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Excitement in Toyland. (1936)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016

USA. Fil concert.

Before the store Santa Claus walking with the children in the hands of the slogans, demanding toys.

Santa comes to children and invite them to the store.

Santa boy offers concert performances, which execute children

USA. The only adult ispolnitelnitsa, Mae Parrish, sings in the background of the children's carousel, children's choir she sings.

Children dancing tap.

Brothers Mc intend to sing and dance tap.


The mountain Hitler. (1935)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016




The emblem of Hitler in Munich to the activity: 1923-1933 years.

There is a detachment of Hitler Youth, in front of the drummers.

Parade in the city, there is Lei.

The boys lay a huge wreath


3rd exhibition on nutrition in Frankfurt am Main. (1936)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


Landscapes Germany, mountains, forests, rural areas.

Farmers are sent to the exhibition from various parts of the country they are traveling by bus, train.

City Frannkfurt am Main, churches, a fortress on the banks of the river, old streets.

The streets are decorated with garlands to the exhibition, with a swastika flags.

Detachments of the Hitler Youth, boys and girls in the ranks.

The arrival of the Nazi leaders, the girls give them flowers.


Clockwork Nuremberg. (1938)

Documentary, 4 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


A documentary on the preparations for the congress of the Nazi party in Germany in Nuremberg in 1938.

The film is called "clockwork Nuremberg" t.k.rabota Nazi party apparatus likened mehanizmu.

PNRM hour. at Nuremberg, city views, cathedral spiers, tiled roofs, old streets, towers.

Houses on the river embankment.

House of the 14th century Gothic cathedral.

Watch an kolokolne.12 hours, has a bell.


Enemy at work. (1942)

Documentary, 3 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


Soldiers riding in a passenger train.

In conjunction sit two gentlemen, soldiers come to him.

One of the men soldiers vypi offers razgoovr and starts, then stores it in a book.

Perron, soldiers at the commandant's office.

Lord, zapisyvayutyuschego conversation stopped.

Soldiers in pub drinking beer, they spy sits, starts talking about the front.


The visit of the British royal couple in France. (1940)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016

Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, 1940.

Pribyytie ship with the royal couple.

A visit to sign a Franco-British friendship.

Accompanied by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr.

Bonnet and the British Ambassador in Paris, the king and queen go ashore.

Carpeting, British Army soldiers.

The royal couple sits in a special train and went to Paris.


Victory all along the line. (1938)

Documentary, 3 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


A documentary about German cars and motorsports.

Fascist symbols: the eagle, swastika.

Hitler Speech on motorsport.

Soldiers are standing with the standard of the stage.

Berlin, motorcycle racing on lung machines around.

Moments races, rewarding pobediteolya laurel wreath.


Raising young. (1940)

Documentary, 3 parts to collection G 10/26/2016

Collaborationist film, staged by the Nazis in occupied France.

The queue of the unemployed in the job center.

unemployment statistics.

Sad faces of young boys.

Getting benefits in cash unemployment.

A bored young people loitering in the streets, playing a bottle of beer cards, sitting in the park with a book, drink in the bar at the bar.

The clerk at the desk generates reports and statistics.


Danzig - the country of sea and river. (1939)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016


Outskirts of Danzig.

Twilight on the river boat near the shore.

Morning, peasant house window opens.

A woman with a yoke is for water to the well.

Children rush to school.

A man rides a long empty wagon.


The stones speak. (1938)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 10/26/2016



The oldest image of Vienna, the drawings of the Roman military camp Vindobona.

Ruins of Roman times.

Old book.

Vienna's historic sights.