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News Foreign news footages

Footage of the events and life of foreign countries: foreign and domestic policy, social life, elections, conflicts, celebrations, incidents and etc.

Cover the period from 1982 to 1991.

1. Bangladesh - tensions on the border with India. 2. Philippines - May 1 rally. Acts of President Marcos, in particular the increase of wages (sinhr.) 3. Spain, Vitoria - Sports: European Championships in weightlifting. B. Malt (USSR) sets a world record 232 kg. 4. USA, Washington - presidential candidate John Jackson obsessed Vaeth victory in the primary. 5. Colombia - investigating the assassination of Minister of Justice tion, who led the campaign against drug abuse. Operation to capture and elimination of drugs. 6. England, London - police searched the former embassy of Libya in search of weapons. Libya, Tripoli - press conference at the Gaddafi intsinden the one in London. 7. Lebanon, Beirut - the first meeting of the new cabinet. 8. Chile, Santiago - anti-government demonstration on the day of May 1. The clashes of protesters with the police. Arrest demonstrators. 9. China, Vietnam - Vietnamese Chinese artillery shelling positions of Vietnam-China border. Vietnamese prisoners Solda you. Destroyed houses in the Chinese territory. 10. USA, Alaska - meeting between President Reagan and Pope John Paul 2. 11. Tokyo, Japan - exhibition of inflatable toys with computer control. Dinosaur microcomputer. Children watch. Gilliver, elephant, sea monsters. 12. China - the salvation of the giant pandas are dying of hunger. Sick panda cage. Helping animals. 13. Salvador - the campaign for the general elections: posters, Duarte and his supporters. Rally the party arena. D, Obunson speaking to reporters. The soldiers on the streets, soldiers patrol the area. 14. Israel - Defence Minister M. Ahrens demands release of three of the Israeli representative for liaison with Lebanon, the occupied Syrian patrol in Beirut. 15. Jordan - a military parade. The presence of King Hussein. 16. South Africa, Cape Town - representatives of South Africa, Mozambique and Portugal signed an agreement to cribe electricity. Mozambique - HPP technology for the remote control. Generators. 17. India - Ambala, Delhi marches organized by the Indian security committee, demanding the government to resolve the situation in Punjab. Arrest demonstrators. 18. South Korea, Seoul - the visit of Pope John Paul 2 in the country. 19. France, Paris - the consequences of three bombings in cafes.
High Tupa Cypriot President Kyprianou and Turkish Cypriot leader Denkbash. 6. Poland, Gdansk - Valencia goes to church. The police on the street. Parties nicknames Walesa raise the banner of Solidarity, Walesa surrounded supporters. , Moscow, USSR - the plane flies to Moscow. Gromyko welcomes Jaruzelski flags. General Secretary Chernenko welcomes Jaruzelski th, at the negotiating table. 7. United Kingdom, Scotland - medical diagnosis by skin effect. The study of the brain. 8. Iran - British television crew were exposed to chemical weapons. The crew on the battlefield. Rev. fracturing shell, take the contents of the study. Expert on toxic substances Professor Hendrickson talks to correspondents that. 9. Australia, Canberra - a demonstration of the shipyard workers protesting against job cuts. Police blocking the way to a working parliament. Clashes, arrests. 10. England Harpington - breeding farm of worms to enrich the soil. 11. Vietnam - spetssyuzhet to the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, a turning point in the history of Vietnam. 1954 - gunfire. Aircraft, tanks and troops into the jungle. Fighting. From aircraft CU.asnogo CU.esta shed medicines. Wound nym assist. Hospital in Hanoi. 1984, April - the valley, jungle, abandoned guns and tanks. Cemetery. Memorial to those killed in the war. Hanoi says re neral Vo Nguyen Zial. 12. Libya, Tripoli - safe with guns and gas masks, gas canister Arts, hidden in the British Embassy. 13. Canada - British explorer J. Hempleman Adams entre maete attempt to reach the North Pole alone. Hempleman besedut correspondent. Pulls on snow sled with baggage. 14. South Korea - a visit by Pope John Paul 2. Meeting at the airport. The people welcomed the pope. People close their handkerchiefs from the tear gas. The Pope and Cardinal Kim wipes her eyes after exposure to tear gas.
1. Thailand - Authorities Show reporters deserters from the army, Heng Samrin and captured Vietnamese officer. 2. China - a visit by PLO leader Yasser Arafat. Arafat visits accompanied by Deputy Chief of General Staff of China's military unit in Beijing. Military parade. Talks with the leader of China Deng Xiaoping. 3. North Korea - Secretary General of the Communist Party of China, Hu Yaobang visited a military unit, oversees military exercises. Hu Yaobang and DPRK leader Kim Il Sung are present at the meeting in Pyongyang. The people welcomed the leaders. 4. Salvador - Head of the dictatorial regime, the leader of the Christian-democratic party cal Jose Napoleon Duarte wins the presidential election. Candidate of the right-wing extra D, Aubaysson speaks at a press conference. Army patrol in the suburbs. 5. Salvador - government forces trying to replenish their ranks recruits, despite the lack of a law on universal conscription. Bus stop convoys ruyut recruits soldiers, young soldiers, their training. 6. Lebanon, Beirut - American instructors train the Lebanese army. 7. Pope John Paul 2, continues to tour to the East: South Korea - motorcade, security. Service. Licia disperse a demonstration by students. Papua - New Guinea - Pope arrives in the country. People in national costumes. Service. 8. Lebanon - the situation in the country: the coffin with the body of the child. The Committee on the struggle for a peaceful settlement in the town going Muzium, starring slab with an inscription in Arabic, in protest against the ongoing fighting. Destroyed buildings, the road along the front lines. Hospital, wounded. 9. USA, Brooklyn - court hearing to consider the requirements soldiers, are at war in Vietnam, the compensation for the impact on their gas-Orange. Vietnam - spraying gas. Effects of the use of gas. 10. Canada, Quebec - armed bandit raid on the building of the Assembly lei. 11. Libya, Tripoli - the consequences of the attack on the residence of Gaddafi thugs: corpses, weapons.
1. Peru - Economic CU.izis in the country. Unemployed, market, people exchange currency. Bistro. Demonstrations against unemployment and the economic situation of heavy logo. Closed factories. Fishermen fishing village. Bread lines. 2. Canada - Police surrounded the building of the Assembly in Kvebeni while attacking an armed man. Take out the wounded and the release of the hostages. 3. USSR-sports: athletics. 4. USA - Sports: response to the statement of the Soviet Union not to participate in the Olympic Games 1984 in Los Angeles. The chairman of the Los Angelesco Olympic Committee P. Uoberrot. Sovets cue newscaster say I. Adam and chairman of IOC - Samaranch. 5. Papua - New Guinea, Solomon Islands - The visit to these countries Pope John Paul 2. 6. Libya, Tripoli - Gaddafi attends city center after a raid on his residence. England, London - the representative of Libyan dissidents said the opposition Gaddafi. 7. England - Prince Charles opened a new hydroelectric power station. 8. Zimbabwe - a group of foreign journalists sent to the area where the alleged acts of vandalism were committed by government troops. Bus with journalists stuck on impassable roads. 9. USA, Washington DC - Ronald Reagan appears on television with a speech urging LS.estvennost support his policies in Central America, Noah. Victim assistance. 15. Netherlands - The International Court urged the U.S. to stop lstvo intrude into the internal affairs of Nicaragua. Court hearing in The Hague. Chairman read out before the court decision. 16. Libya Bikfaya - session of the new cabinet of national unity. 17. Zambia, Lusaka - statement of the leader of SWAPO S. Nuemy for peaceful settlement of the situation in Namibia. 18. U.S. - the death of the deer in the states and Utan Vayomi from the harsh winter. Supplementary feeding of deer. 19. UN - UN Security Council session on Cyprus. Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and the need to cancel formed a separatist state - Cyprus-Turkish republics Blick Northern Cyprus. 20. Israel - handover of military facilities in the West Bank Levon civilian settlers. Hand about the presence of Minister of Israel. 21. USA - Salt Lake City residents affected by land-based nuclear weapons testing in Nevada, made in the 50s, went to court accusing the government of violating the rules of the test. A court hearing. Playing the victims and said the dead from leukemia. Movie time of the test tions. Nuclear testing in Nevada. 22. Switzerland, France - Sports: IOC president Samaranch makes a statement about the letter Reagan as the failure of the Soviet Union to participate in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
1. NATO - naval exercises off the coast of Sicily, NATO and North Africa under the code name "Distant Hommer." Transmission cha performed by Major General A. Mahadev, the commander of the South Lee Van Army (instead killed Haddad). 5. Philippines - violence on the eve of the presidential elections. Frustrated bus that was attacked, among the dead was a representative of the opposition party. Voting in the election. 6. Beijing, China - session of the NPC representative teley. Premier Wen Zhao reads calling for strengthened competition to improve the economy. 7. Costa Rica, San Jose - a demonstration demanding the preservation of neutrality and non-interference in the affairs of Nicaragua. Somosovskie gangs in the country and border areas. Coast Guard cutter, delivered from the U.S.. 8. Nigeria - the queue at the bank in connection with currency exchange. Closed shops, gas stations. 9. India, New Delhi - Police arrested protesters supporting Punjabi separatists. 10. Ethiopia - hunger, loss of livestock as a result of a two-year drought. By nteynery water sent from Dzhebuta. Containers toppled off the tracks as a result of terrorist activities. 11. U.S. agency NASA study the effect of lightning on a plane flight. 12. USA - Greek cargo ship stranded, launched. 13. Chile, Santiago - the funeral of former Nazi Walter Rauff. Workers protest march "BMW" against the closure. Egypt, 1983 - US-Egyptian air and tank maneuvers. 1984 - AWACS fly up in the air. 23. Lebanon, Sidon - destroyed houses, smashed machine HN, killed a woman in a Palestinian refugee camp Ain al Hillview in southern Lebanon after the attack of the Israeli army. 24. Poland - by the President of the Polish Olympic Committee. Switzerland, Lausanne - the IOC meeting in connection with the decision of the USSR did not participate in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
1. India - religious unrest in Bhivendi and Bombay. Police guarding the house of Muslims. 2. USSR - 1979: Andrei Sakharov and his wife E. Bonner. 1980: Sakharov to reporters. 1983: E. Bonner talks to reporters. The U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Italy, Rome: 1984 - says the adopted daughter Tatiana Yankelevich Sakharov of maternal disease, requiring treatment and possibly a heart operation. France - General Secretary of the Communist Party of France Jean Marsh says about the received confirmation from the Soviet Union on the diseases of Andrei Sakharov, is in the hospital and E. Bonner, the treated house in Gorky. 3. Lebanon - a cabinet meeting. Present president Gemayel. Fighting between the army groups on the eve of the meeting. 4. Persian Gulf - a threat to freedom of navigation because of the fighting. Shipping in the Persian Gulf. Strengthening of the U.S. presence. Navy ships in the Gulf. Oman - a visit by U.S. Vice-President Bush. USA, Washington DC - a demonstration to protest against Duarte. Duarte and Reagan. Duarte speaks to the press. 8. Tehran, Iran - the second World Congress of Muslims. The delegates visited the battlefield, a new road bridge. Ruined Horremshe Mt. Elections in Medzhelis. Vote. 9. Philippines - the funeral of the murdered Ernesto Sionelo - political assistant leader of the opposition in the National Assembly elections. Protests in Cebu. 10. Spain, Pamplona - a national demonstration demanding the exit of Spain from NATO. Demonstrators carried banners. The rally in the square. 11. South Africa - Hundreds of wild animals are caught and sold at auction to a private farm Mike Engelzakisa. Many animals die during transport. 12. Israel, Jerusalem - Arts Festival. 13. The fight for peace: a new peace initiative of five non-nuclear states against nuclear threats. 1945: the explosion of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki. England - a protest demonstration at the base Grimen Common in 1983. Greece - May, 1984: Prime Minister A. Papandreou said. India - May, 1984: Indira Gandhi said. U.S. - missile "Pershing 2". 14. United Nations - The UN Security Council session. Discuss the status of the PLO at the UN. The delegates USA H. Sorzano and PLO representative L. Terzi. 15. Kuwait - Saudi tanker damaged by Iranian missiles, moored in the harbor. USA, Washington - serves U.S. Vice President J. Bush. Interview with the Iranian representative to the UN Horossani. 16. Thailand, Bangkok - Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda opening session of the UN Council for Namibia. 17. El Salvador - The Organization for fighting for human rights regime blames the murders of people. Protesters people, an old woman weeping over the body of the dead man. Armed patrol, Salvadoran refugees. 18. Argentina, Buenos Aires - Former President Maria Estela Peron returned from exile.
1. Spetssyuzhet that efforts by diplomatic means to resolve the Iran-Iraq conflict in the Persian Gulf: The ships in the Strait of Hormuz. Saudi King talk and Deputy Secretary of State Murphy. UN Secretary-General told. President Reagan told. 2. Namibia - a prisoner exchange between Angola and South Africa. 3. French Guiana - European space rocket em implemented the U.S. launch a satellite with the territory. 4. Germany - Air Force Base Bad Zomingen Canada. Canadian Air Force fighters have new types of "Hornet". 5. Israel: Ramallah, Hebron, Jerusalem - acts of violence by Jewish extremists against the Arab population. 6. Israel - Rabbi, organizer of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, was arrested on charges of Jewish extremism, said to the press. The crowd in front of the police. The damaged tanker. Patrol boat near the broken tanker. Cora nearest U.S. Navy patrol. Iran, Tehran - Syrian delegation arrives as a mediator to resolve the conflict between Iran and Iraq. 13. France, Paris - the adopted daughter of Andrei Sakharov - Tatiana Yankelevich goes downstairs Eliseev Palace for a meeting with Mitterrand. Ian kelevich out of the palace, talking to reporters. 14. Nicaragua - Government forces repelled the attack rebellion nicknames based in Honduras. Consequences of an attack the rebels destroyed houses, smoking wreckage. 15. Egypt - the election campaign in the country. Meeting of different parties. The country's economy before elections.
1. Afghanistan - People pray at the graves. Destroyed houses in Lalpu re. Residents with rifles patrolled the streets in the village. Bomb damage. Muyahidiny down from the mountains, armed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns. Muyahidiny mines removed from the road. Children are going to the village, muyahidiny eat. Residents cross a river, bales on mules. Muya hidiny patrol the valley. 2. Germany - people are on vacation, in restaurants. Plant equipment and microelectronic assembly of microelectronic components, say specialists sty technology. 3. Chile, Santiago - Pinochet supporters greeted him on stage is not. Pinochet stands for new measures to be taken against antipravi governmental action. 4. Japan - the laying of wreaths in Kagoshima after death anniversary of Admiral Togo, who led the fleet during the Russian-Japanese of war. Demonstration of Japanese in Yokosuka against the missiles. Demon stranty a U.S. base. 5. USA - Sports: athletics competitions in the stadium Brian Oldfield. Victory Carl Lewis and Mary Decker in the race. A new record for throwing the core. 6. Kinoletopisny material on the Olympic Games in 1936, 1972, 1976 and 1980. Greece - an area in the south-west of the country, serving in the future to keep under Olympics. 7. India - religious disturbances in Magarashtra. Destruction in the suburbs of Bombay in clashes between Muslims and Hindi Manami. Rajiv Gandhi Bhivandi speaking to residents. 8. Israel - funeral in Holon was killed in an ambush Israeli soldier. 9. Philippines - investigating the assassination of former opposition leader Aquino. 10. Egypt - the vote in Giza and Cairo, the elections to the National Assembly. Mubarak and his supporters at the polling participants kyo. They say the head opozitsionnoy party and leader of the Socialist Workers Party. 11. Egypt, Cairo - Opposition leader says Corre Serageddin NTU of violence during the elections. 12. The UN Security Council discussed the situation in the Persian Gulf in connection with the Iran-Iraq conflict. U.S. intensifies prisuts tvie in the Gulf and provides military assistance to Saudi Arabia. 13. Israel, Gaza Strip - a bus with hostages and killed the hijackers. Israeli soldiers gone hijackers. Jerusalem - Moshe Arens speaks. 14. Oil tankers are at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Warships of the Bay. U.S. ships patrolling the Gulf. Meeting with the President of Iraq, Prime Minister of Turkey.
1. Israel - continuing migration lawless Bedouin nomads. 1983 - Negev desert. Bedouin camp. Lifting the Israeli flag. Government sends grain from area unrest. 7. UN - Security Council debate on the situation in the Persian Gulf. 8. Japan - a different reaction to the increasing role of the yen in the world. Tnaya currency exchange. Brokers. Scoreboard. Assembling cars at the car. Car at the port. 9. Spain - traditional festival: bullfight, the matador in the arena. 10. England - miners' strike. Skarchill miners union leader at the head of the column of demonstrators. Police arrest Skarchil la. Clashes between police and demonstrators. Injured. 11. South Africa - the villagers threatened relocation petition to Queen Elizabeth of England, explaining that the race approaches the house. France - Rallies and Demonstrations. Clashes with police. 14. Netherlands - Prime Minister R. Lubbers announced the government's decision to delay the deployment of U.S. missiles in the country. Demonstrators from the peace camp at a military base Uoensdreht protest against the deployment of missiles. 15. Argentina, Buenos Aires - President Alfonsin in talks with Isabel Peron, who returned to his homeland. 16. Persian Gulf - the growth of premiums in connection with military operations. Gulf tanker, damaged tanker, rescue Ms. bar. USA, Washington DC - Ronald Reagan in his speech accused Iran of attacking tankers neutral countries. 17. Ireland, Shannon - U.S. President Reagan arrives in the land of their ancestors in Ireland. Reagan meeting, honorary street car, the President's speech.
1. France, England - celebrating the 40th anniversary of the landing at Normandy and the opening of a second front. Newsreel of the 1944 landing. 1969 - the graves of the fallen. Veterans memorial plaque. 1984 - Normandy. Artillery positions. 2. Persian Gulf - Strengthening measures to ensure the safety of ships in the Gulf. Salvage tugs in the waters of the bay. Tankers on the way to the Straits of Hormuz. U.S. Navy ships. 3. USA, San Francisco - Cable trams on the streets. 4. India - Staff training siege Sikhs. In the camps suffered from right-extremist speeches and deliver food items Prevost needed. 5. Lebanon - increases the resistance movement to Israeli troops in southern Lebanon. Israeli patrol. Helicopters and patrol category pa. Checkpoint. City, Ansar camp. Mosque. The leader of the national revenge. Demonstrators carried banners in the streets and chanting. 6. Ireland - a visit by U.S. President Ronald Reagan. Reagan at a banquet in honor of his visit, visiting Parliament. Three members of parliament that leave the meeting in protest. Speech by President Reagan. Famine, refugee camps. Addis Ababa - the tenth session of the UN Committee on the distribution of food. 11. Italy, Rome - a parade in honor of the republic. President Pertini lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 12. Israel - a charge the two officers to assist the anti-Arab tion group. 13. France - celebrating the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Second Front: staging point landing in Normandy on June 1, 1944.
1. USA - predbyvornaya campaign. Minnesota - Mondeyp Wu says. Los Angeles - Gary Hart speaks, says J. Jackson. 2. Kenya - the opening of the Center for the study and promotion of the protection of wild animals in Africa. Present American star Stephanie Paueers. 3. England - diaries of Cuban revolutionary hero Chegevary will be sold at auction in Sotsbi. Newsreel of the 1960 - 1965 period of Chegevare. 1968 - Fidel Castro announces the release of the book diary Chegevary. 4. France - the leaders of the Western powers, and President Reagan came to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the landing of troops in Norman Dee. Lights Turkish boat. Riya Iranian artillery firing. The destruction of the Iranian territory. Tanker in the Gulf. 8. England, London - A meeting of the leaders of the seven Western countries on the economy and politics. Present President Gaston UES. 9. Austria - Austrian Chancellor meeting with the Prime Minister of South Africa Botha. France, Paris - a demonstration against the regime of Bots. 10. India - victims of right-extremist acts in the states of Punjab and Haryana. Destroyed the Golden Temple, the wounded. Army troops to restore order. 11. Chile - the manufacture and packaging of fission bombs. Iraq buys bomb. Iraqi transport plane takes off. USA - U.S. expert says M. Vlachos effect of these charges. Ispy tanie fragmentation bombs. 12. Egypt, Cairo - the funeral of Prime Minister Fouad Mohaeddi on. 13. South Africa - black mass evictions in the remote settlements of being built by the decision of the government. 14. England, London - A meeting of the leaders of the seven Western powers on economics and politics.
1. Cyprus, Nicosia - a protest demonstration against the Greek population of the Turkish houses, abandoned by the Greeks after the Turkish invasion of the island 10 years ago. Houses in Port Ramagusta the north. 2. India - Major General Brar tells correspondent of the battle with the right-extremist groups for the Golden Temple. 3. England, London - a meeting of leaders of the seven Western powers. Enclose flax meeting. Demonstration calling for the cancellation of deploying nuclear missiles in Europe. The demonstrators blocked the road in front of cars participants. The rally in Trafalgar Square. 4. Bolivia - the plight of the poor in the country. 5. Persian Gulf: Kuwaiti super-tanker was destroyed Reza ltate rocket attack during the war. 6. USA - record heat in the north-eastern states. New York: Children outdoors pouring water from a hose. Sunbathing in the park. Team cars "first aid". Beach. 7. Lebanon, Beirut - MPs and ministers come to Parliament ment, despite the fire. The street filled with smoke. 8. Italy - the death of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the country minguera E. Baer. Flag at half-mast on the building. Leaders of the party on the balcony. Newsreel 1978 - 1983 years of E. Berminguere. 9. Papua New Guinea - the tense situation on the border with Indonesia. Diplomatic row between the two countries. 10. USA - ship with immigrants from Haiti sank near the coast of the United States. 11. Israel, Tel Aviv - 3O-minute thousandth of a protest demonstration against the presence of Israeli troops in southern Lebanon. 12. Italy - Pope John Paul 2 receives the Prime Minister Botha of South Africa during his visit to the country. South Africa, Johannesburg - Bishop tattoo against his visit. 13. India - Golden Temple soldiers searched for weapons. Nye duced in the well weapons and gold. 14. Argentina - the economic and political situation in the country. 1983 - Election of President Alfonsin. Buenos Aires - streets, shops. The price of goods. In the framework of the ships before. President inspects fleet. 15. Iran - Dezfule destruction in a rocket attack, despite the truce. Khomeini stands in Tehran. Iraq skie prisoners. 16. Lebanon and West Beirut - heavy fire: burning cars, explosions, people running down the street. Soldiers fired from mortars. Go vorit Walid Jumblatt, urging warring parties to the negotiating table. 17. India - the defeat of the rebels. Delhi: Xia army trucks moving along the road. Soldiers in trucks. Amritsar: street scenes. Gandhi arrives in a helicopter and turns to the army.
1. Israel - the government decides to increase the production of weapons of new technology, despite the high inflation in the country. Tanks and transporters, the F-16 aircraft. Helicopters, bombs. Aircraft factory. Businesspeople listening I. Shamir. The exhibition of robots. Displays. 2. Iraq - the troops preparing to attack Iranian troops. Military positions near Basra, strengthening, technology. Basra: destroyed buildings, ships in port, fortifications around the port. 3. India - restored order in the state of Punjab. Ministers meeting in Delhi to discuss the situation in the state. Pakistan - on television stands Agency director of external information of the country. 4. Italy, Rome - Funeral Party General Secretary kommmunisticheskoy Italy E. Berlinguer. 5. Netherlands, The Hague - a debate in Parliament on the issue of the deployment of nuclear weapons. Demonstration outside the walls of Parliament against the deployment of missiles in the country. 6. Afghanistan - bomb blasts in the Valley. Destroyed building, the smoke in the valley. Guerrilla patrol arrives in the village. Mina, dropped from Soviet aircraft. CU.estyane treated field. Traces of bullets on the walls of the school. Abdul Aziz is MS.edi collapsed buildings, said to a reporter. Children on the mountain, heard the shots. Armed Partee Zana. Destroyed building, nezasazhennoe field. Logs dumped with willows folk. Right esktremistov rally. Is their leader Le Pen. Demonstrators protest at the site of the synagogue erected barricades. The police dispersed the demonstrators. 13. South Africa, Cape Town - the return of Prime Minister Botha from a tour of Europe. 14. South Africa - the country unexpectedly snowed. 15. Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico - CU.izis economy in Latin America, caused by foreign indebtedness Tew. Poverty of the population, starving, commodity prices, banks, closed factories. Filming 1982 - 1984 period. 16. Iran - U.S. intelligence agencies uncovered a clandestine way in which the country exported weapons. Up front, the military equipment. U.S. - troops. U.S. military. Air Force Base. 17. India - the destruction of the Punjab after the speeches of Comrade extremists. The train station and the branch that connects Delhi with Pedzha bong. Demonstration of Sikhs in Delhi.
1. Cuba, Havana - Fidel Castro meeting with a candidate for the U.S. presidency of the Democratic Party of Jesse Jackson. 2. Argentina, Chile - the development of the defense industry in connection with the Iran-Iraq conflict. 3. Angola - UNITA leader Savimbi warns of the danger of foreign workers participate in the works in the "war zone HN." Savimbi said representatives CU.asnogo CU.esta. Hostage. 4. Mexico - the authorities are struggling to cope with illegal stash of refugees from Guatemala. Refugee camp Chiapas. 5. Philippines - investigation into the murder of opposition leader Aquino. Zaya mentation of the Prime Minister in the court of Virata. 6. England - Sports: Wimbledon tennis tournament. 7. Greece - debate in the government about paving roads in areas of archaeological finds. 8. France - the country's national team won the European Cup in football. Final. 9. Italy, Rome - International Conference on rybolovst Islands. Jackson. D. Jackson meets with U.S. prisoners in E, seeking their release. Nicaragua - meeting J. Jackson with the leaders of the country. 14. Cambodia - 3 thousand Vietnamese soldiers removed from the country. 15. Philippines - finished hearing Aquino. Antipravitel governmental demonstrations in the country. 16. Cambodia - the parade of the People's Army. Western journalists present prime. 17. Germany, Frankfurt - government money predalaget emigrants there, wishing to leave the country voluntarily. Turkish families schayutsya return to their homeland. 18. Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem - panic on the exchange and in the cities due to the devaluation of the shekel. 19. USA - a fire in the wake of the fuel tanker explosion. 20. Nicaragua, Matagalpa - the head of the Northern troops connection D. Vu Locke speaks to recruits. 21. South Africa - right Conservative Party defeated the National Party. Vote. 22. Philippines, Manila - student demonstration at the Presidential Palace to demand higher wages and use MS.edstv allocated for service, education and social security. 23. Argentina, Buenos Aires - Argentina visit to the British Parliament ntariev to discuss the situation in the South Atlantic. The explosion of a tanker by negligent handling of a blow torch on its board. 24. Cuba - a candidate for U.S. president George Jackson departs after a visit to the country with his American prisoners transferred in E after the agreement with Fidel Castro. USA, Washington - Jackson arrives in the country.
Passengers can fly from airports in connection with the dismissal of employees. 6. Lebanon, Beirut - Lebanon's army took a position along the ceasefire line to ensure safety. 7. England, London - at auction in CU.istayse Duke of Devonshire is selling paintings of the old masters from the collection Chetsvortskogo Homes for the content of the House. One painting sold for 28 million dollars. 8. Tokyo, Japan - children in school are taught to use chopsticks. 9. Lesotho, South Africa - the plight of the miners in the Negro. Miners' union leader Negro S. Ramafosa warns of possible strike blacks. 10. Ireland - Sports: Yuri Sedykh (USSR) broke the world record in the hammer throw. 11. Lebanon: Sabra, Shatila - after fighting between rival factions of the tensions in the camps. Tion of armed police patrolling the roads. 12. South Africa: Kimberley, Johannesburg - protests in connection with the entry into force of the law on military service for white youths. 13. Cyprus - special report "10 years after the invasion of Turkish troops in Cyprus." Panda in the forest at the zoo. Center for the Study of Nature. Nancy Reagan, during his visit to the country is a panda. 21. Germany, Dusseldorf - Police stormed a bank where a robber took hostages. 22. Pakistan, India - Indian Sikh extremists seized the ship and the hostages flew to Pakistan. 23. Sweden, Stockholm - European Conference on Disarmament Niya. UN chief speaks Perez de Cuellar and Soviet representatives Tel O. Grinevsky.

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