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Foreign news footages 1982 № 53

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. England, London - football. 2. - Special report on the World campaign to save the rainforest.

Filming 1968 - 1982 period. 3. Japan - effects of the typhoon that caused flooding and avalanches. 4. Lebanon - Italian contingent of peacekeeping troops left Beirut.

Interview Cuéllar on the situation in the Middle East. 9. France, Paris - a demonstration of small businesses against the economic policies Mitterrand. 10. Denmark - NATO military maneuvers.

Warships, tanks and helicopters.

Command. 11. Spain, Canary Islands - an interview with the King of Jordan to the Palestinian issue. 12. Lebanon - fratsuzsky peacekeeping force left Beirut. 13. Lebanon - the reopening of the Beirut-Damascus highway after liquidation polsedstvy Israeli air raid. 14. Spain - bakskih separatist demonstration in San Sebastien is not.

Crackdown on demonstrators. 15. Ethiopia Adidis Ababa - the eighth anniversary of the revolution, the military parade. 16. Japan - joint naval exercises with the United States.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 54

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Monaco - the story of Princess Grace's cell, died in avtokatastro Fe. 2. Lebanon - special report the murdered president of the country B. Gemayel. 3. South Africa - Conference aitsonalisticheskoy party in the Transvaal.

Dwell Paet leader P. Botha. 4. Egypt - the anniversary in office of President Mubarak. 5. England - the leader of a half-potovskoy Son Sann group meets with British Foreign Secretary Pym.

Israel, Tel Aviv - Prime Minister Begin speaking at the Institute of Liberal Party meetings.

Jerusalem - Foreign Minister Shamir and Defense Minister Sharon arrive at the cabinet meeting.

Said a cabinet D. Meridor. 13. Germany - the annual NATO maneuvers.

Present President of Germany K. Carstens. 14. Lebanon - the continued fighting in West Beirut.

Shennye destroyed homes.

Israeli tanks and armored vehicles.

Wounded and killed civilians, children. 15. France, Paris - visit France Guinean President Ahmed S. Toure.

Demonstration of Guinean students in France, in support of the Guinean political prisoners. 1. Germany - thousands protest demonstration at the nuclear power plant in Brockdorff.

Meeting of the UN Special Session on Disarmament. 11. West Berlin - the visit of U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Demonstrations during the visit.

Germany, Bonn - a meeting of leaders of NATO. 12. USA, New York - a protest demonstration in front of the UN anti-nuclear weapons during the special session on disarmament.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 55

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

The corpses of the elderly and children.

UN observers, U.S. military responsible reporter.

Israeli soldiers in an armored personnel carrier. 5. Germany - spetssyuzhet the Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in the upcoming elections.

UN - delivered by the representative of Israel Blum, Israel denied any involvement in the murder of Palestinian refugees. 10. Lebanon, Beirut - Israeli soldiers check the documents of the Palestinians. 11. Lebanon, Beirut - the funeral of the victims of the massacre in CU.ovavoy Palestinian refugee camps.

Lebanese government forces are blocking roads in UT Shatila. 12. Syria, Damascus - PLO leader Yasser Arafat said the events in the Palestinian refugee camps Chabrier and Shatila.

USA, Washington - Secretary of State Shultz is interviewed about the events in Lebanon. 13. Honduras - hostage in Pedro Sula.

Interview members CU.asnogo CU.esta about working in Palestinian refugee camps. 17. Germany, Bonn - representation of the newly elected chancellor - Helmut Kohl.


Genscher, F. Strauss, and others.

Kohl shakes hands with officials. 18. Israel, Lebanon - Israeli Government and the separatist leader of Lebanese Haddad denied involvement in the tragic events in the camps Chabrier and Shatila. 1. USA, Washington DC - Ronald Reagan speaks with Middle East envoy Philip Habib. 2. USA, New York City - the air traffic controllers' strike.

Reagan's speech about the impossibility of making demands of the strikers. 3. USA - overview plot.

Speeches of Ronald Reagan, Senator Edward Kennedy. 17. U.S., Britain, the Netherlands - the anniversary of the death of John on Leno, head of the group "The Beatles".

Shooting 1964, 1974, 1981.

Guo J. vorit

There is Margaret Thatcher. 28. USA - demonstration. 29. Germany - a flash of protest during the visit of U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 56

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Italy, France - teams of U.S. and France are ready to be sent to Beirut as peacekeepers. 2. China Beydzhin - visit British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a meeting with the country's prime minister Zhao Ziyang. 3. Israel, Jerusalem - Knesset session in connection with the atrocities in the Palestinian refugee camps Chabrier and Shatila in Lebanon.

The resignation of the Minister of Energy. 4. England, London - a rally in support of health workers demanding higher wages.

Crackdown on demonstrators.

USA - Interview of President of the Jewish LS.iny Turiec to protest government actions Begin.

An article in the newspaper.

Jewish school in Los Angeles.

Chile, Santiago - a demonstration of the Palestinian people in the clothing Dah, PLO flags. 14. Egypt, Cairo - the speech of the leader of the National Progressive Party, at a meeting of the three opposition parties disagreeing with the government renewed the emergency laws after the assassination of Sadat. 15. - 25 years since the launch of the Soviet satellite.

Filming 1957 - 1982 period. 16. Honduras - partisans osvobodayut 21 hostages from the Chamber of Commerce in San Pedro Sula. 17. Israel, Jerusalem - Knesset meeting on the organization of the investigation into the tragic events of Chabrier and Shatila camps. 18. Lebanon - Beirut, French troops arrived, the first contingent of Ghent multinational peacekeeping force. 1. U.S. - military maneuvers.

Warships firing. 2. Israel - a statement of the Prime Minister Menachem Begin of the Palestinians.

Lebanon - PLO leader Yasser Arafat talks about the UN resolution on Palestinian movement.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 57

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Israel, Tel Aviv - a demonstration demanding the government to investigate the massacres in the refugee camps Chabrier and Shatila.

Said the leader of the Labor Party Shimon Peres. 2. Hong Kong - the boycott of drinks because of the restriction of export import hours. 3. Poland, Warsaw - a former adviser to Solidarity J. Curon released from prison for the funeral of his father. 4. Lebanon - the beginning of the partial withdrawal of Israeli troops from Beira that.

Part of a multinational peacekeeping operations in Beirut. 5. Japan - special report on the growth of the armed forces.

Duarte meeting with Reagan. 2. USA, Dallas - "Spiderman" climbs the wall of a skyscraper.

He was arrested by police. 3. USA, Washington - LS.estvenny figure and businessman A. Hammer offers a million dollars for the discovery of cancer treatments. 4. USA, Oklahoma, was

Spencer - the death of children in the explosion at the school.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 58

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Funeral. 7. Lebanon, Beirut - U.S. Navy forces.

USA, Washington DC - Ronald Reagan speaks about the presence of U.S. naval forces in Lebanon. 8. France - a rich harvest of grapes in Champagne.

The increase in the price of champagne. 9. Luxembourg - Soviet aircraft accident at the airport in Luxembourg burg. 10. Cambodia - the situation in the country after the expulsion of half potovskogo government. 11. Israel - special report on M. Begin.

Filming 1969 - 1982 period. 12. Honduras - the refugee camp of El Salvador and Nicaragua. 13. Lebanon - reunion ceremony of Christian and Muslim areas of Beirut.

Present president Gemayel.

The election of the leader of the CDU Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Oath of Helmut Kohl. 1. Italy - demonstration.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 59

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Iran - bomb blast in central Tehran. 2. Uganda - special report "20 years of independence and economic problem."

Foreign news footages 1982 № 60

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa, Cape Town - the religious strife between the Dutch Reform Church LS.inoy LS.inoy and sister church. 2. Iraq - fighting between Iraqi and Iranian troops.

Baghdad - meeting PLO leader Yasser Arafat with President Mr. S. Hussey. 3. Egypt, Cairo - the anniversary of the assassination of President Sadat.

Suez Canal - the ninth anniversary of the war in the channel. 4. Argentina, Buenos Aires - a mass demonstration for civil rights.

Police watches demonstrators. 5. UN - United Nations General Assembly.

Acts minsitr Foreign Affairs of Zambia L. Goma calling for the independence of Namibia. 6. Lebanon, Beirut - Government forces troops beleaguer the city center, in connection with the search for weapons caches.

The new Prime Minister Sh Vizzan interviewed about the formation of the new government. 7. Israel Golon - the funeral of Israeli soldiers killed in Lebanon.

Filming 1939 1982's. 23. Australia - Sports Commonwealth countries. 24. Zaire, Kinshasa - a meeting of African leaders with French President Mitterrand.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 61

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Israel - a story about the Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon.

Filming 1973 - 1982 period. 2. Taiwan - the celebration of the National Day. 3. USA, California - a statement of Ronald Reagan's readiness enterprises take steps against Poland in connection with martial law.

Poland, Warsaw - Wojciech Jaruzelski declares its readiness to abolish martial law. 4. USA, Washington DC - a massive protest at the increasing unemployment.

To the President of the American Federation of Labor L. Koklend.

President Reagan's speech about rising unemployment particle. 5. England, Liverpool - football. 6. USA, California - the consequences of a forest fire. 7. Israel, Jerusalem - a fire at a Baptist church. 8. Lebanon - demolition of empty houses in the suburbs of Beirut.

Tion pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Israel - Rabbi expresses its protest. 14. Poland, Gdansk - a demonstration of shipbuilders. 15. Iran and Iraq - the consequences of fighting. 16. USA - a story about the U.S. special envoy to the Middle East by F. Habib, in presenting it to the Nobel Prize.

Filming 1950 - 1982 period. 17. India, New Delhi - a demonstration of Sikhs. 18. France, Paris - announced the order of Tour de France. 19. Poland, Gdansk - the emergence of unrest MS.edi shipbuilders.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 62

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Argentina, Buenos Aires - World Championship in volleyball. 2. India, Faridabad - taming the elephant in the circus to participate in the Asian Games. 3. Salvador - a parade of government troops in a province.

The victims of the junta. 4. Oman - Cooperation Council in the Persian Gulf. 5. Switzerland, Geneva - CU.on Princess of Norway presents the award for the UN Commission on Refugees. 6. Syria - visit of the General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party Erich Honecker in the country. 7. Oslo, Norway, Sweden - Nobel Prize fighters for nuclear disarmament.

Committee Meeting of the Nobel prizes.

John Teravikh winners. 8. Bolivia, La Paz - the new president takes the oath Zuazo S. Army Commanders. 9. , Moscow, USSR - visit Mengistu Haile Mariam in the country. 10. England - Germany football match England. 11. Japan - the story of the four candidates for the post of the Prime Minister: H. Suzuki, T. Fukuda, T. Komoto, S. Abi.

Shooting 1977, 1978, 1982. 12. ? 13. Lebanon - Beirut airport.

Checkpoint in West Beirut.

Soldiers from the U.S. Marine Corps took up defensive positions on the beach of Beirut. 14. UN - UN meeting on developing country delegates to translating negotiations on the economic recession in the world. 15. Poland, the Vatican, Japan - a special report about the founder of the Polish Solidarity L. Walesa.

Filming 1980 -1982 period. 16. England, London - the publication of books for the blind in Braille. 17. USA, Washington - meeting U.S. Secretary of State G. Shultz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Shamir.

Filming 1974 - 1982 period. 24. Paris, France - Press conference director of the International Federation of Motorsport to withdraw from the competition six-wheeled vehicles.

Car on the track. 25. England, Northern Ireland - the campaign of the main political parties in connection with the elections to local assemblies. 26. Lebanon - Aley mountain area, east of Beirut.

The consequences of fires ditch.

French and Israeli officers.

Demolition of buildings.

Press Conference tion Lebanese information minister.

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