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Foreign newsreels 1970 № 2207

News, 1 part, Duration: 0:08:46.491 to collection F 12/6/2013

GDR - Special issue of the journal "Blick Institute Die Welt" dedicated to meeting damasks and B. Brandt in Erfurt.

Foreign newsreels 1972 № 3136 XX Summer Olympic Games

News, 1 part, Duration: 0:07:58.879 to collection F 11/18/2013

Germany - XX Olympic Games in Munich.

Foreign newsreels 1968 № 1673

News, 2 footages, Duration: 0:13:12.44 to collection F 11/18/2013

Views of Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Reporting in the city.

Demonstrations and rallies young people.

Election of the President.

Prince's material about the new president general of the Freedom. (Do not print)

Foreign newsreels 1970 № 2297

News, 8 footages, Duration: 0:12:05.908 to collection F 11/18/2013

Poland - Reporting from Gdynia.


GDR - Combine "Schwarze Pumpe" in Hoyerswerda.

Party secretary plant Siegfried Ludwig.

Algeria - Reporting on the country and the city of Algeria.

Prince's material.

Cars from East Germany at the factory.


Foreign newsreels 1972 № 3118

News, 1 part, Duration: 0:02:16.16 to collection F 11/18/2013

Germany - The grand opening of the XX Olympic Games in Munich.

Foreign newsreels 1964 № 929

News, 3 footages, Duration: 0:12:01.733 to collection F 11/18/2013

Marshal Malinovsky in Yugoslavia.

Rewarding Sholokhov in the GDR.

USA. The new missile.

Foreign newsreels 1972 № 3093

News, 4 footages, Duration: 0:11:41.265 to collection F 11/18/2013

Mexico - New architecture - building is in the style of "Mexico myuralizma."


German Democratic Republic - GDR Water industry.

The struggle to preserve the purity of water.

Hungary - "33 kilometers" - Types of Budapest and reporting on the city (summer).

Belgium - Types of Brussels.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4990

News, 2 footages, Duration: 0:06:16.201 to collection F 11/18/2013

Yugoslavia - Leonid Brezhnev's visit to Yugoslavia.

Taken: President Tito, the Government of Yugoslavia and journalists meet Leonid Brezhnev in Dedino.

A guard of honor.

Warm meeting.

Talks Tito and Brezhnev.

Reception of President Leonid Brezhnev Z.Kovachevicha Assembly of Belgrade. Z.Kovachevich hands Brezhnev Golden Memorial sign of Belgrade.

Formal negotiations with the government of the Soviet delegation to Yugoslavia.


Foreign newsreels 1974 № 3819

News, 5 footages, Duration: 0:10:12.791 to collection F 11/18/2013

Germany - The exhibition "Interm - 74" in Stuttgart - New appliances for heating and to create a climate, non-polluting, new materialyFRG - Strongman Competition in Bavaria.

Germany - Soviet trade and industrial fair in Dusseldorf.

Cosmonaut Vladimir Gorbatko.

Germany - the story of the Speaker of the Parliament of Germany Annemarie Renger.

Germany - Exhibition and Competition of paintings and drawings by inmates in prisons created.

S.Adamo charity concert in favor of the prisoners who have served their sentence.

Foreign newsreels 1974 № 3789

News, 3 footages, Duration: 0:10:26.772 to collection F 11/18/2013

Italy - Collect coins thrown by tourists into the Trevi fountain pool.

Italy - The Vatican Observatory.

Pictures of Comet Kogoutska.

Iceland - Volcanic eruption Helgafel (1973).

Return of the inhabitants of the island (1974).