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Wooden houses of Leninogorsk. (1962)

Footage, 2 footages, Duration: 0:00:36.455 to collection G 1/27/2019

General view of the old buildings of Leninogorsk.

Two-storey and one-storey wooden houses on the street.

Leninogorsk, lead and zinc plants. (1962)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:00:16.814 to collection G 1/27/2019

Territory of the plant.

Buildings of shops and smoking pipes.

There is a Victory and a Forklift truck on the territory.

Workers on the territory.

Leninogorsk new buildings. (1962)

Footage, 4 footages, Duration: 0:01:34.889 to collection G 1/27/2019

Snow-covered streets of Leninogorsk.

On the road, the car is Victory.

People walk along the sidewalks, new buildings.

The bus is going down the street.

Baikonur (Leninsk). (1980 - 1985)

Footage, 9 footages, Duration: 0:05:20.001 to collection G 1/27/2019

Hotel building Cosmonaut.

The Pelikanov Flock. (1980)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:00:29.787 to collection G 1/27/2019

A flock of pelicans takes off from the lake surface.

Ornithologists. (1980)

Footage, 11 footages, Duration: 0:08:59.377 to collection G 1/27/2019

Ornithologists at the nesting of cormorant birds.

Ornithologists ring birds.

Gulls are circling in the sky. (1980)

Footage, 8 footages, Duration: 0:12:26.938 to collection G 1/27/2019

Gulls are circling in the sky.

The girl is looking at the seagulls.

Academician Maltsev. (1985)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:04:34.76 to collection G 1/27/2019

Excerpts from the interview with the honorary academician of the VASKHNIL Terenty Semenovich Maltsev.

The discovery of Eternal Fire. (1980)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:02:55.88 to collection G 1/27/2019

Solemn ceremony of opening of Eternal Fire in Uralsk.

Festive demonstration, orchestra performance.

The ceremony was attended by WWII veterans.

Sakan Dauletkaliyev. (1979)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:01:14.56 to collection G 1/27/2019

A fragment of an interview with a livestock specialist.