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Lesson 20. Moscow. Meeting with the city.. (1986)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

City of Moscow Kremlin, Assumption Cathedral, Ivan the Great bell tower, the Palace of Congresses, the Bolshoi Theatre, Tower "Ostankino", Novodevichy Convent; Monuments: Tchaikovsky at the Moscow Conservatory,  Pushkin, Yuri Dolgoruky; building of the Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin.

Red Square.

Interview with poet BS and other Muscovites Okudzhava on Arbat Street.

Moscow City Council building; about the city

Moscow says the deputy of the Moscow Soviet Filippov (synchronously).

Metro: station, people on the escalator in the train cars.

One of the buildings, the neighborhood


Lesson number 18. Meeting with art telecourses Russian language "Introduction to the Soviet Union.". (1986)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

Newsreel: playing Chaliapin.

Arts Festival "Moscow Stars".

Fragment from the ballet "Swan Lake" at the Bolshoi Theater.

Interview ballerina N. Ananiashvili about her future plans.

Building interiors Children's Musical Theater; Roxanne Satz says (synchronously) on the peculiarities of the theater, its prospects.

Live music at the Moscow Conservatory Tchaikovsky.

Karelian dance ensemble performs "Kantele".


Lessons art.. (1991)

Documentary, 5 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

The film tells about the experience of teaching the subject "Art" in secondary schools in Leningrad, about the teachers leading the lessons.

Training robotized complex.. (1991)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

Students in vocational schools number 38 in Leningrad in the classroom in the computer lab, laboratories, classrooms, acquainted with the work of the robot "Tralf" on the manufacturing practices in robotic systems.

The flagship of the Soviet electrical engineering.. (1989)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

The city of Leningrad: River Neva, Peter and Paul Fortress, Nevsky Prospekt, the city transport.

Shop Scientific and Production Association "Electric power".

Assembling the stator, rotor processing machine.

Placing the rotor windings.

Test turbogenerator.

Controller writes data to the device.

Chief Designer turbine generators GM Khutoretskii and chief designer of hydro generation AA Dukshtau say (synchronously) on the virtues of products association "Electric power".


Khabarovsk Krai. Problems and solutions.. (1983)

Documentary, 3 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

Khabarovsk: urbanization, monuments EP Khabarov, the heroes of the October Revolution.

Production processes in the shops of the plant "Amurstal."

Construction of new factory buildings.

Construction of power lines - 500 kV transmission line.

Meeting devoted to surrender 500 kV transmission line.

Poultry farm "Far East", "Khabarovsk".

Livestock complex farm "Nekrasov," animal farm, aviary at the plant in the town of Gagarin


Miracles in Toronto.. (1989)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

City of Toronto skyscrapers; bleachers, the stadium, spread sector roof.

Attractions Summer recreation center "Ontario Place": roller koestr "Mount Dragon" kind of flying trains, motorized circular boats, yachts on Lake Ontario, a hotel, a haven for boats.

Sea show in the pool-theater "King Waldorf": playing with the sea lion trainer and dolphin.

Protected zone of Marin - Land.

Landscape landscape, animals: monkeys, elephants, giraffes, storks, peacocks in conditions close to natural.

Visitors at the cages with the animals.

Sports and entertainment center for children "Ontario-Sayens Senta."


Energy in animate and inanimate nature.. (1991)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

The complex processes convert radiant solar energy into biochemical plants,animals and humans.

The doctrine of V. I. Vernadsky on the biosphere.

Metro escalators.. (1985)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

Newsreel: The first passengers of the Moscow Metro.

Escalator to work.

Control Systems Moscow metro escalator.

Kiev Metro.

Fire alarm system; supervisors traffic service.

Waitstaff machine room.

Workers perform planned maintenance work on the escalator.


This - AIDS!. (1988)

Documentary, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Photographs, posters, magazine covers depicting AIDS.

Newsreel: The woman with a sick child to the doctor.

Doctors at the hospital visiting a sick Negro.

Newsreel: addict injects himself with a syringe drug.

Policemen detain women on night street, send them to a survey for the presence of the AIDS virus.

Nurse in laboratory takes blood from a vein on the AIDS virus.

Scientists in the lab at work.