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News Foreign news footages

Footage of the events and life of foreign countries: foreign and domestic policy, social life, elections, conflicts, celebrations, incidents and etc.

Cover the period from 1982 to 1991.

1. Afghanistan, Kabul area - Mujahideen guerrillas are fighting the Soviets. 2. Kuwait - the arrival of visiting Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda. 3. England - Championship English Football League. 4. Iran, Iraq - a review of military operations in the Persian Gulf in 1980-82, respectively. Battle hza Khorram-Shahr. 5. West Berlin - protest demonstration during the parade of young Allied United States, Britain and France. Police disperse protesters. 6. India - wheat fields, damaged rains. 7. Greece, Athens - a city with a hill Filoppapus. Newspapers with ads on urban pollution, smoking pipes, motor vehicle traffic on the streets samples. Government attempts to reduce air pollution. 8. Greece - "The Sacred Flame" from Olympus, as a symbol of peace ignition poop, pass runner. The torch must be escorted through the streets. Will be delivered at the beginning of the UN session on disarmament. 9. Geneva, Switzerland - a meeting of the UN Committee on Israel from condemnation tion Israeli actions in the occupied territories. 10. India, Calcutta - survey report about one of the most populated cities in the world overvoltage. 11. Argentina, England - British troops land on the island in the Falklands tabby. Navy Day in Argentina. Admiral Anaya call em to keep fighting. 12. Portugal - attempt on Pope John Paul 2, ending his trip to the country. 13. England, the United Nations - Margaret Thatcher speaks at a rally in Perth Conservatives unwillingness to give the Falklands. British Ambassador to the UN meeting with UN Secretary General. 14. Bolivia, La Paz - the health workers organize a hunger strike to demand wage increases. 15. Afghanistan - Mujahideen guerrillas train young recruits to use a gun. The guerrillas seized control of hydro-energy gostantsiey. 16. Iran - Iranian troops are trying to fight off the Iraqis captured HYDRATED Horramshahr. 17. Lebanon - Palestinian gunmen patrolled Sidon. In Beirut, the restored bus route. 18. Israel - the opening of a new air base in the Negev Desert. 19. England, the United Nations - the British Cabinet meeting on the Falklands issue. UN Secretary-General's comments Cuellar and the leaders of Argentina on the Falklands issue.
1. USA, California. Skydiving rapid reaction force, which killed four soldiers. 2. USA, Washington DC - Congress meeting to discuss the proposals Reagan on mutual reduction of nuclear weapons of the USSR and the USA. High tupleniya representative of the majority, Senator R. Mitchell, Speaker of the House, On, Neil. 3. South Africa, the Parley - farmer uses snakes to protect your home from burglars. 4. Iraq - military action on Iran-Iraq border, Hussein inspects troops. Saddam Hussein talks with Prime Ministers of the USSR Alexei Kosygin in Baghdad in 1976. CU.estyane in the field, children swim in the river. 10. USA, Kansas - Professor Delvig studying geology cal results of experiments on the second flight, "Shuttle" in space. 11. Hungary, Budapest - J. Kadar meeting with members of the parliamentary delegation of the Federal Republic. 12. USA, Washington - A press conference of President Ronald Reagan on the reduction of nuclear weapons. 13. Tunisia, the Tunisia - the opening of the meeting of foreign ministers of several Arab states on the Palestinian issue. 14. Tehran, Iran - celebrating the third anniversary of the Islamic Republic. 15. South Korea, Seoul - the visit of U.S. Defense K. Weinberg RA. Meetings with government officials, visit the U.S. military base. 16. Iran - a special report dedicated to A. Khomeini. 17. UN Security Council - by a delegate of Jordan about the threat from extremist Israeli Arab shrines in Jerusalem. 18. Iraq, Baghdad - King Hussein of Jordan talks with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Return of the King Hussein Ashman. 19. Togo, Lome - the opening of the tenth session of the Fund African solidarity. 20. USA, Los Angeles - to launch a satellite communications "Intelset" with the European launcher, "Ariana." Chronicle: satellite launch related su "ranyaya bird." 21. Portugal, Lisbon - visit of President of Yugoslavia S. CU.aygera. 22. Philippines - meeting farmers. 23. Albania - a report on the life of Greek LS.iny. 24. The Iran-Iraq border: foreign journalists commit to train ku district of Khuzestan, where were particularly fierce fighting.

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