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News Foreign news footages

Footage of the events and life of foreign countries: foreign and domestic policy, social life, elections, conflicts, celebrations, incidents and etc.

Cover the period from 1982 to 1991.

1. South Africa - members of the commune, discuss the impending eviction due to the policy of apartheid. 2. Portugal, Lisbon - Left parties protest against zakonop roject on internal security. Protest. 3. USA, Massachusetts - she wins the biggest prize in the lottery - $ 13 million. 4. Canada - feeding pigs squeal CU.iticheskogo reaches the human ear level decibels. 5. Israel - the political situation in the country ahead of the elections. 6. New Zealand, Wellington - the victory of the Labour Party in the election. Labour leader says D. Lange. 7. Cairo, Egypt - because of the housing shortage due to the increased birth rate, families are forced to settle in the "city of the dead." 8. Italy, Rome - arrested man that struck the statue in the park of Villa Borghese. Broken statues. 9. India - Sikh religious fanatics of the units of the death squads are trying to arrange a demonstration at the Temple of Amritsar. Army division IMPLIED cover approaches to the temple. 10. Poland, Warsaw - and a judgment against police officers accused of beating a student who died from beatings. The judge read the post lished trial, people in the audience, listening to a standing position. Court justifies policing FIR. Wreaths, candles and flowers on the grave of the student, the son of the poet B. Sadowski, a supporter of the "Solidarity". 11. Thailand - have developed a new drug for the treatment of malaria. 12. Lebanon, Beirut - the normalization of life. 13. Australia, Darwin - the arrest of demonstrators protesting against the supply of uranium to Europe.
1. Japan: The experimental production of a new type of nuclear energy by the fusion reaction. 2. USA, Italy: Special report on the activities of a criminal syndicate CU.upneyshego. 1930 to 1985. 3. U.S. test a new drug for the treatment of vascular diseases. 4. Honduras: Maneuvers U.S. armored units and troops in Honduras nikraguanskoy border. 5. Canada: Zapavednik. Scientists nursed cubs. 6. Australia: The birth of a child out of the cell, fertilized in the wading kyo. 7. South Africa: Lack of food in black populations. The trial of a group of police officers accused of violence against the protesters. 8. Israel: Lebanese female suicide bomber detonates a bomb to blow himself and Israeli soldiers. Funeral of Israeli soldiers. 9. Lebanon: Israeli artillery shelling Palestinian refugee camps in Side. 10. Albania: The story about the leader of the Albanian Party of Labor E. Hodge, in connection with his death. Military training teams of government troops. 17. UK: Northern Ireland. Men gel. 23. UN: Press conference of the UN Secretary General P. de Cuellar after a trip to Iran and Iraq to uregilirovat Iran-Iraq conflict. The conference serves Iran's representative to the UN. 24. USA: Launch spaceplane "Discovery" with a crew of seven people on board, to mark the fourth anniversary of the establishment of the "Shuttle". 25. Chile: Student protest demonstration against the regime that Pinoche. Police disperse demonstrators with tear gas. 26. Japan: Sports. International volleyball competition MS.edi female teams. 27. Peru: Pre-election rally in support of the People's Action Party.
1. India: Sikhs celebrate the annual harvest festival. 2. Special Feature. The situation in the third world, in connection with the representatives yaschey Conference of Foreign Ministers and representatives of non-aligned countries. Review of 1982 to 1985. 3. U.S. Vice-President Bush signs the subsidy for one MLR. dollars to African countries affected by drought. Ethiopia: Scenes documentary about the famine in Ethiopia. 4. Spain: Implications of a bomb in a restaurant. 5. South Africa: Funeral of Africans killed by police during a wave of racial tions. 6. USA: The operation to transplant artificial heart. 7. South Africa: Slum dwellers are moving to a new camp, which rules the lstvo grant temporary legal status. 8. Japan: Sports. International Marathon. 9. U.S.: Land management services are being developed spaceflight program repair a damaged satellite. 10. Albania: Tirana Funeral leader Emomali Hoxha. 11. Iraq: Talks with President Hussein PLO leader Yasser Arafat. 12. Lebanon: The killing of three Lebanese suspected of collaborating with the Israeli security services. The consequences of fire, the Christian miles tion Saida. 13. Egypt: President Mubarak meets with a member of the Cabinet of Ministers of Israel Weizmann. Weizman interview. 14. U.S.: American astronauts in space will attempt to repair the failed satellite. 15. Australia: A visit to the country leader Hu Yaobanya. 16. Cambodia (Kampuchea): Fighting on the Thai-Cambodian boundary of a.
1. UN: Special report to the 35th anniversary of the UN Committee for Aid to Refugees. Review of 1950 to 1985. 2. UN: Iran's Foreign Minister speaking at the UN accuses Iraq of using gas during the war. 3. Thailand: Cambodian refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodian boundary of a 4. Argentina: A visit to the country of the King of Spain Juan Carlos. Meeting with President Alfonsin. 5. U.S. Astronauts spaceplane "Discovery" stop trying to mount otre orbiting satellite failed. 6. Lebanon: Fighting between rival factions in Beirut and Sidon. 7. U.S. President's visit to the country of Algeria Bendjedid Ch. Meeting with President Reagan and Vice President Bush. 8. Angola: Partial withdrawal of South African troops from Angola. 9. Namibia :25-th anniversary of the establishment of SWAPO (People's Organization South West Africa). Special report on the struggle for the independence of Namibia, SWAPO in 1979-85gg. 10. Vietnam :10 anniversary of the overthrow of the reactionary regime in South Vietnam. Newsreels 1973 to 1985. 17. New Zealand Prime Minister Palmer CU.itikuet Associa tion rugby decision to hold the competition in rugby in South Africa. 18. India: Konfrerentsiya nonaligned countries. Delegates require the lifting of South Africa to form an interim government in Namibia Us. 19. USA: Crew kosmaplana "Discovery" returned to Earth after a failed attempt to repair a satellite's orbit neisparvny. 20. South Africa: Implications of race riots in Soweto and Kvanobule. 21. Germany :40 anniversary of the liberation by Allied troops camp Bergen-Belsen. Newsreels 1945.
1. USA, California - workers dismantled restaurant in San Ysidro, where the event occurred CU.ovavye: unemployed Haeberle killed 21 people and was shot by police. 2. Japan - CU.upnaya car accident: 5 people burned in their cars. 3. Japan - in experiments cow calved two calves. 4. Lebanon - Christian families who fled their homes last year in Mishrife because of the fighting back. 5. Lebanon, Beirut - the economic consequences of war: destroyed homes, factories. Attempts to revive the economy, banking institutions of. At the airport, he was greeted supporters ki. states to disregard the election. 11. Bangladesh, Dhaka - President Ershad speaks at election rally. 12. Italy - the trial of the leaders of the Mafia in Sicily. For the murder of two judges Palermo Mafia leader sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment. 13. Lebanon, Beirut - Security Committee officials and French commentators discuss efforts to bring peace to the area of ​​"green line". 14. Poland, Warsaw - anmistiya in the 40th anniversary of the PNRM. Released 625 prisoners, which MS.edi B. Bujak. Bujak and other prisoners are released from prison, meet with families. EEC Commission filed suit against Germany for breaking the law of the 16th century, the production of beer. 25. China - visit by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. 26. Lebanon - Hundreds of Lebanese who were trying to return to their homes in the occupied area of ​​southern Lebanon were detained in zone not controlled by Israel.
1. Bangladesh - wreckage, CU.ushenie injured in the storm. 2. Hong Kong - negotiations on sovereignty. Filming 1979 - 1984 period. 3. Pakistan - the remnants of the Soviet aircraft, the victim in the area of ​​CU.ushenie Karachi. 4. USA - launching the most powerful nuclear submarine Navy. Protests demonstrators during the descent. 5. China - a visit by the Prime Minister of North Korea Sung-Sang. Torzhes twain meeting, talks with Chinese Premier Dzyao Dziyanom. 6. Japan - the successful launch of a new meteorological satellite. 7. Japan, Hiroshima - commemorated the victims of a nuclear explosion in 1945. Anti-nuclear demonstration. Newsreel, 1945: a nuclear explosion, a ruined city. 8. Lebanon - Christians, Druze leaders meet to discuss the refugee problem. 9. Mexico City, Mexico - A conference of representatives of over 150 countries on the issue narodonasekleniya. Serves director of the UN Population Rafael Salaz. 10. China - the story of Deng Xiaoping on his 80th birthday. Filming 1949 - 1984 period. 11. Egypt, the Suez Canal - the authorities began clearing CU.asnogo Sea. 12. USA - 10th anniversary of Nixon's resignation in connection with the Watergate affair. Filming 1974. 13. USA - panda gave birth to a dead baby. 14. England - scientists have invented a new high-energy biscuits for the starving in Ethiopia. Production of biscuits. 15. Zimbabwe - Mugabe and the ruling party is preparing for the first exit after the independence.

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