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News Foreign news footages

Footage of the events and life of foreign countries: foreign and domestic policy, social life, elections, conflicts, celebrations, incidents and etc.

Cover the period from 1982 to 1991.

Presented the restored aircraft "Spitfire." 9. Brazil, Santa Catarina - the effects of severe flooding. 10. Poland, Warsaw - release under an amnesty dissident Jacek Kuron. Prison. Curon speaks at a rally after his release. 11. Zimbabwe, Harare - President Robert Mugabe thanked M. Machel of Mozambique for their help in the opening of the Congress of ZANU. 12. Argentina: San Miguel, Tugushan - strike police quirement with the require higher wages and fight corruption. 13. Japan - the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki. At the ceremony, Dwell Paet Prime Minister Nakasone. 14. U.S. Vshington - Statement by the Army for assistance from the socialist countries and the Salvadoran rebels. 15. Mexico City, Mexico - International Conference on problems of the people of the population. Delegates did not approve of the U.S. attitude to abortion. 16. South Africa, Soweto - Mrs. Botha attends school. She is accompanied by the mayor and his wife. 17. Hong Kong - the villagers watching the demolition of houses for future construction. 18. Malaysia - killed by inverting the dredger. 19. USA, Massachusetts - consequences stolnoveniya two gangs in Lawrence destroyed liquor store fire. 20. NATO - otnoeshny complications with the U.S. due to the cost of armaments set. Delegates expressed solidarity to women fighters in South Africa and Namibia. 27. Israel, West Bank - Israeli families resettled in Hebron. 28. Peru - coastal pollution, loss of fish and birds as a result of oil tankers CU.usheniya "Ariana."
Tion record number of spectators at football games. 11. USA, Colorado - riding wild horses. 12. USA - racing pigs. Spectators watch the races. 13. USA, New York - Sports: parade of athletes - Olympians on a city street. Spectators welcome athletes. During the parade there was a destruction scaffolding affected vehicles are taken away, "first aid". 14. USA - a review of foreign policy of the Reagan administration. Filming 1974 - 1984 period. 15. Philippines, Manila - an anti-government protest march. 16. Japan: Iokosuko, Tokyo: U.S. Navy destroyer arrives in the country. P remer Minister paid tribute to those killed in the war. 17. USA, Florida - from Cape Canaveral launched rocket with three satellites. 18. South Africa - five policemen were wounded in a bomb attack at a police administration building. 19. USA, Los Angeles - a former automobile magnate John de Loria acquitted of selling drugs. At the courthouse in Lorient walk with his wife. 20. Costa Rica, San Jose - the monetary reform in the country. Members of the Cabinet of Ministers in Parliament ment. 26. Uruguay, Montevideo - a demonstration of the opposition leader after the withdrawal tion as a candidate for president. 27. USA, Dallas - preparation for the RNC. The orchestra, marching. The celebration involved medalist. Hall of the congress, the work of the commission. 1. Sports: construction of Olympic facilities in Seoul in preparation for the 24 Olympic Games in 1988.

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