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News Foreign news footages

Footage of the events and life of foreign countries: foreign and domestic policy, social life, elections, conflicts, celebrations, incidents and etc.

Cover the period from 1982 to 1991.

Kinohro nick 1958-1983gg. 8. Lebanon: The American contingent mezhdunaradnyh forces in Lebanon it possible strengthening its position in Beirut. U.S.: U.S. Senators CU.itikuyut Reigi government policy on Lebanon. 9. South Africa: Implications of racial unrest in the Cape Town area. 10. South Africa: Group hostages freed in Angola and UNITA troops arrive in Johannesburg. 11. Lebanon: Consequences of the fighting in West Beirut. The funeral of the victims. Foreign Minister calls for the withdrawal of Salem eign troops from Lebanon. 12. Spain: The attack on the consular officer of Jordan. 13. UK: Sports. Basketball Championship for the prize of "Philips Electronics". 14. U.S.: Upgraded rengtgenovskie pictures used in surgical operations. 15. USA: The U.S. representative at UNESCO, says U.S. withdrawal from UNESCO. USA: Promoting the game on a rare musical instrument "kazoo". 17. Australia: Sports. Regatta. American yacht "Nirvana" diskvalifi tsirovanna for infringement disstantsii. 18. Lebanon: The Lebanese army has strengthened its position in Beirut. Zayale of Christians and Muslims. 19. Lebanon: Israeli soldiers block the roads leading to the south of Lebanon. Stores in Sidon, closed in protest against Israel's presence in Lebanon. 20. UK: Sports. Basketball. 21. UNESCO: A Review of UNESCO from 1976 to 1983. 22. Switzerland: The accident at the cable car - car stuck at an altitude of two thousand meters. 23. Israel: West Bank. Jordan. impact of bombings in 2 mosques Hebron. Jerusalem. Ministers depart from the Knesset after the meeting on the economy. 24. Israel: Prime Minister Shamir to the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, A. Hamid. 25. Tunisia: The visit of the PLO Yasser Arafat in the country.
1. Greece: The development of the shipbuilding industry. Browse. 2. Poland: Catholic priest I. Popilushko detained by the Polish authorities on charges of possession of illegal fishing materials, returned to his parish. 3. Japan: Spec. report on the former Prime Minister Tan Ke corruption charges. 4. USA: The trial in the court of appeal of the residents of METAR for millions inequality, which for 7 years to illuminate your home in rozhdest, thus impeding others. 5. USA: Emergency landing of spacecraft "Shuttle". 6. Lebanon shelling positions Arafat factions in Tripoli. Tions consequences bomb blast in Beirut Christian Church. 7. Argentina: The application of the new president Alfonsin. 8. Chile: Protest against the new law giving of advantages to foreign firms in mining. 9. Lebanon: Israeli troops carried out the siege, the Del al Kvamar. 10. UK: Sports. Qualifying match in the European Cup. 11. U.S. President Ronald Reagan defended the aggressive actions of American troops in Lebanon. Lebanon: U.S. ships off the coast of Lebanon. The resumption of fighting in Beira those. 12. UK: Use of radioactive gold in the diagnosis of heart disease. 13. U.S. floods in the north-eastern states. 14. Austria: Commission meeting in Vienna to reduce conventional weapons - announced the suspension of negotiations. 15. U.S.: The story of the popular animated cartoon character Mickey Mouse. Cartoon frames of different years. 16. Greece: Research on the use of solar and wind. 17. Syria: U.S. Special Envoy to the Middle East and the Syrian foreign minister, a second round of talks on the settlement of the situation in Lebanon. UK: Lebanese President Gemayel with Margaret Thatcher. P Ress conference Gemayel. 18. Jamaica: The election campaign for the general elections. At the meetings, the Prime Minister E. Siaha and former Prime Minister Manley.

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