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Foreign news footages 1982 № 74

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. United States, England, Switzerland, Israel, France - Summary plot "Economic cal CU.izis on airlines capitalist countries."

Filming 1976-1982 period. 2. France - the wife of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, who was executed in 1978, CU.itikuet modern regime of Pakistan. 3. Sudan, Khartoum - Sudanese squad volunteers before being sent to Iraq to take part in the war against Iran. 4. China Beying - visit by the leader of the Cambodian factions Dream Sanaa.

The meeting with the Chinese Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang. 5. Egypt, Cairo - PLO delegation met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ali.

Interview with a member of the delegation of the PLO. 6. Belgium - Belgian CU.izis economy.

Demonstrations and ki Steelworkers on strike and miners.

Closed factories.

Pakistan, Islamabad - The visit of the Chinese delegation. 13. India - the Asian Games.



Foreign news footages 1982 № 75

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. USA, Florida - Space Vehicle "Space Shuttle Challenger" at the space center at Cape Canaveral. 2. UN - Meeting of the General Assambeli on independence of Namibia.

Are the representatives of Zambia, Angola, Tanzania. 3. Israel, the desert Nechev - opening new Israeli military base stifling impact on the earth bedduinov. 4. Ghana - the situation in the country after the coup.

Filming 1957 - 1982 period. 5. India, New Delhi - Address Chinese gymnasts at the Asian Games. 6. Albania, Tirana - The People's Assembly shall elect a new head of state.

Acts party leader E. Hodge. 7. Philippines - Philippine opposition leader interviews to strengthen repression in the country. 8. England - Final Table Tennis Tournament for the prize of Norwich Union. 9. United States, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica - special report on Latin America for the upcoming tour of the Reagan.

The Chairman read out the results of the vote.

The new Prime Minister of E - Nakasone.

Used shooting of him in 1953, 1978, and 1980. 17. China - sitting of the fifth session of the National People's Congress. 18. Syria, Damascus - Press Conference PLO leader Yasser Arafat. 19. Portugal, Tomar - President Eanesh takes parade on the anniversary of the counter-revolution.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 76

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Tehran, Iran - compounds Citizen Army mobilized for the Gulf War, marching through the streets. 2. France - the use of household waste for fuel. 3. Poland, Warsaw - the funeral of dissident Grazyna Kuron. 4. India, New Delhi, the Taj Mahal - the visit of French President Mitterrand in the country. 5. USA, Washington - a meeting of the Ku Klux klanovtsev in a park near the White House.

Demonstration of the opponents of this organization.

Clashes with police. 6. South Africa, USA, France, England - special report "15 years since the first heart transplant operation rights."

Filming 1968 - 1982 period. 7. Iraq - military action against Iran on the Central Front. 8. South Africa, Transvaal - National Park CU.yugera.

Giraffes, elephants, antelopes.

Animals that die from drought and famine. 9. Switzerland, Geneva - Conference on Trade and Tariffs. 10. Poland, Warsaw - Mass of the internees according to the laws of war. 11. Special report on preparations for the signing of an agreement on maritime law. 12. Nicaragua - the announcement of martial law in the five provinces of s.

Sandinistas Hinotkga patrol mountainous region.

Soldiers help harvest coffee.

The funeral of the murdered Sandinistas.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 77

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. El Salvador - Three guerrillas killed in an attack on a freight train. 2. Egypt, the Nile delta - a plague of rats on the farm hozyayst Islands, farmers struggle with them. 3. South Korea: boxing, match Korea: Venezuela. 4. Lebanon - U.S. Navy maneuvers near the Lebanese coast with the aircraft carrier Independis. 5. Brazil - U.S. president arrives at Presidential Palace for talks with Brazilian leaders. 6. Mexico - Miguel de la Madrid relies on the presidency. 7. Lebanon, Beirut - Druze leader Jumblatt wounded during a bomb explosion in a car. 8. India, Bombay - millions of homeless. 9. Japan - boxing. 10. Spain, Madrid - Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, leader of the Social sheet delivers first speech in Congress.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 78

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Albania, Tirana - the consequences of the earthquake, which occurred on November 17.

People without CU.ova. 2. England, India - former students of the University of British organizations zovyvayut mail order company, which operates between Nyukestlom and India. 3. Lebanon - the tense situation in West Beirut after an assassination attempt on the leader of the Druze LS.iny Jumblatt.

Palestinians in the Bekaa Valley. 4. Nigeria - Conference of Ministers of seven countries that produce tin. 5. Zimbabwe, Karara - interview with former Prime Minister Ian Smith's Rhodesia. 6. Thailand - in the village of Ban Bak guerrillas surrender stvu ruler. 7. Tanzania - an overview story about President Nyerere of Tanzania.

Filming 1960 - 1982 period. 8. Israel, Jerusalem - the leader of the right of the Lebanese militia Sakr has been very news conference.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 79

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Costa Rica - the situation in the country. 2. Honduras, Santa Barbara - Summary Report: soldiers in camps re.

Plane over the city.

Hungry children.

Sick woman. 3. Salvador - President Magana announces creation of the Commission on Human Rights. 4. Iran - overview report about Iran's spiritual leader Ayatollah Homey either.

Filming 1978 - 1980 period. 5. China - a new constitution at the session of the NPC. 6. India, New Delhi - Affiliates competition in volleyball and badminton.

Raymond Tse closing the Asian Games. 7. Tanzania, Dar es Salaam - Tanzania's meeting of the Presidents and Deputy Namibia.

Discussion of the contentious issue of the railway between the countries. 8. Poland, Warsaw - General Jaruzelski said the success coal indus.

At the Diet were made dire predictions for 1983. 9. Nicaragua, Managua - a protest demonstration during a visit by President Reagan in Latin America. 10. U.S. - the effects of severe flooding caused by torrential rains in the residential areas of Newport, Arkansas and Missouri Arnold.


Teli save their homes, build a dam. 11. Tokyo, Japan - an electronic camera, controlled holographic catfish.

Building a computer at the factory.

A computer reads the text smooth female voice. 12. Lebanon and West Beirut - Lebanese and Palestinian women are demanding the release of prisoners. 13. Lebanon - crew "Viznyus" comes under fire in the collision groups of friends and the Christian militia in the mountain valley of Bekaa.

Killed 16 people. 20. Zimbabwe - former Prime Minister of Rhodesia, Smith condemns police raids.

Prime Minister Mugabe denies the charges.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 80

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Poland - an overview report about the situation in the country in connection with the forthcoming abolition of martial law a year after.

Vatican City - L. Walesa at a meeting with Pope John Paul 2. Filming 1981. 2. Spain - the country announced plans to re-open Skuju Gibraltar border.

Review of developments in Gibraltar from 1969 to 1982. 3. USA, Washington - official visit by Pakistani President Zia ul Hai. 4. USA, Salt Lake - the world's first surgery to implant an artificial heart.


Ayatollah Homey vote no.

Voted his successor Ayatollah Montazeri. 21. South Korea - preparation for the Olympic Games in 1988. 22. Lebanon - the tense situation in the alleys and port of Tripoli. 23. Norway, Oslo, Stockholm, Sweden - Ceremony Nobelevs FIR peace prizes and other nominations. 24. England - Welsh Vicar beats the world record by lying on a bed of nails.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 81

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Yemen Arab Republic - Yasser Arafat attends a training camp PLO guerrillas. 2. France, Paris - a convoy of trucks with food sent to Poland. 3. Tanzania - President Nyerere in celebration of the 21st anniversary of Independence.

Parade. 4. Zimbabwe, Harare - captured commandos, trained in South Africa to perform tasks in Southern Zimbabwe.

With the prosecution were the Minister of Justice of Zimbabwe. 5. USA, Washington - A press conference Reagan about his address to Congress on the allocation MS.edstv to build missiles "MX." 6. Mexico - a review of the economy in a strong CU.izise.

Pa rad.

Present President Moi. 12. England, Northern Ireland, Armach - Police killed two nevooru adjoint IRA. 13. England - women who protest against nuclear weapons and block the missile base at Greenham Common, USA (80 km to the west of London). 14. UNPO - session of the General Assembly.

Vote for freezing tion of nuclear weapons. 15. Italy - the consequences of the landslide in the town on Anko: destroyed railroad house. 16. Yemen Arab Republic, Dhamar province - the consequences of the earthquake in northern Yemen.

Wood decay either.

Homeless people.

The dead and wounded.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 82

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Retaliation of the Soviet Union. 12. England - the consequences of a collision between two ferries during a storm in the English Channel. 13. Australia - the second stage CU.ugosvetnyh solo races.

Frenchman Philippe Jeanty leads on his yacht. 14. USSR, Moscow - celebrating the 60th anniversary of the USSR. 15. Vienna, Austria - OPEC meeting sets the level of oil produc Twa 1983. 16. Venezuela, Takao - explosion on oil storage neftetsistern near Caracas.

Clouds of smoke.

Burning neftekombinat.

Fire victims endure you out of the fire.

Hospitals, wounded. 17. Nicaragua, Managua - a youth rally in support of the Government wa Sandinistas. 18. Spain, Arrigorriaga - a monument to the leader of the Basque separatists, who died four years ago. 19. Zambia, Lusaka - President Kenneth Kaunda condemns the military raided the South African forces in Lesotho. 20. Poland, Warsaw - a city on the eve of Christmas.

Festive coffee and tea mentation Poles. 21. U.S. - Toyota tennis championships.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 83

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Japan - bicycle parking in the city. 2. Zimbabwe - The arrival leader Mengistu Haile Mariam.

Meeting at the airport.

The meeting at the stadium to support the fight Shinoe African peoples against colonialism and apartheid, yes.

Speech by M. Mariam. 3. Cairo, Egypt - President Mubarak's conversation with the Prime Minister of the State Council Zhao Ziyang.

Children work on a carpet company, emboss on metal. 19. Iran Dezful - implications of missile attacks, destruction. 20. Israel, Tel Aviv - Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Boris Hubermana. 21. Sudan - a team of Liverpool (England) and the Sudan national team. 22. USSR - hockey.

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