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News Foreign news footages

Footage of the events and life of foreign countries: foreign and domestic policy, social life, elections, conflicts, celebrations, incidents and etc.

Cover the period from 1982 to 1991.

1. Bangladesh: Severe flooding in the north. 2. Sudan: The Nile River poured drinks for $ 5 million. Present at the ceremony, President George Nimey ri. 3. South Africa: Black settlers destroying their temporary home in the Cape Town area. 4. Japan meets U.S. Secretary of Defense Weinberger's Minister of Foreign Affairs. China: Minister of Defence KYR with U.S. Defense Secretary Weinberger. 5. Tunisia: The story about the president of H. Bourguiba. 1955-1983gg. 6. South Africa: Mass protest against the Zulus "tricolor parliament." 7. South Africa, Zimbabwe: drought. 8. Italy: Protest in Coliseum against the deployment of nuclear missiles the U.S. to Italy. Police disperse demonstrators with tear gas and water. 9. The Soviet Union, South Korea: USSR passes a South Korean personal belongings and the remains of a downed South Korean airliner, a provocation against the Soviet Union. 10. Lebanon: The Lebanese Armed Forces celebrate the announcement of the Prek increments of fire in the Middle East. Syria: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country with Prince Saudovs Coy Arabia 11. Kenya: Presidential elections in the country. Elected president Arap Moi al. 12. Israel: Talks Prime Minister Shamir retired from rum opposition leader Peres in connection with the establishment of the Government nationalized lnogo unity. 13. Canada: Sports. International marathon in Montreal. 14. U.S.: U.S. President Reagan speaking at a meeting of the International Monetary Fund - sync. 15. China: U.S. defense talks with Hu Yaobanom.
1. UK: European Championships in Athletics. 2. Mexico: Spec. report about the economic difficulties of the country in 1982-1983gg. 3. South Africa: Creating a new political party black. 4. South Korea: Interview with Chinese pilot, hijacked a plane and defected to South Korea. 5. Afghanistan: Fighting. U.S.: American aid organizations collect medical cops to be sent to Afghanistan. 6. Lebanon: Military action in Chouf mountains: Israeli positions tion, battalions, Druze, Lebanese soldiers. 7. Venezuela: Swimming competition. 8. Philippines: The murder of opposition leader Sen. B. Aquino. Interview relatives Aquino. 9. Chad: French military aircraft arriving in N'Djamena. Visit of President Mobutu of Zaire. 10. Italy: European Swimming Championships. 11. Chad, Libya: Special report "Developments in Chad and Libya policy in Africa" ​​1970-1983gg. 12. Lebanon: Consequences of fire between troops and battalions Maronite friends. 13. Philippines: Interview of President Marcos and the chief of police for the murder of opposition leader Senator Aquino. U.S. President Reagan and the State Department A. Romberg make a statement in connection with the murder of Philippine Senator Aquino. 14. Nicaragua: Funeral Sandinista soldiers. Ceremony in memory of the founder of the Sandinista Front K. Fonesca. 15. Poland: Workers in Gdansk docks refuse to take part in a campaign to sabotage the work of organized committee, "SCC". Wreath-laying ceremony at the monument to workers killed during anti-government protests in 1980. 16. Norway: Sports. International track and field competition.
Foreign Minister receives delegation delstrany PLO. Lebanon: A representative of the National Liberation Front of Pales Tina was in favor of Arafat. 13. USA: International Regatta in Newport. 14. Zimbabwe opposition leader J. Nkomo returned to Bulawayo after 5 months izgnanaiya. 15. France: Sending French Marines in the Central African Republic, as a replacement for those units that have been transferred from the Central African Republic to Chad. Chad: French doctors treating the injured soldiers rulers lstvennyh troops. 16. Philippines: Effects of the earthquake. 17. Lebanon: Demonstration of Iranian volunteers in support of Lebanon. 18. South Korea: A court in Seoul over six Chinese, Chinese airlines to hijack a plane. 19. China: Reconstruction work in Tangshan, destroyed by an earthquake in 1976. 20. Egypt: Joint exercises of U.S. and Egypt. Speech by Minister for Foreign Affairs of Egypt, with the support of U.S. policy in the Middle East-sync. Members of the opposition protest GOVERNMENTAL joint maneuvers. 21. Belgium: Birth 5 twins. 22. UN: Iran's representative to the UN opposes U.S. policy in the Middle East. 23. USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium Chairman Yuri Andropov, met in Moscow with U.S. senators. U.S. State. U.S. Secretary Caspar Weinberger says Soviet Proposition banning anti-satellite weapons. 24. Belgium: A fire at a carpet factory. 25. Chad: Representatives of the International CU.asnogo CU.esta deliver medical supplies to hospitals. Assistance to the wounded. 26. Botswana: A refugee camp in Zimbabwe. Refugees celebrate et in Zimbabwe return from exile of ZAPU leader J. Nkomo.
1. UK: Northern Ireland. Unrest in Belfast, in connection with the 12th anniversary of the arrest without indictments. 2. UN: Marchers protest against nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union, Denmark, Finland and other countries hand over a petition to the UN Secretary General. 3. USA: The election campaign of Representative Democrats Senator J. Jackson. 4. South Africa: Animals and birds affected by the catastrophe of the Spanish oil tankers off the coast of South Africa. 5. Poland: The first international festitval country music. A group of Czechoslovakia and Poland. 6. Sri Lanka: U.S. aid to the Tamil separatists. 7. Germany: Members of the group "Greenpeace" protest against the dumping of chemical waste into the sea. 8. Africa: The great drought in Africa. Review of 1978-1983gg. 9. Finland: the World Cup finals in athletics. 10. Lebanon: Palestinian hospital, which was destroyed by a bomb. Shelling the airport in Beirut. 11. Guatemala: The situation in the country following a military coup. P Ress conference of the coup, General William Viktoresa. 12. Egypt: Opening after the restoration of the mosque Al Askhar. There grezident Mubarak. 13. Poland: Regional leader of "Solidarity" L. Viegolski, is in hiding, shall tyam Vlas. U.S. Sen. Dodd discusses with officials and representatives of the Church of the issue of lifting economic sanctions against Poland. 14. Finland: World Championships in Athletics. 15. Chile: Oath of the new cabinet. Tion student demonstrations against the government of Pinochet in Santiago. 16. Chad: French paratroops arrive in N'Djamena to help Habré regime. Delivery of food from Cameroon Press Conference President Habré.

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