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here and now (1999) 01/11/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:18:31.6 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Guests of the program - ex-chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Sergei Dubinin and MP Stepan Sulakshin.

The theme of the day is the appeal of Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov to President Boris Yeltsin on the activity of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on August 17, 1998 (technical default on major types of government debt obligations).

Comments SKDubinin to the participation of Yuri Skuratov in political games.

Explaining the causes and consequences of the events of August 17.

Discussion of the likely role of the Central Bank of Russia in the current crisis.

Nuances of inflation and attempts to stabilize prices.

What prevented a default.

here and now (1999) 12/10/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:48.586 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Gennady Seleznev speaks about the results of the Duma activity over the past four years, about the adopted legislative Acts, the state economic policy, the tasks of the new composition of the Duma and the government, new economic and financial bills, the prospects of the Union Treaty between Russia and Belarus and the unification of the two countries a single state.

A fragment of the program "Here and Now" dated December 9, 1999: Anatoly Chubais talks about the entry of Belarus into Russia.

here and now (1999) 11/10/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:08:50.912 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug Alexander Nazarov speaks about the measures taken by the government to ensure the industry and transport of the district Fuel, the allocation of funds for the Northern delivery, the adoption by the administration of measures for energy conservation, the lack of necessary laws for the economy, the lack of a state concept and means for the development of the North.

here and now (1999) 10.08.1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:18:10.36 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Theme of the day - fighting in Dagestan since the invasion of militants on August 7, 1999.

Guests of the program - the chairman of the People's Assembly of Dagestan Mukhu Aliyev (studio) and the president of Ingushetia Ruslan Aushev (space bridge from Nazran).

MG Aliyev's comments on the results of meetings with government members, the situation in Tsumadinsky and Botlikhsky districts of Dagestan.

Data on the training, number and arming of militants.

Ruslan Aushev on the results of an emergency meeting of the National Security Council of Ingushetia.

Who benefits from the war, the sources of financing terrorists.

Statement of the peoples of Dagestan condemning the actions of militants.


here and now (1999) 06/10/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:19:33.088 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Transfer from the Concert Hall "Russia", dedicated to the anniversary of the singer Lyudmila Zykina.

People's Artist of the USSR Lyudmila Zykina speaks about the upcoming tour, about protests against military actions in the Balkans, about the causes of anti-American sentiments In Russia, the role of Russian culture in world art, about contemporary musical culture, recalls meetings with musicians of the Beatles group, says About the attitude towards modern Communists, political figures and the new government, about the Russian national idea and the Russian people.

Ludmila Zykina is congratulated by Alexander Lebed, Eduard Rossel, Dmitry Yazov, Igor Moiseyev.

here and now (1999) 10.03.1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:50.081 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Exacerbations in the North Caucasus.

Situation in the border territories of Stavropol and Chechnya.

The need to resolve the problems through peaceful political negotiations is emphasized with the aim of preventing military action and introducing a state of emergency.

It is a question of the expected meeting between Yeltsin and Maskhadov, Maskhadov and Primakov, the need to adopt a unified legislative framework for all regions, and to coordinate the actions of federal and local authorities.

Statistical data on refugees, immigrants and migrants from Chechnya living in the territory of the Stavropol Territory

Telephone communications:

With the Governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov;


here and now (1999) 10.02.1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:59.086 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The program was aired on the eve of the signing of a political agreement between the president, the government and the State Duma of the Russian Federation at the initiative of Yevgeny Primakov.

Each of the parties expresses its point of view regarding this agreement.

They tell about the contents of the document, about the areas that it regulates, about making possible changes in the legislation, in case of reaching a consensus.

Telephone communications:

With the Governor of the Lipetsk region Oleg Korolev;

With ORT correspondent Alexei Mikhailovsky, who is in the State Duma, where a meeting of the leaders of the factions with the chairman of the government and the representative of the Russian president takes place.

here and now (1999) 01/10/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:18:27 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The theme of the day is the kidnapping of a teenager in the village of Edissia of the Kursk district of the Stavropol Territory (Vladislav Muratkhanov, 14 years old) and blocking the roads from Chechnya.

Discussing the situation with the Minister of National Policy of the Russian Federation Ramazan Abdulatipov (studio) and the head of the Edisia village administration Stanislav Egizarov (by phone), touching on the internal problems of Chechnya, Kursk and other border areas.

here and now (1999) 12/09/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:07:55.414 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The Chairman of RAO UES of Russia, Anatoly Chubais, talks about the prospects for the union between Russia and Belarus, about the entry of Belarus into Russia, about the debt of Belarus, On the need for unified leadership of the state, on the conditions for the unification of the two economies and the influence of the association on the state structure of Russia, on the unification of the energy systems of the two countries, about the scandal with the election of the governor of St.


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko speaks about Belarus' financial debts to Russia and about readiness to pay for them (a space bridge from Minsk).

here and now (1999) 11/09/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:08:53.733 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Eliss Man talks about the NATO operation in Yugoslavia and the falsification of the number of victims among the Albanian population during ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.