi is walking along a street at a monastery wall, is standing with a Georgian priest.

A panorama of the monastery tower.

England: a panorama over bookshelves in a study.

Steven Berghoff, English producer and actor, is speaking sitting on a balcony, a woman is standing nearby.

A summer landscape with a river.

Andrey Terent’ev, an amateur speleologist from Moscow, who has helped injured people in Armenia, is walking through a forest, looking for mushrooms; legs in boots.

Terent’ev’s wife near a tree with a dog.

A.Terent’ev is making fire, playing with the dog in the forest.

A workshop of English painter – John Oiland; a panorama over paints.

John Oiland is speaking in the workshop; a panorama to Oiland’s picture.

The honor guard dressed in ancient clothes at the palace in London.

A panorama to a horseman in ancient clothes.

A panorama to the palace, a bus is passing by.

Churches of Pskovo-Pechorsky Monastery.

A stack of wood in a monastery yard.

Monks are sweeping the floor; baking bread.

Men and monk’s faces.

Somebody’s hands are cutting bread.

General views of the monastery.

Reel №6

A panorama of an iconostasis in Pskovo-Pechorsky monastery.

The Archbishop of Pskov and Pokrovsk – Vladimir is speaking about the earthquake in Armenia.

A panorama from the bell to a dome of the church.

Father Vladimir is passing by, bread and salt is given to him.

Believers in the temple.

Office in the monastery.

Candles are burning.

A chandelier.

The iconostasis, a zoom to “The Trinity” icon.

Foodstuffs – altarage of church members.

City of Jerusalem (Israel).

People at the Wailing Wall.

Abrahams Shapiro, the main rabbin of Israel, is speaking in a building.

A panorama to bookshelves in the study.

A panorama over old part of Jerusalem.

A panorama of a monk walking along a wall of an ancient Armenian temple.

Priests in the temple are turning leaves of an ancient book.

An interior of the Armenian temple.

A monk with a vestry book.

Office in the temple.

The Patriarch of Jerusalem, archbishop Egishe, is speaking in a building.

A panorama of interior of Archbishop’s private quarters.

A picture with Christ.

Armenia: a school girl aged 13-14 years, who has suffered as a result of the earthquake, is speaking in a hospital.

The bell ringer is ringing the bell.

Newsreel of 1988:

People near covered corpses; corpses on the ground.

Corpses; a dead woman’s hands.

Coffins in a passenger vehicle, in a lorry.

A panorama of people carrying coffins.


A woman is crying near a coffin.

An old woman is crying, a panorama to shaky hands.

Empty coffins outside.

Men are putting a corpse into a coffin.

Coffins outside.

A boy is crying.

A cemetery: people are crying, coffins are put into a grave.

A panorama of corpses wrapped into a cloth, in a grave.

A panorama of funerals.

A man is putting a tablet on a grave with a text in Armenian.

A boy is looking.

Reel №7

The Bundestag building in Bonn (Federal Republic of Germany).

A clock on an ancient tower.

Rita Süßmut, Chairman of Bundestag, is speaking about support of Armenia in a building.

A panorama of Syria: Damascus.

Muhammad Zukher Al Masharka, Vice President of Syria, is speaking about support of Armenia in his cabinet.

A panorama of Ter Zor desert.

Newsreel of 1915:

Turkish men are leading Armenians for shooting, people are kneeling.

Corpses are lying.

Cut off heads.

A photo: people on gallows; Armenian priests.

The Seine embankment in Paris (France).

Henri Verneuil (Ashot Malakyan), French film director, is speaking about Armenia at home.

Israel: Shimon Peres, Minister of Finance of Israel, is speaking about Armenia in his cabinet.

A panorama of Jerusalem and the desert in its suburbs.

Fortressed building with Israel flags.

A Building in Jerusalem.

A panorama of young people standing at walls of an ancient fortress.

Reel №8

A panorama of England, London: Downing Street.

A panorama of the square with Big Ben tower.

Margaret Tatcher, the UK Prime Minister, is speaking about support of Armenia.

Armenia: a crowd of people.

An aircraft is taxing out.

Cargoes are being taken out of the aircraft.

Humanitarian supplies for Armenia are being unloaded.

Foreign rescuers with a dog.

Containers and boxes with parcels for Armenia.

A panorama of working rescuers with a radio set; faces.

A wounded person is being carried on litters.

A panorama of a board of a foreign aircraft.

Things for Armenia are being uploaded.

A panorama of boxes with clothes with signature “For Armenia”.

A panorama of rescuers at a tent.

Rescuers’ dog on ruins.

Lorries at ruins.

“Sevastopol – to Armenia” signature on a lorry glass.

A foreign flag over a tent.

A foreign aircraft in the airport.

A panorama of foreign rescuers on an aerodrome, stepping down the ramp; on ruins; near a tent camp.

A panorama of a dog running over ruins.

A panorama of children (one of them is a suckling) suffered as a result of the earthquake in the hospital.

A doctor’s face.

A woman is crying.

Aid is being rendered to a wounded girl.

A gypsum bandage is being put.

A doctor is watering a boy in the hospital.

A child’s hands with a dropping tube.

A female doctor’s face.

A dropping tube.

A panorama of bales and boxes in the airport.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Nikolai Ryzkkov among residents of Armenia and rescuers.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Raisa Gorbachyova are speaking to injured persons, with a crying woman.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is walking through ruins.

An old Armenian woman is kissing Nikolai Ryzhkov.

Rescuers on ruins, with a chisel hammer, with a radio device.

A panorama of Mother Theresa and persons accompanying her walking past the Armenian temple.

Albert Likhanov, a writer, among Armenian children.

A panorama of a black woman holding an Armenian child in her hands.

A son and grandson of Ronald Reagan, the US President, are crying.

A wounded Armenian boy is looking.

Charles Aznavour, the French crooner, in Armenia on ruins of a city.

A panorama of people in a crowd.

A wounded person is being taken out and brought.

People are provided with blankets.

A panorama of men pouring water into buckets; a row of canisters.

A man is eating from a plate, standing in the street.

Women are sitting in the street.

A cook is giving foodstuffs to homeless people.

A panorama of a girl carrying a source pan.

A foreign ambulance.

Men of Central Asia are installing a nomads tent.

Foreigners are installing a ready-made house.

Clothes are being handed out from a vehicle.

A boy is carrying a luster.

A TV set in the street.

People outside near a tent and self-made oven.

A woman is dancing a child in a baby carriage in the street.

A panorama of women with children in the street.

People at a stand with photos of children who have disappeared after the earthquake; children’s photos; a panorama over the stand.

People are crying.

Italy: interior of a palace.

An old woman is looking; hands.

Armenian children, who live in Italy after the earthquake, are choiring, a man is conducting.

Reel №9

Armenia: priests are walking towards the temple.

A nun in spectacles is praying.

The Supreme Patriach and Catholicos of all Armenians, Vazgen I, is ministering.

A panorama of burning candles, children are looking.

People are putting candles.

Office in the temple.

People in the temple, women are praying.

An Armenian girl is looking.

A color:

A passing along ruins after the earthquake.

Flying over the destroyed city.

A woman on ruins of a house; women and men are crying, a girl, a panorama to a man and a boy.

Vazgen I is speaking.

A tree.

Israel, Jerusalem: a stone road, leading to the Holy Sepulchre, stone slabs.

Entrance to the Tomb of Lord.

Interior of the temple.

Flags of different countries.