Equal, But Different.. (1993)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Shatalina E.

Script writers: V. Sergeev

Operators: Muratov V.

Anouncers: E. Starostina, A. Hlebnikov


About of problems of disabled people in Russia and Sweden.

Health | Social life

Reel №1

Spinning wheel of the car hands-free while driving.

In the automotive mirror: face of woman with glasses.

The woman driving the car drives through a special device with your foot.

Wreaths Vilamson sitting on the driver's seat, says (synchronously) on the device of your car, made for the disabled.

Car on the road, going down the street in Stockholm.

View of the churches of Novgorod.

On the street car rides "Lada" red.

Stanislav Ageev, sitting on the driver's seat, then at home on the couch, says (synchronously), he became an invalid.

Photos Ageev before disaster struck.

Wreaths Vilamson at home, says (synchronous and behind the scenes) about his disability, shows how it involves the player yourself, watering the flowers.

Stanislav Ageev says (synchronously) as he helped friends after injury.

In a new apartment with his wife Raisa Stanislav and daughter Olga equip your life, hang curtains, cornice.

Wreaths Vilamson says (synchronously) on how to develop her life.

Wreaths on the lawn, her children playing ball.

Wreaths with her husband Hasse daughter on a swing.

Hasse in a wheelchair.

Meeting people with disabilities at the round table, talking.


Sweden Novgorod region

Reel №2

Boat on the water near a wooden dock.

A special device carries a man out of the wheelchair into the boat.

Swedish disabilities fishing, boating.

Vilamson wreaths on the lawn playing ball with my daughter.

At the table in the room and sit Wreaths Hasse.

On the wall picture in a frame, lamp, clock.

Woman in bath helps Wreaths with washing the head.

Wreaths make yourself a manicure, holding a brush in his mouth.

Sulvi, social worker, helps Wreaths dress.

Wreaths and Sulvi together veiled bed.

Wreaths leaves, Sulvi with a vacuum cleaner cleans the house, hang the laundry, washing dishes.

Ageev wife says (synchronously) how life has changed Stanislaus after injury.

Cats on ladders.

Stanislav talks about the role of his wife Raisa in his life.

Wreaths Vilamson with assistant go to the grocery store, choose items.

Wreaths in a clothing store, talking to a saleswoman.

Wreaths riding in a car on a city street.

Wreaths at his workplace at the computer.

Stanislav Ageev writes at the table, talking on the phone about the problems of the disabled, is receiving visitors.

Car "Lada" in nature.

Stanislav has been repairing.

Red car on a background of the Temple.


Sweden Novgorod region

Reel №3

PNRM. on the wall of the Temple.

Stanislav Ageev sits in his car, drives off.

Stanislav says (synchronously) on the complexities of life of persons with disabilities.

In Sweden: specialized for disabled taxis, mini-buses.

Wreaths Vilamson runs on a personal computer, says (synchronously) on the workplace.

On the wall is attached picture of her daughter.

Wreaths engineer teaches specialized computer program for people with disabilities.

Apartment Inge Leflaive equipped with devices to make life easier for people with disabilities: in the room and in the kitchen.

Inge Wreaths and drink tea.

Moscow Street, sale of souvenirs, children eating ice cream, the artist draws a portrait of a girl with nature.

People go to the stairs.

Passers-by on the Kalinin Prospekt in Moscow.

In Sweden, a national holiday: Pedestrians walk next to a bench man in a wheelchair.

Orchestra trumpeters, go horseback riding and play.

Swedish flag on the mast.

Concert at the site in the open air, the ensemble sings girls.

Near the stage is occupied by a woman sign language for the deaf and dumb lyrics.

Accompanied by riders pulls a carriage with members of the Swedish royal family.

The orchestra played the national anthem, members of the royal family and the audience, standing, listen.

Swedish flag flapping in the wind against the sky.


Sweden Novgorod region Moscow

Reel №4

Feast of the end of school year: in the meadow children dancing, singing, looking at them parents, including

Wreaths Vilamson.

Children with disabilities are dancing on a par with healthy children.

Moscow boarding school for disabled children, a group of guys walking down the corridor, up the stairs.

PNRM. for computer classes, children learn the work on the keyboard.

Girls with disabilities are trying to jump on a trampoline.

Classes of children at the gym.

Rehabilitation center for disabled children under the Gothenburg.

Parents are in the center with their children.

Classes of children with a computer with the ball.

The set of dolls, toys in the room.

Naughty boy is trying to collect matryoshka hand.

The meeting of the Presidium of the All-Russian Society of Disabled Persons.

Stanislav Ageev asks (synchronously) on the existence of regulatory documents on "barrier-free architecture."

Discussion of various issues of life of persons with disabilities.

The corridor goes to wheelchair users.

Stanislav Ageev communicate with people with disabilities, to discuss the possibility of working and living outside the specialized home.

In Sweden, Lars disabled Rubin lies in a bed in his specially equipped apartment.

Next to the bed is a computer that responds to voice Lars.

Using a computer, you can turn on the TV, make phone calls.

Wreaths Vilamson sitting in bed, talking with Lars.


Sweden Moscow

Reel №5

The meeting room at the table of Swedish society for persons with disabilities to communicate with the staff.

Wreaths Vilamson motors, drives onto the ferry.

Wreaths on the deck, looking out to sea.

Wreaths help to dress, eat in the dining room.

Wreaths Vilamson car stands near the hotel.

Stanislav Ageev says (synchronously), which is beneficial to society, persons with disabilities were active lifestyle.

Novgorod garden association "Friendship", which is headed by Stanislav Ageev.

Stanislav wand hardly goes across the garden.

Working people with disabilities and their families in the beds.

In Sweden, outdoor swimming pool.

People with disabilities in the water gymnastics, repeating the exercise for a female instructor on the beach.

At night jazz club in Stockholm on the stage musical group performs.

Among the visitors: Wreaths Vilamson with her husband.

The bartender at the bar.

Stanislav Ageev says (synchronously) on the country's leadership with respect to persons with disabilities.


Sweden Novgorod region

Reel №6

View of the dock, the ship near the shore.

Former Minister of Social Welfare in Sweden gives interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes) on disability issues.

On a city street is a woman with a stick.

Family: Parents and girl with bicycles.

Passers-by are on the sidewalk.

Children playing outdoors with toys.

Man and woman sitting on a bench eating ice cream, sitting next to a dog.

Residents walk through the city of Novgorod.

Residents walk through the city of Stockholm.

Wreaths Vilamson talking on the phone.

People with disabilities in Russia and Sweden in their homes and workplaces.

Wreaths Vilamson writes a letter.

A boy in a wheelchair is turned on the court.


Sweden Novgorod region