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Hunting (an ancient occupation). (1996)

Documentary, 7 parts, Duration: 1:03:45 to collection G 1/6/2015

A story about everyday life of a hunter in the forest.

The film includes shooting autumn and winter hunting, home life and game wardens V. N. Sidorkin, his interview with the writer V. P. Astafiev.

No 5-th part.

Nature films | Folk Art

Southern Altai. (1980)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:05:01 to collection G 1/6/2015

The film covers a touristic route in Southern Altai.

Angara cascade. (1975)

Documentary, 3 parts, Duration: 0:27:30 to collection G 1/6/2015

The film describes the industrial and cultural development of the Angara area (the area along the Angara river) based on the work of the Angara hydro-electric power station cascade.

Anton Valek. (1991)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:27 to collection G 1/6/2015

On A.Ya.

Valeke (1887-1919), an active member of the revolutionary movement in Russia, organizer of the underground work behind the white ...

Bashkir Reserve. (1974)

Documentary, 3 parts, Duration: 0:26:53 to collection G 1/6/2015

The film tells the story of the Bashkir State Nature Reserve.

Geography and Nature

BNPP - Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Plant them. Kurchatov. (1965)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:16:16 to collection G 1/6/2015

Blessed are those who believe. (1999)

Documentary, 3 parts, Duration: 0:30:39 to collection G 1/6/2015

Future of Nuclear Energy. (1980)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:36 to collection G 1/6/2015

The film is based on the chronicles of preparations for putting into operation the world's most powerful neutron reactor at the Beloyarsk atomic power station.

In Askania Nova. (1971)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:09 to collection G 1/6/2015

A film about the fauna and flora of the national park.

In three steps from the platform. (1969)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:10 to collection G 1/6/2015